Welcome back to Heartrepreneur Radio. Glad that you have been tuning in and that you are listening and enjoying our shows. And I have someone else that I am bringing to you today who I am really excited to talk to and know that you are going to resonate with. His name is Corey Poirier and he is an award winning keynote speaker.  And he’s presented  to over 150,000 attendees and he’s actually shared the bill with Deepak Chopra and Steven Covey and a lot of TV personalities. He is also the host of the top-rated conversations with Passion radio show. Doesn’t that appeal to you entrepreneurs? I knew it would. He’s been featured in one hour televisions specials on Eastling TV and Tele television, he is a columnist with Entrepreneur Magazine, Progress Magazine, he’s got over 900 articles in print. He’s appeared on global tv, C-TV, CBC Tv radio, omigosh and he is one of the few leaders that’s been featured twice on the popular Entrepreneur on Fire show that I happen to subscribe to as one of my favorites. Corey himself has interviewed over 4,000 enlightened super leaders and he’s got a successful corporate career. So global 1000 companies, Conicum, Minolta, Fortune 500 companies, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, HAP software. Wow! These accomplishments are so awesome and one of the things that I found out also as I was researching him is he is an international best selling author, ten books already, he’s presented on Ted X and Lew Mundy’s talks, I can go on and on. I just want to say that all of these accomplishments are very interesting and yet the reason I asked him to come on the show is I really paid attention and took a look at some of things he’s d one on other people’s shows and said. Corey is a heartrepreneur so we want him at Heartrepreneur Radio. Welcome Corey, I’m so glad you joined.

Corey: Thank you so much Terry and as far as the bio, that’s very humbling. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Terri: Well you are welcome and I want you to like own that because there is a lot of accomplishments and sometimes in my experience we just don’t toot our own horns enough and when we have that kind of credibility I think it’s important for people to know what we have done and I’m assuming it didn’t just all fall in your lap right?

Corey: It definitely didn’t. I was raised by a single mother and we definitely were from, I’m going to call it maybe a lower end of middle income family. We certainly struggled and I will say that I grew up in a small town, as well as small community, so a lot of these things seemed out of my reach when I was younger and even as I was going through some of those milestones, it seems to me the one thing that meshed for me was basically rolling up my sleeves and just continuing to pursue these things that I was actually told many times were way out of my reach. So it definitely didn’t come naturally to me to chase these dreams.

Terri: Hmmm. Hmm. So tell us a little bit more about how did this all come to be?

Corey: So in terms of my career or life as a sort of a whole, I really believe I kind of mentioned there in passing my single mother, I really believe that she laid the foundation without even realizing it. I learned so many life lessons from her in terms of what it takes to be persistent and be able to manage multiple things without being focused on multiple things. You know to feel focused on one but manage multiple things overall.  That was a hard earned lesson for me and then also my grandfather, when I was younger, helped raised me as well as he built a fiberglass replica, one of only 6 in the world and he was a carpenter with a grade 3 education and did it with a bag of nails and a hammer and a few of his friends. So seeing that at 7 years of age also taught me a lot of lessons about the fact that truly w hat we think is impossible doesn’t have to stay that way. So I believe that those played a big part in me reaching a lot higher than I would have otherwise, and then in terms of how it all sort of came together, I launched a business publication, you could say similar to Success Magazine, but obviously on a much smaller scale when I was quite young. So 18, 19 and that was sort of unheard of in the little town that I had done and that gave me a taste of nothing is impossible and really truly believing that and what happened from there is once I decided I was done with that adventure, I moved across the country from a place where we had about 3000 people to a city with close to a million and took a position with Toshiba as you mentioned in my bio and started a corporate career which kind of opened me up to a whole new world that I had never even thought would exist in the little town I grew up in. And from there just became, keep reaching for things that should be out of your reach because to me having a purpose that you are chasing is what keeps you alive. So I just kept setting bigger and bigger goals and then by figuring out what steps I’d have to make to make them and then crossing them off the list with a whole bunch of elbow grease.

Terri: I love that you say elbow grease. I understand that. I understand that. Wow, this is amazing! So what is your favorite thing that you’ve either done or are doing in business right now?

Corey: Wow! Favorite thing! So it’s kind of  a challenge whenever you are juggling alot of things on purpose to pick a favorite but I will either way. I never want to shy away from a question. But I would say the speaking is always going to be my core passion and core focus. So if I’m being full disclosure it’s always going to be my favorite thing. I shouldn’t say always but I don’t anticipate it changing.  So that will always be it. I guess if I had to pick the second thing if you will, I launched a s peaking program teaching other people who to launch their speaking careers late in 2016 and we are re-launching in 2017, and that’s probably the thing I’m most excited about right now because even though I feel very young at 41, I also feel that I’ve learned over the years the importance of having a legacy that lives longer than our body does and I believe teaching other people how to speak in front of an audience and impact potentially millions of lives in their career means that I can expend some ways my impact if you will and also help their journey, but also get to watch their journey and maybe cheer for them from the sidelines and that just excites me. The idea of that. Something I probably wouldn’t have pursued or looked at doing in my early 20s.

Terri: Hmmm. Very interesting. Very interesting. So thank you for sharing that by the way. So we are all about heart in these businesses and bringing heart to business. So I’m curious. What does that mean to you and how do you do business with heart?

