December 7

Know Your Soul: Bringing Joy To Your Life With David Schwerin


Welcome Back! It’s Terri Levine here at Heart-repreneur radio and Heart-repreneur TV, reminding you to stay present and stay focused on what is working. What is going right? How can you be of greater service to people who buy your products, your services? How can you really help, not just prospects, but to even do more for your current clients, patients or customers. This is not about being transactional. It’s about coming from the heart! So today, I have us with a guest, David Schwerin and he resonates really well with people who are interested in spiritual subjects and afterall, Heart-repreneurs, we are spiritual and not necessarily religious. He also is really up on business and current event oriented listeners. So, therefore, he is here with us as Heart-repreneurs. He masterfully, actually, combines the two subjects and I’m really excited about this because not many people do and he is going to touch on things that are relevant to our lives talking about changes that are needed to happen. He’s done tons of presentations, been in the media everywhere that you can imagine. I found him on podcasts & radio shows; he’s a regular contributor to the Times of India Speaking Tree, which is one of the largest spiritual blogs in the world, with over 1 million subscribers. So we are super honored to have David with us today. Welcome to Heart-repreneur Radio and TV. 

Thank you. I’m really excited to be here. 

Well I’m always curious, how did you get on this path, how did you get into spirituality and blending it with current events, because that is very unusual?

Well, my career started in the financial area, in the investment world actually, many decades ago. And at the same time, I was very interested in studying ancient wisdom and how that plays out in our life. So the two areas I began studying and working in both of them and have continued that to the present time, although, one has gained prominence over the other. 

Yes, yes, I can get that. So you mentioned something that I was reading that is so much like me. I am very very spiritual and yet, I am not really a part of any really organized religion. Do you see that as something common or is that unusual? What is your experience?

I’m not sure how common that is. It certainly is more common than it used to be. I think people who are less oriented towards a religious practice or towards a spiritual practice than they had been in the past, but with the percentages I really don't know. 

I’m curious because I’ve talked to what seems like a lot of people recently that say that they are really turning towards spirituality and they are not necessarily doing religious practices that much, I just found that to be interesting. So how does that play out in your life? How does your interest in spirituality play out day to day in your life?

Well, it is a big part of my life, both spiritual practices and making it practical. Anything that is spiritual is practical. If it’s not practical, it’s not spiritual. So, some people don’t understand that, but that is a really important aspect or concept. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Many times people emphasize the physical aspect and forget the spiritual or just bring it in occasionally, we really have to change that or reorient our values and priorities so that they align with what is reality. I mean, what happens here in the physical is only just a small part of what is going on in this incredible creation, and we get focused on what is here and what we see. We forget about what we don’t see. 

So you said something that I really liked, “If it’s not practical, it’s not spiritual”. Would you explain that for the listeners and the viewers? 

Well, the underlying reality is spiritual. Therefore, everything that happens in our life has some connection to a spiritual principle to an underlying concept that is spiritual in essence. Therefore, anything that is spiritual will be practical and if it is not practical it is not spiritual. 

Makes sense to me, that makes sense. How does the law of attraction tie into what you are talking about? Does it? 

Well to some degree. And there are different variations to the law of attraction so it depends on what you are really talking about and there have been recently some fairly light level critics to the law of attraction, saying that it is not as it is made out to be. We do attract to us what we need, for sure. We are guided, each of us, by spiritual beings, and they help us on whatever it is that we are doing, they help us to manifest what we need. So from that standpoint, we attract whether it is new clients or a new set of clothes, or whatever it is, we will attract it because the universe is friendly and they are trying to help us. Sometimes, that help comes in the form that we don’t really like at first, we put off. It works out for the best. 

It is interesting you said that. Gosh, maybe 25 years ago I used to in my life make everything happen. I was like pushing and pushing until about 25 years ago when I really learned to just surrender to the outcome and just to live in this  very peaceful place, and I don’t know, maybe you can talk about this, in order to manifest a lot faster and I just feel a lot more peace. Any comments about that? 

Certainly, what we can get out of the day to day, chaos so to speak, and meditation is one way to do that, it is greater than our daily activities. When we do that, a sense of peace will be attracted to us. I guess that would be how I would look at it. 

