Welcome back to Heartrepreneur Radio. This is Terry Levine your chief heartrepreneur. And today I have a special guest with me. His name is Ryan Biddulph and he is an ex fire security guard. And wait till you hear what he turned into. He turned into an island hopping, pro blogger at bloggingfromparadise.com. Doesn’t that by itself sound phenomenal? bloggingfromparadise.com. Ryan has appeared on Richard Branson’s radio blog, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, and the Huffington Post. Woah, I’ve got somebody impressive with me right? Ryan has written and self-published, are you ready for this? 126 ebooks, you beat me, 4 online courses to offer you successful blogging tips, and entertaining travel stories from his globe trotting phase. He can help you retire to a life of island hopping, who doesn’t want that? through smart blogging.

Terri: So welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio Ryan.

Ryan: Terri thanks so much for having me really appreciate.

Terri: I had to have you. I was taking a look at you and considering you for the show and then bloggingfromparadise.com and looking at the image it’s like I’m done. You have to be on the show. So here you were, right, ex-fire security guard. How do you turn out to go I’m going to start blogging? How does this all transpire?

Ryan: Really, I think Terry I think my old lifestyle was so bound up around the idea of putting crazy long hours and I had such a sense of contrast working 7 days a week sometimes 18 hours a day as a security guard, I knew the next step I made had to be something really freeing. So it was one of those deals where I had the contrast, I had the experience, I knew the next step I was going to take was going to be “epic” from that bound lifestyle to something more fun and freeing. So my then girlfriend now wife Kelly told me about prospering online after I got the pink slip and I slowly but surely, emphasis on slowly, built up blogging online real estate to where I could do it full-time and travel. So really it was kind of having that idea that you know what. I want to do something fun and freeing with my life and it was about jumping online, learning the basics, getting the practical tips d own, and from that point, everything started to slowly and steadily expand.

Terri: Okay so day one you are going to do a blog. How did you know what you were going to blog about, what came up for you?

Ryan: I flipped a quarter. For me it was a totally different niche. I wanted to make money online. Like a lot of folks my intent wasn’t quite as pure.  I was kind of like hmmmm this was like back in the day when people who were dominating Google were doing more of the lower energy thing, you know the manipulation and all that good stuff a/k/a bad stuff. So it was more in the beginning about making money online but about five years in I’d had some success but my host pulled 1000 of my blog posts saying you know that opportunity you are engaged in we really don’t like as much so either you pull these posts or you trash your blog. So we were in Fiji and I was like listen, I just didn’t feel as authentic to me, I’d lost the fire, how about, and I sat there and I was like universe send me an idea and like 5 seconds later this idea popped into my mind. blogging from paradise compared to a life of island hopping through smart????? It’s what you’ve done for the past 4 years or 3 years at the time. So just run with it and I was like ok cool. I’m going to teach people how to blog and then everything progressed from there.

Terri: Wow! I love this story! I love this and I love how you just tapped in and let the universe tell you. You know isn’t it true Ryan that so much of the answers are like right in front of our eyes and sometimes you just have to ask the right question and be quiet.

Ryan: Every time. They really are there. It’s just that fear. Facing and embracing releasing it because the fear that we hold to that we cling to is the only thing that blocks the vision, the clarity, the reaching out with our arm and grabbing that idea. It’s right there always. So definitely.

Terri: Wow I love this. So you are blogging. How do you get connected with Richard Branson and Forbes? How do you make those connections? How does that happen?

Ryan: Really a big part of it is doing the authentic thing. Blogging with fun. Blogging for the love of blogging. Then your voice comes out to where you can pop on the radar of some of these “big dog influencers.” That’s a huge part of it to have a really interesting story to tell which we all do in your voice and then also just connecting with as many folks as possible, promoting a bunch of folks, helping out a bunch of folks. I feature a lot of people on my blog. Then your friend network grows. You have an interesting story to tell and a gazillion folks out there promoting you and telling it with you and that’s how you pop up on the radar of some of these really influential bloggers and influential entrepreneurs around the world. So create that content, do it in your voice, be authentic and make a lot of friends by helping people out and then you can gain some influence out there for yourself and be on some awesome sites.

Terri: I think this is great advice and one of the pieces that I really want the listeners to hear is make a lot of friends. I mean that is so true. I think all of us need to expand our hubs, expand our circles and be willing to give and share. The fact that you give other people a platform on your blog, that’s just awesome. It comes from a very heart-based place. Which is one of the reasons I wanted to have you on the show and I just find that really important and valuable information so thank you for that.

Terri: Now, I have to tell you I’ve been interviewing people for 20 something years and some people will show up and they will publish 20 ebooks, 30, I even had one that I think did 50. I’ve never spoken to anyone whose published 126. So how did that all come to be and what is happening as a result of that?

Ryan: Well Terri I feel like I’ve cheated because I went through this run in Bali and I was living in this football field size house for 6 months house sitting, living there rent free, I mean absolutely stunning villa, so I was really in the moment. But I just got on this creative terror where every morning I would get up and say I’m going to write a 6000 word or 8000 word ebook. They are bite sized, almost like most of them are ????? style posts. So they are short reads, 35 or 40 minutes. But for 3 months every single day I wrote and self-published a 6000 word ebook based on experiences I had just combining information. I would get up and this idea would hit me and I’d sit down for 3 hours in this peaceful spot in Bali and just write, write, write and really more than anything it’s just that eye pop and how the heck did you do t hat? That’s one of the greatest things that’s come out from like the branding perspective. And then also too developing a n ice passive income stream through the ebooks, I’ve converted about 30 to audio books as well, some to paperbacks.  So a lot of it has just been the beginning more of how the heck did you do that. Also more so than that, I’ve really come to enjoy the fact that I’m inspiring people to blast through their mental blocks. Ah if he can do 126 I can at least do one. And that’s really why I’m doing this.

