Welcome to Heartrepeneur Radio, this is Terri Levine, Chief Entrepreneur and thank you once again for tuning in.  Today I have a special guest with me, his name is Steven Horne.  He is a professional member and the past president of The American Herbalist Guild.  He’s also a professional member of The International Iridology?? Help! Help me with that word!!! And I’m going to ask about that word because I wrote it down and I want to ask about the Practitioners Association.  He’s an herbalist, a natural health teacher, author, consultant.  His work’s taken him not only throughout the US and Canada, but he’s also gone to Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, England, Mainland China, because as you’re going to hear, he has a wealth of knowledge and people want to hear his knowledge.  He’s also spoken at places like Herb Fest, Whole Foods Expo, Clayton College’s annual conference, and lots of other places.  He’s obviously a very popular speaker, and where I actually became aware of him, is he is the author of many books and courses on natural healing including:  Coming Clean:  Your Guide to Detoxification, The Comprehensive Guide to Nature’s Sunshine Products, and The Heart’s Key to Health, Happiness and Success.  His latest is Modern Herbal Medicine, it was co-authored, he’s the founder of The School of Modern Herbal Medicine, he’s got online classes and courses, oh my goodness.  Really excited to have him here because I know so many of the heart based business owners that listen to our show, are very confused and very concerned about health wellness, how their supposed to eat, how they can use food to actually heal their bodies.  So, Steven, welcome to the show, I’m so glad you’re here.

Steven: Well thank you Terri, I appreciate that.

Terri: Alright, so now tell me what all these things that I said actually mean!

Steven: Well actually what I really focus on is I’m interested in helping people understand the root causes of their health problems and go after that, rather than just trying to treat things symptomatically or form the orientation of disease.  One of the big things I teach is something called the “disease tree” which is that health problems arise in our lives from four main root causes:  unresolved mental and emotional stress, lack of nutrients, exposure to toxins, and injury, physical injuries or things where we’re not just taking care of our body physically like not getting enough sleep or not exercise.  So, it all arises from those things, so what I explain is natural healing isn’t about treating disease, it’s about getting a person to start doing the things they should have done in the first place to stay healthy, therefore giving their body a chance actually will repair itself and heal.  Does that make sense?

Terri: It makes a lot of sense.  How did you get interested in this?  What showed up for you that got you so interested in this?

Steven: Well I had a lot of health problems when I was young, and of course I went the modern medical route and I never really got any relief.  And so, it wasn’t til I started dabbling in herbs and going to a chiropractor and trying some alternative methods, that I actually started to get relief for my chronic sinus problems.  And that’s what propelled my interest into it, as well as the fact that I’d become interested in edible and medicinal plants as a teenager, from the standpoint of outdoor survival, so that propelled my interest as well.

Terri: Wow, that’s fascinating.  So, how did you figure out that you wanted to do so much teaching, and training, and speaking, and writing?  Because you do so many different things.  One of the reasons I ask is a lot of the people on the journey that we come across, they have a lot of interest and they feel like they have to pick one thing, and they don’t which way to go.  So how did you figure that out for yourself?

Well, I actually majored in communications.  I’ve always been interested in writing, broadcasting, public speaking, the development of educational materials and so forth, and so my interest and love in natural healing and so forth for myself, merged with my career is what happened.  It became the content for my love of writing and teaching.

Terri: That makes sense, that totally makes sense.  So, if someone picks up your books, what are they gonna learn, what are they going to get, what are they going to be able to do, what’s your mission and purpose in being an author?

Steven: It’s really to make natural healing simpler.  I’m really trying to short-cut the learning process by teaching people principles rather than a whole big long list of diseases, and here’s what to do for them.  Even though my two books, The Comprehensive Guide to Nature’s Sunshine and Modern Herbal Medicine do that, they try to tie it back to:  here are these core health principles.  Basically, if most people would just give up refined carbohydrates and refined fats and oil, and just eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and some whole natural foods, that right there would probably solve anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of their health problems, just that one thing.

Terri: I have to speak to that, I have a neurological disease:  Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy, and I have tried everything, even ketamine infusions and just all kinds of things, and I was getting worse and not better.  Then I found a nature path and she said ok, we’re just gonna change your diet completely.  You’re not going to eat any gluten anymore, you’re not going to eat any dairy, you’re not going to have any sugars or artificial sweeteners.  You’re going to eat no processed foods, and you’re going to actually focus on fruits and vegetables and some healthy fats, and that’s what you’re gonna be eating, and within two weeks of doing that, just two weeks, I was like a completely different person.  And I’ve continued to eat that way by choice for now five years.  I wouldn’t even think of eating another way because it made such a difference in my physical body.  This won’t surprise you I’m sure, but what I also noticed is that instantly Steven, people were saying to me:  did you cut your hair or something?  I’m like, no! They said, look different.

Steven: Well actually, that’s one thing.  You actually do look better because really, beauty starts from the inside out anyway.  But, the other thing is I noticed when I gave up refined sugar, and all the refined carbohydrates, I was like my head came out of a fog.  I could think more clearly than I’ve ever been able to think in my whole life.  And I think a lot of people are so full of the processed fats and refined carbohydrates, and they don’t get the protein and antioxidants in things they need, that their brain doesn’t even work well. They don’t even realize that they’re thinking through this big mental fog.