I do definitely feel a lot more peace especially when I’m in what I call when I am in flow. So what if one of our listeners or one of our viewers are, I don't know, are having stress, struggle, challenges, their personal like, I don't know, and they are joining us right now thinking, “Oh my life is so chaotic, I feel so overwhelmed, so stressed!” Do you have any tips for that?

Well, my message in most of what I do is based on knowing yourself. And that means, getting to know who you are, what motivates you, what frightens you, looking at those things as deep a level as you can. The initial reaction to mean people is, “I don’t want to go there”, but really is the key to knowing why anything happens in life, knowing what your weaknesses are, what your faults are, looking at them, trying to understand them, why you have them, why you react the way you do and you may need some help with this, you may need a mentor or psychological help or whatever because if we are in the midst of the chaos, it is going to be hard to be objective and really pinpoint what will help you. So having a mentor, or having some type of professional help may be what is needed. But the key is doing the work of looking at yourself, and you’ll find, even though people shy away from this because they don’t want to see their imperfections even though we all have them. When you do it, it becomes empowering and liberating. And you get this sense of, “Oh, now I get why I do what I do.” That will help you with everything you do in life, whether it is in the business world or any other field. Knowing yourself is the key in my view. 

Beautiful, beautiful. I love that and I resonate with that. Let me ask you also, who do you typically work with, how do you work with them and let's also, before we can people connect with you and reach you also?

Well, I have for the last 22 years, I have been working with spirit, which sounds a little strange perhaps. But I connect with my higher self and guides and have been blessed really to ask them anything I want and get very forthright clear answers sometimes, it goes much beyond what I expected. That’s my source of information and guidance and what I need. There are plenty of people walking around who are ahead of me and probably ahead of others who can give you the same kind of guidance and mentoring. When you are ready for that and sincere about it, that person will show up in your life. Again, the universe is friendly, and when you are open to these things, they will find a way of getting to you. We all have free will. We don’t have to go down this path. When we want to and when we are sincere about it we will find it, there will be openings, and the right person will appear. 

So let's say that a viewer is tuned in now and you have appeared in front of them and they really resonate with you. How do they make a connection with you from this point?

Well, the best way would be through my website, which is called There you can email me through the website and I will be happy to respond, but that is probably the best way. 

Awesome, I love that name. So let me ask you one other question. We were having a conversation in a Facebook group over the weekend, and someone was saying, they really felt like if you had conscious thoughts that would let you be more awake. And I was thinking, what specifically might that mean? What’s your take on that? If you have conscious thoughts, you would be more awake?

Well, I’m not sure exactly how to answer that. If by conscious meaning that you are aware of what you are saying, because some of us just ask unconsciously, we are not aware of what is going on. So to the degree that our awareness is increased, or that we are better able to respond and interact with people and to manifest what we want, if it is not conscious, we won't be able to get that kind of thing. 

That’s perfect and that resonates with me. What about beliefs? How do beliefs tie in with consciousness, spirituality? We all have beliefs, how does that tie in? 

We all have beliefs, and believe it or not, we all have distorted beliefs and conceptions that affect our life dramatically. And these are developed over our lifetime from early childhood to adulthood and adolescents and we are conditioned to believe certain things, from our parents, from religious teachings, from wherever we interact. We have to look at those beliefs and say, “Are those true?” Most of the time we just accept them and go acting on them and our actions and behaviors are tied to our beliefs. If we don’t really examine them and say is that still true now. Maybe they were true when I was younger, but are they still true now? Maybe I couldn’t do something when I was younger, but I can do it now, or I can do something differently now. A key part of the spiritual path is looking at your beliefs and saying what’s the truth here? Do these still lay in me? Are these still things I want to act on? Once we do that, we can look through them and let the ones that no longer apply or are no longer helpful and go by the wayside and stay with the ones that are accurate. It’s a constant process. It doesn’t end with one go around. 

Yeah, that’s for saying that. I like how you called that “distorted beliefs”. I actually resonate with that. I have a sister who is very very smart. Mensa smart. So, when I was in school, they would always compare me, and be like, “Oh, Lynn’s so smart and Terri isn't!” And I grew up with a belief that I was stupid, which I didn’t recognize until I did a lot of spiritual work about 20 something years ago, 25 years ago. I really looked at him and I thought “stupid?”. I have 4 college degrees and 12 certifications, and I have a successful business. It was really interesting that I had continued, not even consciously with that belief, and then once I saw kind of like the elephant in the room, I could work with a spiritual mentor, and kind of blow the belief out of the water. Do you help people if they have a “distorted belief” or false belief and to relook at those beliefs, and perhaps shift?