Corey: Wow! So for me I’ll share a quote that I think sums it up because it’s a quote that I’ve lived by for the last number of years. Well two actually. One is a quote who was shared with me by somebody we interviewed. He said it wasn’t his quote I think it’s one of those quotes that’s maybe a proverb or something but it’s “if you want more love give more love.” And I’ve taken that like if you want more hugs give more hugs. If you want more love give more love. If you want more success give more success. And then I’ll tie it into a second quote that’s  very not similar I guess but similar in terms of context if you will.  But Zig Ziegler’s quote that says “you can get anything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get in life what they want.”

Terri: Happens to be my favorite quote Corey. I use it all the time. Yes go ahead.

Corey: That quote really impacted my life as did Zig Ziegler. We were fortunate enough before he passed away to interview his daughter Julie and his son on the show multiple times and that family, I mean the brand they’ve built, being a heart-centered brand has kind of blown me away. So for me personally is living that quote. It’s truly honestly living that. Trying to help other people get what they want. Trying to give before taking. Trying to add value for other people. Trying to help other people succeed while I’m aiming to succeed. That’s what I try to incorporate into every aspect of the business model and the various businesses that I continue to operate.

Terri: Wow! That’s truly beautiful. It’s really beautiful. I’ve been in business quite a while and in the early days of business my second company that I owned I actually got mentored by Zig Ziegler and for me at the time it was and still is just an amazing opportunity and I became a Born To Win trainer with the Zig Ziegler organization and I think it’s really what got me started on this entire path. You know who knew so many years later I’d be writing books and speaking on stages and coaching and consulting and it was just amazing that man had a profound on me and really learned a lot about doing business with heart from Zig and from paying it forward. So thank you for sharing that. I resonate so completely with that. It’s awesome.

Corey: Absolutely my pleasure.

Terri: So when you are interviewing all these enlightened superstar leaders what are some of the things that you are learning, or some of the patterns or trends that you are paying attention to or noticing?

Corey: Well if I think about for example maybe traits or habits that they would have that are timeless but are also let’s say shared among these enlightened super achievers but not necessarily shared among everybody? So maybe we will called them the timeless secrets if you will. If I look at some of them that really stand out I would say these days is the idea of making an impact and having a positive influence on people’s lives, something I’ve noticed that has been creeping up as one of the common traits. I mean it’s always been a trait and a common one but it’s creeping up to the top and the more interviews I do, but if I look at other secrets or traits that they share, another big one is their ability to go all in and say no to all the things they shouldn’t be doing so they can say yes to the few things they should be doing.

Terri: Wow that’s excellent.

Corey: So that’s the big one – going all in- and to me that means breaking away from the devices and the distractions that we all have today and just being focused on the person in front of us or it could be the device in front of us if there is no person in front of us – but actually focusing on one at a time and going all in to that one. So that would be one trait and another one would be becoming a lifelong learner, going back to Zig Ziegler for a second. I love this great quote as well that says “you can finish school but you’ll never finish your education,” and I paraphrased a few parts but you can finish school but you’ll never finish your education. And what we’ve noticed is that these lifelong learners, they continue to feed their mind everyday. They find different ways to feed their minds every day. They usually have a learning plan whether it’s conscious or unconscious, they watch a Ted talk once a week and then discuss it with people. Maybe they listen to podasts or shows like ours. Maybe they read a book or read Success Magazine throughout the week. Usually they will have a system. A learning plan that’s systemized but they might not. So that’s another thing we’ve noticed. That would the second most common trait. And if I’m going upwards on the scales of the top 3, the most common trait by far and above would be that they are living their purpose. They’ve uncovered their passion and they are using it to live their purpose everyday.

Terri: Wow! I’ve got goose bumps from that. Wow thank you that’s awesome. .I love that. Wooh! That resonates!

Corey: Well my pleasure and one of the cool things is that if you think about those 3 that I shared, what’s really cool is it doesn’t matter where you came from, it doesn’t matter your background, your financial status and it also doesn’t even matter what you did yesterday, all of those things can be practiced starting tomorrow. Actually it can be practiced starting one minute after I said them. So I mean those things are equalizers for anybody. Anybody can do them no matter who they are starting right now.

Terri: Wow. That is perfect. That is absolutely perfect. Wow. That was brilliant. What wisdom! So Corey I’m going to have to have you back. I have like 25 more questions for you and we are running out of time.  How can people get in touch with you, where can they get your book, how can they make a connection.

Corey: So I would say Terry that very best place for me to send people would be the passioncure.com. So our website thepassioncure.com. The reason I say that is on that website they’ll find all the social media channels and that’s of course I’m going to say the more frequent updates are on the social media sites. People can listen to the radio show there, they can check out my blog there so I’m going to call it the central hub. So once again thepassioncure.com is pretty much the best starting point for anybody listening who wants to dive in.

Terri: Perfect. Thank you so much. Corey it has just been a joy and a pleasure to have you here and I can truly say you are someone who you’ve come from an extraordinary background. you are making a real difference in the world and I can feel transparency, the integrity of how you are doing it with heart. So it’s an honor and a pleasure to have met you today.

Corey: Awesome Terri. Well thank  you for all the amazing stuff you are doing and keep on doing such great work and I would be humbled to come back on whenever the timing makes sense. So thank you so much.

Terri: Perfect! I’ll look forward to having you back again. And for everyone that’s listening, make sure that you tune it all the time and that easiest thing that you can do is you can download the podcast and have it come directly to you. Just subscribe. We love your comments and feedback on the show and sharing the show on social media. We are here at Heartpreneur Radio to bring more heartpreneurs out into the world so that you can bring your services, your products out in the world with heart. So thanks again for tuning in everyone.