June 22

Outranking Your Competition Through SEO With Damon Burton


Never before has there been so many people needing something to focus their attention on… AND the time to do it. Your customers on either their phone, tablet, or computer 24/7. Simply having a website isn’t enough, and no one knows this better than search engine marketing expert Damon Burton.

Since founding his company SEO National in 2007, he writes for Forbes, has been featured in publications including Entrepreneur Magazine, BuzzFeed and USA Weekly, and has helped high-profile clients make more in a month than they used to in a year.

Not only does Burton bring an easy-to-follow approach to increasing your revenue and online visibility, he’s a trusted educator on the subject and has literally written the book on how to “Outrank” your competition. His new book Outrank serves as a guide to those who want to dominate Google’s search results without paying for ads.

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