Terri: I hope the listeners heard that. Because all of you. Whether you think you can write or you can’t write. You can! And you also have the potential to at least push out one ebook. And really listen to what Ryan said. You don’t have to write a big novel. It’s a little bit of writing. It’s not a lot of writing and it’s not writing for school. You don’t have to write perfectly. Write in your voice. People like to listen to things that are in someone’s voice. They like to read books, ebooks, books, blogs, that are in your authentic voice. This is great advice.

Terri: So do you help other people learn to blog or learn to what you do? What’s in your courses. I really want to get into that. That sounds really juicy to me.

Ryan: Sure.  I really really dive heavily into how to build a freeing lifestyle through blogging.  All my courses it’s bringing things from the heart-centered energy funspace because everything in life is energy. It’s what you are putting out there that can replace the love and fun. So I delve heavily into the inner world of blogging teaching people how to build a successful blog based on the fundamentals, how to get featured on famous blogs, getting your mind right, getting your inner world right so you can grow your business. That’s a heavy emphasis among all my courses because there is so much good information out there but I think with the course you are learning in the right format with the right structure so it’s easier to tackle some of these topics from a clear space from really an easier space when you have it there in front of you. So all of them are focused on that. And then the ebooks as well too. It’s really just the fundamentals of blogging so you don’t have to flop around like a fish out of water for the first couple of years like I did.

Terri: And I love this too, I love that you are paying it forward. I love that you are helping others and we do have lots of heart centered business owners who listen to Heartrepreneur Radio who ask questions all the time about blogging. They want blogging tips. They want to understand I know that bloggingfromparadise.com, it certainly has to resonate and has to be exciting the thought and idea of it. I love the story. So you know Ryan used to be a security guard, gets the pink slip, and he literally turns everything around and I bet you have a very different life now.

Ryan: A little bit. Yea just the other day we booked, it was a house sit again, we booked a trip to Qatar which is amazing, wealthiest country on earth. In the west sometimes we call it Qatar. It’s crazy when I think about how my life used to be.

Terri: Hmm. Hmm. I just think it’s a phenomenal story. I think it’s a great story, it resonates with me completely. So where can people go to connect with you, learn about you, and what’s the next action they should take if it’s resonating that hey maybe I really need to look at blogging and maybe I can actually change my life and maybe I can be doing island hopping too. Who knows? How can they make that connection?

Ryan: Really Terri they can visit my blog at bloggingfromparadise.com, that’s where all my on-line stuff is, my online real estate. But that connection you speak of, you have to find your highest fun. You know what you love the most, That’s the blogging, whatever you can gab about all day long, that’s where that energy is to create something really amazing, fun and freeing for yourself and other people. So when you are thinking about blogging think all about the topic, something that you are so impassioned about, you don’t even care about the money, and that puts you in that level of semi-detachment which helps you to build a successful blog, blogging your voice and to make the connections to help you really create something amazing for yourself and for the people who follow you.

Terri: I have to tell you I went over to your site when we booked your interview and first I get on the site and I’m looking at the ocean which is like my favorite thing. So I’m like holy cow, so I was really taken in with your site like instantaneously and then I see the photo of you with all the lush greens behind you and more beach and I’m like omigosh. And then I took a look at the bottom and it said something like get a free ebook every week and a blog post or something right? Something like that?

Ryan: Yep, free ebook Friday.

Terri: I was like what? Get a free ebook every Friday? This can’t be right. There’s no way. Most people have a website that says hop in here and get my free special report. This is the first time I have ever heard of that. It’s really exciting so I just recommend to every single listener for 2 reasons: 1) you are going to learn a ton when you go on over to bloggingfromparadise.com and the 2) is I just know you are going to fall in love with this website and I want you to take a minute and imagine yourself if you are not doing what you love, having fun, doing what really resonates with you, to start opening up your mind and saying what is possible? And when you look at what Ryan has created, it really will help you open your mind to greater possibilities. So again, it’s bloggingfromparadise.com. Sign up, get that weekly ebook, look at the courses.

Terri: So what’s next for you? Anything special on the radar like big and new? I’ve got to know what else you can possibly do  Ryan?

Ryan: Online wise just a ton of guest hosting, a ton of interviews, just really expanding my presence. Like I mentioned we are really excited about our trip to Qatar. It’s the wealthiest country in the world and being amidst that environment of opulence, that’s going to be so much fun, so exciting, exposing myself to that I think I’m going to be expanding more and more as I kind of dive into it.  So really those are the big developments I’m just so excited and grateful.

Terri: Well I am just delighted that I got to meet you today. This was a great interview and I’d like to stay in touch with you and I’m definitely going to your website, signing up and I’m recommending that everybody do this. I seriously am, I normally on a show am not like this adamant. I’m really adamant because this is definitely something that Heartrepreneurs will fall in love with. And you my friend are definitely a heartrepreneur Ryan.  So I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for joining us here today and I appreciate you and keep on keeping on.

Ryan: Terri thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it. It was a total blast.

Terri: It’s been a joy. And for all the Heartrepreneur listeners out there, make sure that you do tune in to Heartrepreneur Radio every single episode so the best way is just subscribe on iTunes and it will come to you regularly. You’ll know when there are new guest interviews to listen to and leave your comments and feedback and thanks for tuning in today. This is Terri Levine Chief Heartrepreneur from heartrepreneur.com signing out.