July 13

Coming Out Strong In the Recovery Economy Through Strategic Thinking With Karen Hayward


Karen Hayward relocated to the US in 2000 after two decades at Xerox Canada. From her beginnings selling photocopiers door to door, she rose through the organization to Vice President of Marketing. Having worked as a sales trainer, sales manager, marketing manager, and VP roles running sales and Marketing, she has taken best practices and right-sized them for the SMB market.

Before joining Chief Outsiders, Karen worked for 2 mid-market companies, where she specialized in Software as a service and technology.

As a Managing Partner for the last 6 years with Chief Outsiders, She helps CEOs accelerate growth by building and executing strategic marketing programs while driving sales and marketing alignment to deliver breakthrough revenue. Passionately following the voice of the customer, she ably transforms customer insights into effective product positioning, sales enablement and lead generation programs. In December, Karen published her first book “Stop Random Acts of Marketing” and has been speaking on the topic internationally.


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