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The Sparkling Path To A Fabulous Life With Pamela Sommers


I’m reminding you to smile. I was thinking about how much smiling changes your neurology and how much more joy you get if you just smile. I want to share that tip with you because we’re all about making life and business better. My guest is extra special and you're going to enjoy her. Her name is Pamela Sommers and she is an international award-winning as well as a bestselling author. She has helped many through her bestselling motivational and personal growth books. Those books have made a real difference and impact. She's going to be here with us. Some of her books are Life Lessons from a 40 Something: For the Best Start in Life, Building Castles in the Sky: How to Make Your Dreams Come True and Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love.

Her work has been featured in Success Magazine, Thrive Global, HuffPost, The Independent, Metro UK, House of Coco, LadyBossBlogger and so many more. She is also the Founder of an international multi-award-winning jewelry and accessories boutique called SommerSparkle, which has been featured in several publications, including British Vogue. You're going to find out that she is passionate like I am in helping people have tools to be empowered so they go for their dreams. Pamela, welcome.

Thank you very much, Terri. It's great to be here.

How did you get started on this journey? What brought you to where you are?

To be honest, it was by accident. At that time, I finished a career in banking. I wanted to explore something else so I started working in school. It was during the school holidays. First, I went to horse racing lessons, which was one fear that I conquered because I always wanted to ride a horse. I got on a horse and I managed to do that, and it was brilliant enough. I felt I could tackle anything. This led me on to do the gardening and I'm not a gardener. I enjoy the garden but I'm not one to get my hands dirty and do that. It’s a lesson that I should have known. What I did was I started tackling the garden, cutting down rose bushes enthusiastically.

What happened was I had an accident. My right hand started shaking uncontrollably. I couldn't even hold a glass of water. I thought, “This is bad. This can't be normal.” To cut a long story short, after numerous trips to the doctors and physiotherapy, they said that there was nothing I could do. I thought, “What? It was my right hand. What am I going to do? I use it for everything like you do your hair, you dress yourself, you cook and everything.” I was absolutely devastated. I also played instruments as well. I was gutted about that because I play the guitar and things like that. I’m like, “What do you mean I can't use my hands?” I saw three different doctors who told me that I had to give up my job, “What am I going to do? How am I going to look after my family?” It turned my world upside down just like that. I was like, “Where did this come from? I can't believe it.”

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I went rock bottom at the time. I was down quite naturally because I couldn't even do the basic things like eating with a knife and fork, things you take for granted. After a long time, I went to the physio. I decided to buy myself a bracelet to cheer me up, to do something that I used to do quite normally. I was sitting in the physio waiting room and the receptionist at the time says, “I like your bracelet. Where did you get it from?” It was a crystal bracelet. They had a sparkle in the middle. We got chatting and I know it sounds trivial, but that one compliment changed my life because it made me feel good after such a long time of feeling down. I went back home. I walked with a spring in my step and I feel good. I feel like I'm getting back to me again. I wanted to hold onto this feeling.

Later that evening, I remember it was December after Christmas, I thought, “I love this feeling so much. I would like to bring this feeling to others. What could I do?” I remembered the bracelet and I thought, “What if I did that? What if I could bring other jewelry and bring this feeling of being special to other women as I did. I want to share this experience.” That's how that all began. I started outsourcing a few bracelets. I didn't have a clue what I was going to do. I started with a website and a few bracelets to see how they went. They went well. I started adding to the collection and then I thought, “When do people feel most special? A special occasion is when they're at their wedding day.” That’s how it started.

All of a sudden, the brand got bigger. I found lots of brides-to-be buying our jewelry. We started getting featured. We picked up some awards like WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award. We went on from there. I started doing some PR and Vogue got in touch with me. I had a phone call from British Vogue. They said, “We want you in our magazine. We want to profile you as a jewelry designer. We want your profile.” I was in a few issues of Vogue. We were even in the Centenary Edition, which is a biggie. There are other publications and it went on from there. It all started with a bracelet.

I'm fascinated at how many people I meet and I talk to that had some kind of an incident, whether it's emotional or an accident. I have an accident also that changed my life because I got a neurological disease from it. I looked at the gift in it. There's an amazing gift in it. The other piece that hit me is when a tiny little thing can make you feel different like someone gives you a compliment or whatever it is. I'm telling people all the time we started with smile. You never know your smile could make a difference to someone. I love your story. It shows us that every action that we take can have an instant reaction, not only for our self, but a gift to pass forward.

It's a ripple effect. You never know how many other people can be impacted by one action from someone, a compliment, a smile or a hello. You don't know where that hello will lead you. Life is full of surprises. I would never have thought that was impossible. It completely changed my life.

