Episode 23 Interview With Michael Tamez

Welcome back to Heartrepreneur Radio. This is Terry Levine, Chief Heartrepreneur Business Growth Strategist and excited that today I have a special guest with me. And I have with me Michael Tamez and he is a lifestyle expert, a wellness author, an echo consultant and a motivational speaker. Listen to this. He experienced a 15  year health and life transformation and this really captured my attention. So hold on, get ready.

On his incredible adventure, Michael lost an astonishing 105 pounds. Yeah, you heard me right, 105 pounds.  And he used food to heal his body and he also cured his life-threatening illnesses without medications and without surgery. Do I have your attention? I know I do.  Michael’s writing style is inspired by holistic health and wellness, green living and metaphysical spirituality which I know appeals to you. His books are infused with invaluable life lessons that are aligned with his purpose and Michaels mission is to inspire a permanent shift in the way people eat, think, feel, live and love. Perfect here for Heartrepreneur Radio. Welcome to the show Michael.

Michael:  Thank you so much Terry. That was an awesome intro. I appreciate it.

Terri:  Well I have to tell you. You totally caught my attention. First of all, let’s start with the health transformation in losing 105 pounds. I celebrate you, I acknowledge you, I honor you and I’m really excited to hear how this journey transpired and what occurred?

Michael:  It’s a long journey — 15 years about. I put on alot of weight when I was in my late teens due to a dysfunctional relationship I had and it actually manifested in other dysfunctional relationships because of that and I gained alot of weight in a short period of tie and I developed some health conditions because of being severely overweight and that’s the point in time where I had enough. And I actually fell asleep when driving because I had sleep apnea so bad and that was one of my aha moments.

Terri:  MMMM

Michael:  I had to wake up and do something. I was about 19 years old and I had all kinds of issues with my health so I decided to do start researching and learning everything I possibly could. I was educating myself and really learned alot and it enabled me to be able to share this info with people who may be experiencing health-related issues whether it is being overweight or having sleep apnea or diabetes or other lifestyle related health concerns. So I decided to find my passion in helping people and coaching them and I wrote a book about my journey about everything I learned and now I do blogging, I do all kinds of other stuff to help people on their journey, not only to weight loss, nutrition and healthy eating and all that but in other areas like financial health and relationships, vacation, career and stuff like that. I have a lifestyle approach.\

Terri:  I have goose bumps. 105 pounds is a heck of alot of weight. That’s a big accomplishment.

Michael:  It’s like a whole person.

Terri:  It is. I weigh 104 pounds. So I’m like that’s a whole me. And the fact that you figured out how to use food to actually heal your body. So talk a little bit about what that means.

Michael:  Yeah, it’s basically the concept of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. He said let thy food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.  That’s basically what everything that I do revolves around nutrition and wellness.  Because we are given this food — we have this food on the plant, herbs, plants, nuts, seeds, animals. We are given this food to heal our body and we turn to medication when we start experiencing symptoms to cover our symptoms. But that’s really all medication does. It doesn’t address the underlying imbalances that cause the situation. That’s why I’m encouraging people to go back to nature and get their cures and healing from plants, herbs and everything that comes from nature.  It’s there, it’s there for a purpose and I really see that our medical system is starting to embrace this more and turning from the side effect ridden medications to more nutritional healing based approach which is very powerful and I think is going to transform the medical system that we have right now.

Terri:  I want to speak to that and I’m so glad you shared that. So as some of the listeners may know, I have a neurological disease called reflex sympathetic dystrophy and after 6 or 8 years of trying every medication under the sun, including ketamine infusions which is elephant tranquilizer and it all having horrific effects and nothing helping, and being to the point of really desperation, almost giving up, I met someone who was a nutritionist who said, “listen if you just change the way you are eating, I’m not going to tell you I’m going to cure your disease, but I’m going to tell you you will have less pain.” I said I’ve tried everything, I’ve gone all over the world, I’ll try this.  And now it’s year 4 of eating in a really clean, healthy organic way with lots and lots of fresh veggies and a little bit of greens here and there getting rid of all sugars and all processed foods and all gluten and dairy and blah, blah, blah. For 4 years now, I have significantly less pain, alot more energy and people tell me I look better and I certainly know I feel better. So I’m a big believer and really excited to hear this. Now what are the titles that we should be searching under so I can grab a book. Cause I’m selfishly asking for me and I hope the listeners will too. But Terry wants a book.

Michael:  The name of my book is Transformative Nutrition, The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living, that’s my flagship book where everything, all the info I uncovered, all the stuff I discovered, all the research over the course of 15 years is all contained in that book.  Every word written there comes from my heart and it is written with the intention of making a significant and positive impact on every person, every reader’s life. So that’s again the name is Transformative Nutrition.

Terri:  I love it. Thank you. And by the way the title is brilliant and more of what I hear underneath this. I knew instantly I had to have you on my show. I can tell when someone does business Heart to Heart and from a mission and a purpose and I looked you up and was checking you out on the internet and your website and I’m like I have to have Michael on the show.  He’s definitely a heartrepreneur.  So Michael, if somebody is listening and maybe they work in a business, or they own a business, how can holistic health and wellness and green living and all of this, how can this help them do better day to day? Can it?

