June 15

Authenticity: Doing Business With A Heart With Justin Donne


Justin’s career began in Hollywood, but after a few TV shows, some commercials, voice-over work and a film, he realized that under the performer was a businessperson bursting to get out, so I transitioned to running the holding company for a celebrity. He started in business at the age of nine, helping his grandfather support customers in his import/export business. He started volunteering as a karate instructor while in high school and has been a zealot for having a positive impact on the community ever since. Justin studied Communications with a marketing focus at Northwestern University to understand business from a higher altitude. Justin then snuck into Disney Parks & Resorts as an operations management consultant, in retail Store Operations at The Disneyland Resort in California before transferring to Park Operations at Disneyland Resort Paris. His paternal grandfather served in British Military Intelligence, hence the English heritage, my mother being French. Most people don’t know his great-grandfather was a Viscount, so when the opportunity came to move to the UK to work with Prince Charles, it was something he wanted to do since he was little. His goal is to help people succeed at work and in business whether that means re-inventing processes, coaching employees and leaders or writing a friendlier Employee Handbook.

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