I'm curious now, here we are in the jewelry area, which I am so excited to see. How did that lead you to writing books? How did that happen?

That was quite interesting because that wasn't planned at all. There have been some instances in the news at the time. There were a lot of teenagers that wanted to end their life and things like that. I remember feeling quite disturbed about that. I start thinking back to when I was younger and the times I felt lonely. I didn't feel beautiful. I didn't feel like I had anyone to turn to. That got me thinking. All of a sudden, one day, I felt pulled to do something about it. I got up that morning and decided to write. I'm going to write. I don't know who it's for but I started writing. I was writing to that young adult who was feeling alone. I was writing to the person who wants to end their life. I was writing to the young teenager who felt she has no self-esteem. She didn't know where to start from scratch. She felt unloved and she didn't feel beautiful. I was writing to her. That's all I did. I just started writing.

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Inner Sparkle: You just never know how many other people can be impacted by just one compliment, smile or “hello.”


At that time, I was going to only write one book. I thought if I could help one person, that would mean the world to me, one person that would make so much difference. I started focusing on the inner sparkle. I let the outsparkle and focused on the inner sparkle. I had to bring that out because everyone has something to offer in themselves. They might not see it. They might not recognize it. Sometimes it might take someone else to help them tap into that and recognize it in themselves. They had the gumption and they start having that little bit of confidence even if it takes small steps. One step at a time until they gradually see it for themselves. They start feeling more confident, more empowered, and think, “I can do something. I can make something myself.” The world is your oyster. I strongly believe that you can do whatever you set out to achieve. It's in you and it's in all of us.

I'm with you on that. Every human being on the planet, regardless of circumstance or anything, we all have a similar DNA and we all have capabilities. Sometimes subconsciously we have so many beliefs that stop us. If we move through that inner game, then the actions line up and so many amazing things can happen. What I love about you is you're such a Heartrepreneur. It’s my word for people who are here to make a difference on the planet. You're helping people become empowered and to understand that they can have it. They can live their dream. They can have that kind of a life. What do you think is the biggest reason that people get stuck or don't live their fullest best potential in their lives?

Many people are constantly looking at what other people were doing and comparing themselves to others. They feel less then. They feel, “That's different from her. She can do that because XYZ. He's got so much money. He can do that because he's got that,” but that's not the case. We are all born with the gifts. You've got that inside you. It's a case of releasing that and allow yourself to see the beauty in you, because I believe everyone has that certain something about them. You don't have to compare yourself to others. You were put on earth for a reason. You've got that gift. Allow yourself the gift of exploring that even more. It’s like allow your self-discovery. You tap into it and allow yourself. A lot of people restrict it and they say, “You have to be this way. You have to be a certain way.” You just have to be you. Also often, people are so busy trying to be like everyone else when they could just be themselves.

I was writing an article and I said, “We're living in a cookie cutter world.” What I meant by that is we see somebody do something on social media so we try and do the same thing. We see somebody doing a business or somebody is wearing a certain outfit, “I'm going to wear that and get a similar outfit.” It took a long time, it wasn't until probably my 30s that I learned to be myself. I was already a keynote speaker. I was speaking on large platforms and a woman came up to me and she said, “I'm an image consultant. I want to tell you that at your age, you need to have short hair. I would straighten your hair and wear different clothes,” and she goes on and on.

I came home and my self-esteem was about this big, not wearing the right outfit, I better cut my hair that I loved, I shouldn't work curly, which is natural, all these things. The next morning, I woke up and I did wake up. I said, “No, I embrace my curls. I like my curls. I like the clothes I wear and I also like that I'm distinct and that I'm different. I’m not going to conform. I'm going to just be me because I want to live my life authentically.” That was one of the best gifts anyone gave me. It was putting me in a cookie cutter, having me feel uncomfortable with that, and then becoming more comfortable to be myself.

You did remind me of an incident. I had a hairdresser at the time who said, “You're at the age now where you need to have short hair.” I said, “Excuse me? Are you talking to me? I'm a client.” She said, “Yes, you should be having short hair now.” It completely went silent and everyone looked in the post for the next thing. I never went back to that hairdresser again.

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It's funny that we have a similar story. Looking through the titles of your books, Building Castles in the Sky: How to Make Your Dreams Come True and Fabulously You: Live a Life You Love, I’m looking at that and saying, “That's what wasn't right for me in my life up until a point.” First of all, I didn't think my dreams could come true in any area of my life. Second of all, I didn't think I was here to live a fabulous life. I thought I was here to work and do what you're supposed to do. My father taught me this. He was brought up to believe to always work and one day maybe you get to retire and you live your life. When I turned 38, I remember changing completely and saying, “No, this is about life on my terms and designing the life I want. I don't know how many more days we have on the planet. None of us do. I’m not going to wait until I retire because maybe I only have one more day, one more hour. Now, I live my life just like that. I lived my life in a way where I experienced what I choose. Please tell people where they can get your books. I want people to get your books.