Yeah, I mean they really need to look at it. One example that comes to mind is, my wife was very, very bright. She was taught when she was very young that girls are not good at math so she avoided math and didn’t think that it would be her strength. Of course that wasn’t true. That’s just a small example of a belief that we are given, told to us, and we accept it too often and don’t challenge it and don’t want to look at it. 

Yeah, I love that. So that idea of challenging our beliefs, stopping and noticing what they are, then asking the questions, “Is that true?” or in some cases, “is that still true?” I’ve noticed even from myself, I’m an avid journaler. Things come out and I think “that’s something my parents told me when I was a little girl” like why am I still carrying that around. It is very freeing, in my experience, to be able to pick and choose what is true belief for me, what do I want to continue to believe, or do I want to replace a belief. Does that make sense?

Absolutely. And again, it’s a process. It takes time to sort through that, and to really look at it. Again, that is where someone can really help you, whose objective. They could probably pick up more quickly what you are believing is really not an accurate one and help you examine it. Sometimes we get so caught up and are so conditioned that we just accept it, that it must be true. 

I am really glad you said that because prior to hiring a spiritual guide or mentor, I was trying to figure this out on my own, and I wasn’t really getting anywhere. Once I worked with someone, just very quickly, I started to shed things and just to really be more aware and more conscious and to choose my thoughts. Literally for me it has been life changing. I’ll share one other thing with the audience. A lot of times when people come to me, they want business advice since that’s what I do, and they’re waiting for me to give them the business advice. I say, “Well first we have to work on your beliefs and your mindset and your thoughts!” They’re like, “What?” *chuckles* All about that is the foundation of having, not only a healthy business, but a business that you attract your ideal audience. Now, I don’t mean you sit around in osmosis and they come. I just do believe that you need to be aligned. In our last minute or so, is there anything you want to say to that?

Well just that doing this work, understanding yourself, knowing your beliefs is really a first step to whatever you are going to do in life, whether it is business or whatever it is. You have to understand this in order to pick the right career, and make the right decisions and relate with people in a proper way. So it really is a first step in anything you do in life, is to really look at yourself, understand yourself, look at your beliefs and pick the ones that really are accurate, they are with them and let the others go aside. That’s really what my latest book is about. 

Tell us about it. 

Well, it is called “Know your Soul, Bring Joy to your Life”. This book really tells you who you are in a graphic way so that you can better understand your relationship to yourself and to higher realms and to what your task is and what your purpose is and who you are. It’s a good starting point for most people who are at all interested in this area.

Where can we get the book? I want to read the book personally. 

You get the book on Amazon. That’s the easiest way to get it. “Know your Soul, Bring Joy to your Life”, and I think most people who have read it find a lot of information that they didn’t know and that they appreciate. It also tells you how to connect to these higher realms if that’s something that interests you. 

Oh, wow. I’m going to pick up your book. “Know your Soul, Bring Joy to your Life”. Just the name itself I got goosebumps so I know I am very aligned. And tell people one more time how to reach you. This has been a very valuable interview, David. 

The best way is through my website and you can reach me though there and respond if you have any questions or comments. 

Thank you. I have really enjoyed this interview. It is so important for our Heart-repreneur family members, for those of you, here listening or watching. It is so important that you really get in touch in some way of connecting with your higher self. It has changed my life and I think David is going to be a perfect guide for many of you. If you resonated with David, get the book like I am, reach out to him. So for my listeners, my viewers, if you are not part of our very active and engaged community of Facebook, we share value, we do business together. There is an opportunity to do Facebook Lives, train our audience. We’d really love to have you. It’s at Heart-repreneur’s with Terri Levine, again it’s Heart-repreneur’s with Terri Levine. If you’re not in there we invite you to join us. David, we hope you’ll join us too because I can already see how much value that you have. Thank you again for tuning in here at Heart-repreneur Radio and TV. If you happen to be listening on iTunes, then make sure and give us a great review, give us the 5 stars, and share the show. Heart-repreneurs, Pass it Forward. Thank you for joining us, and thank you David, it was a pleasure having you.

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