Michael:  Oh absolutely. It may actually be one of the motivating factors or one of the tenets or building blocks of creating a successful and sustainable business. Not only like going green and all that, but I’m talking about putting your health first, investing in your health. In my opinion its the most lucrative investment that gives you the most ROI available because when you invest in your health you are investing in a bright future. You can have all the money in the world, stocks, bonds, IRAs, precious metals, but when you invest in your health you have something that’s priceless and there are people who have alot of money but poor health. What’s the point in that? You can’t enjoy life. You have no quality of life that way. So I think taking care of yourself first and foremost, especially as an entreprepeneur or small business owner. You tend to put in lots of hours when starting out and you get stressed and burnt out and it’s very important to step back and see what can I do to do de-stress or take some of this tension away and get some me time. Schedule a massage, yoga class, or do meditation, things that we can do to put me first. Get the time so you don’t burn out and you create and manifest your goals in business and entrepreneurship.

Terri:  Perfect. Beautiful. Great answers, great responses.  So what’s the biggest thing that’s happening in your business or your life that you want our listeners to know about? What’s next for Michael on your journey?

Michael:  That’s a really really good question. Because I honestly don’t know. It’s been like leap in the net and that’s how it’s been for me this whole journey. I started out calling myself a health coach because I am certified. I did a year-long program to become a certified health coach but I dropped that title because it has negative connotation. And that’s because is there’s alot of MLM supplement companies and multilevel product and DVDS that label their sales reps as health coaches. They are MLM sales reps but they’ve given the name health coach a really bad connotation and people now see that name health coach and they are like this guy is probably a quack or phony and he’s just trying to sell supplements.  That’s the reason I don’t label myself a health coach anymore because of that. And rightly so, because all of the areas that I specialize in now and write articles about, it’s so much more than just health coaching, so much more deeper than nutrition and healthy living. Like I was saying in the beginning of the interview. It does deep like relationships and spirituality and finances and career and meditation. These are all areas that make us whole and complete and that’s why I’m now referring to myself more as a lifestyle coach or entrepreneur and helping people to establish that relationship with their body and with their life in every area of their life. That’s kind of where I’m headed right now and I don’t know what that is going to look like. But I like it.

Terri:  I love that you are open and just letting it flow which is one of the thing I encourage people to do. And I want to speak to the title health coach. And if you’ve listened to my show for a while you know I don’t resonate with the term coach at all anymore, even though I owned a coach training school for years. I’ve shifted to the word, for me, consultant. I am also a certified coach with 3 different coaching certifications and I don’t use the word coach exactly for what Michael says. So many people use the word who are sales reps, who don’t have any training. And you are right Michael. I recently was talking with someone who said I’m a health coach. And I said great! Tell me what you do with your clients. And she said they buy this supplement I sell and I try to get them on my team. And I said you are in network marketing.

Michael:  Exactly what I’m talking about. That’s not health coaching, that’s sales and marketing.

Terri:  Exactly. So I resonate with what you said. I just had to share that back. Totally totally.

Michael:  Thank you. I’m glad you get it. It’s rampant.

Terri:  It’s actually really sad because it changes the “profession” I’ve been in the profession for over 20 years and when I first got into it anyone who was calling himself or herself a coach back then was going through coaching certification of some sort and now it’s become a fad. Like oh I’ll just be a coach so I’m glad we brought this up. Thank you for that.

Michael:  Self-proclaimed coach. MLM products.

Terri:  Exactly, exactly. I hope that at some point in time that word coach will be a word that only certain folks can use. But I do think we are a long way off from that  so I’m glad this came up. How can the audience connect with you? I’m just very excited about who you are, what you do and I know there are people listening. I’m talking to you. Who wants to work on your health, your wellness, your weight, your illnesses because you guys reach out to me all the time. And I want you to connect with Michael. Michael, how can they do that?

Michael:  The best way would be to visit my website which is michaeltamez.com and on my website I have a ???? letter. Actually I have a free book that I wrote about going green. Making your own personal care and cleaning products and sustainability. It’s a really cool introduction into understanding how to live sustainably. It’s a free download on my website. It’s there. And I also write informative and in depth articles about certain areas of life. I’m on social media, facebook, twitter, linked in. So the website is definitely the best place to find me and all my work and platforms and connect with me. Michaeltamez.com.

Terri:  And can you give the name of the book one more time and where we can get it? I’m getting my copy of this book as soon as we are off. I want a copy of this book.

Michael:  Absolutely. It’s Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living and it’s actually available on my website, Amazon. It’s available in paperback and it’s also on iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

Terri:  Michael it has been a joy to have you and  I’m so glad I’m getting to know you and I’m going to read your book and I’lll probably reach out to you after that. Thank you so much for being here on Heartrepreneur  Radio today.

Michael:  Thank you. Absolutely feel free to reach out and if you’d like to have me back on your show that would be great.

Terri:  Excellent. I’ll definitely take you up on that. And once again for the listeners go over to Michael’s site michaeltamez.com and grab your free book and at the same time I recommend that you also get The Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living. Thank you listeners for being here with me today. Make sure that you actually connect the iTunes app so that you are certain never to miss one of our shows. They can automatically download right to your Ipad, to your phone, whatever you choose so make sure you connect with our show and never miss an episode. Thanks for tuning in and we will see you at  Heartrepreneur Radio next time.