They are available in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading bookshops. You can get them at my website

What about the jewelry? Where do we get it?

They can get it at

I love the name and I love anything sparkly. Who would you say is an ideal person to read your books, go look at your jewelry and connect with you? Whose heart are you wanting to connect with?

I'm connected to that lady who believes in the power of possibility, who's willing to try something new, who is not afraid to step into her power, who believes that she wants something more out of life. It's not just this. There's something more and she's willing to take that next step and discover herself a little bit more and tap into her. You never know where your potential would take you. You've got your highest potential but there's so much untapped that you haven't even discovered yet.

If there are gentlemen reading, which we know, there are also gentlemen, think about the woman you know. Whether it's your spouse, your partner, your sister, your aunt, your mother or your grandma who would be helped either by getting a copy of the books and gifting it, or surely even men love jewelry.

HPR 236 | Inner Sparkle
Inner Sparkle: Everyone has something to offer, though they may not see it in themselves. Sometimes it takes someone else for them to recognize it.


We've started doing men's jewelry too, especially personalized items. They love it and also, they love my books. I'm so thrilled about that. For example, the Life Lessons, even though there's a stiletto on the book cover, I think that would probably intrigue them a little bit more like, “Let me see what this is about.” It’s not one gender or another about the book. They love it because they've had fun tips of themselves to build their self-esteem and their confidence as well. Men have issues too. It's not just about women, particularly my second book. That's all to do with the mindset. It's more of a spiritual self-help book, how to take your dreams instead of keeping dreams and turning them into reality, and doing the practical steps to make them happen.

It is interesting people ask me all the time because they think the word Heartrepreneur is for women. We have a Heartrepreneur cause movement on Facebook. It's a group called #Heartrepreneurs with Terri Levine and over 70% of the members are male. Over 80% of my clients at one time or another are male. It fluctuates back and forth more women, more men. People ask me, “The company is called Heartrepreneur. You use pink and purple everywhere and you’re trying to attract women.” My answer is, “I'm trying to attract people who want to do business with heart.” There are a lot of men in this world that have emotional intelligence, that are embracing living the life they love. I want to get those. We are maybe speaking a little bit about something that may sound female. The truth is, we're all here on this planet to enjoy our lives, to be authentic, to live life on our terms and be who we are authentically. I'm glad that you also speak to men. Your message is important for men and women. That’s one thing I learned from you.

I'm glad to hear you’re doing jewelry for men because I'm in the process of wanting to design some jewelry for all of my Heartrepreneur clients. As I said, I have a lot of men and it's going to be something with a heart. I'm thinking, what can I do that would be nice for women that men would also embrace? I want everyone to think about because you hear, “Sparkle.” I’ve got to tell you there's nothing wrong with sparkle for man. One other quick stuff, I have this bracelet on that has a pretty crystal right here that was given to me by a client family member. I was walking on the beach, four people stopped me and they asked about my bracelet because apparently there was a lot of sparkle from the sun and the reflection. I felt like my bracelet was adding sparkle to their lives. It's so interesting that here I am with you and we're talking about making our dreams come true and living the life we love. We're talking about sparkle. There are no accidents in the world. I'm so happy that I'm getting to know you and meet you. What's the message that you want to leave people with? Help them where you want them to get your books and the jewelry.

Don't be afraid to be yourself. Be bold, be beautiful, and be you. You can get my books at or they're available on Amazon and my jewelry is at I will add a touch of sparkle in your life.

You have been a joy. You've added a touch of sparkle here in our show. I’m so glad we've connected. Thank you so much for being my guest here.

Thank you so much for having me. It's been a pleasure.

For the readers, we put together for free a four-video series that teaches you my step by step process on how to generate all the leads that you want in your business. Many of you have identified as your biggest business issue. How do you get leads? Here in my company, we average nine leads a day. We had 77 leads in one week and you say, “You must do a lot of sales and marketing.” No, we don't do anything. We're giving away the videos as a gift for you being a reader. You can get that at They start coming to you and it's our pleasure. If you've enjoyed our show, our request is that you pass it forward. A Heartrepreneur passes it forward just like Pamela has done. Think about who else might enjoy the show. Thank you for reading and we'll see you next time.

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