January 4

Going Beyond Consciousness In A Near Death Experience With JC Gordon


JC Gordon has always been a truth seeker and fact lover. In 1996, the truth he had been seeking was revealed to him during his near-death experience. It revealed how to perfect thought with vertical, simultaneous time. It showed him how anyone can go beyond their consciousness restraints and activate their “Immortality Gene” that lies untapped within us all. Upon returning from the dead he quickly realized that perfecting thought into simultaneous time did not resonate with our consciousness because there were no facts to support it. It forced him into an exhaustive twenty-year quest to factually confirm his near-death experience downloads. His quest led him through the incompatible and incomplete theories of science, religion, philosophy and spirituality to unearth the facts that when pieced together unequivocally confirm what the mind requires to perfect thought and unlock and unleash the Permanence of simultaneous time.

Beyond Consciousness is the detailed account of JC Gordon's near-death experience and post NDE twenty-year quest that goes beyond our linear restrictions of time and consciousness to merge al thought into the Permanence of simultaneous time.

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