Terri: So I’m glad you brought that up, because I used to tell my husband all the time, I said I don’t know if it’s the ketamine or all the medicines I’m on, but I always feel like I have foggy brain.  And when I started to eat differently, I noticed the foggy brain when away, and it’s just fascinating to me.  I rarely eat something that isn’t really good nutritious for my body because that’s just choice, but once, I think like four months ago, there was a day that somebody made me some gluten free bread, which I normally don’t eat cuz it’s made with other processed foods.  But I said alright, they made it, they brought it to me.  Now I ate two pieces of the bread, that’s all I ate, two little pieces, and within two to three hours, I had that same foggy brain back, I’m like, isn’t that interesting?

Steven: Ya that happens to me when I eat anything with refined sugar in it.

Terri: Fascinating

Steven: You start to get to the point where you don’t even want the junk foods, because you feel so good on the other foods that you wouldn’t even want to think of eating them. It’s like eating something that’s disgusting, and people don’t understand that, but when you get used to healthy food, junk food is disgusting.  I want to also say that one of the big things I learned is that symptoms are not disease.  And when you think about sickness, for example a cold.  The runny nose, the fever, the coughing, the sneezing, that sort of things, you think of that as the sickness.  That’s actually not the sickness, that’s actually the immune system fighting off the disease.  So, the runny nose is created by your immune system, the fever is created by your immune system, and most of what people are doing to treat disease, is they’re treating symptoms which is actually counteracting what the body is trying to do to get well.

Terri: Really?  That’s fascinating, I never heard that before, that’s really fascinating

Steven: That’s why I have this phrase:  the reason why they’ll never discover the cure for the common cold, is because the cold is the cure.  You actually use herbs that help your body do that, to help it sweat, to help the sinus drainage.  Like, if you think about when you eat hot spicy food, how it makes your sinus’s drain?  If you eat a bunch of hot spicy pungent herbs, like cayenne and ginger and garlic and so forth when you’re getting a cold, so that you make that happen faster, you actually get over the cold quicker.

Terri: Wow.  This is fascinating, this is fascinating, oh my gosh I’m just like buzzing with excitement.  So, if you’re going to give a couple of tips to really help our listeners feel better, what are some of the things you would tell them to do, or not to, starting right now?

Steven: Well besides the dietary things that we just mentioned, another thing is I find especially with chronic illness, that a person’s mental and emotional, more importantly emotional state, plays a big role in that.  And one of the reasons why I like your show is because I often tell people that emotions are a big key to our well-being, because the body talks to us with sensations.  So, it gives us sensations of hunger, and thirst and fatigue and so forth, to tell us what it needs.  And emotions are really related to our heart and to our social interactions with the world and other people.  And emotions are doing a very similar thing to hunger, thirst and fatigue.  Even our so-called negative emotions are trying to tell us that we’re out of balance, we’re not thinking right, we’re not acting right, we’re out of balance with the world.  When we suppress our emotions, and deny our emotions, we’re denying out understanding of what we need to do to bring ourselves back into balance and harmony, and that can eventually make us physically sick.  So, I think it’s really, really important for people to start learning how to utilize their emotions correctly, and learn how to listen to their body and listen to their heart.

Terri:  Oh my gosh, ya.  And obviously, I’m all about heart, and our listeners are all about Heartrepeneur and being about heart too, I think that is so important, and I think so many people don’t tune into ourselves.  We just run and we go to the next drug and the next doctor, and I think that if we tune more into ourselves and we listen to ourselves, our bodies want to heal, they want to heal naturally and they want to heal themselves. I always marvel, you know you cut yourself right, and it’s like well look at that, my finger healed up, it closed all by itself, I didn’t even do anything.  How does that happen?

Steven: Well that’s really how healing takes place.  It takes place from a force within us, and that force within us is always trying to communicate what it needs to run our body and run our life. But we’ve been trained to listen to experts, trust what we’re told in our head, and deny our own subjective experience about what’s working for us and what’s not really working for us. And if something’s not working for you, investigate and try something different.

Terri: Perfect, perfect.  And what’s the first sign that somebody should look for to go, oh, this probably isn’t working for me?

Steven: Well just the fact that when you’re doing something, what’s the result you’re expecting?  If you’re doing it and not getting that result, it’s not working.  Try something else, it’s really that simple.  I’ve spent a lot of time working with people to learn to trust their own instincts, cuz a lot of times people really know what it is that’s making them ill, but they don’t trust themselves enough to believe their own intuition.

Terri: That is fantastic advice, that is great advise, I love it.  How do people get to contact you, work with you, buy your books?  I really encourage my listeners to remember that we’re looking at you as a comprehensive human being as a Heartrepeneur.   In order to be serving other people and getting your mission out there, you have to take care of you.  You know they always tell you on a plane to put the oxygen mask on you first.  You have to come from healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit, so you can do your work in the best way.  So, I brought Steven here because I want you to absolutely be able to take care of you.  So, Steven, how can they touch base with you and find your books, etc?

Steven: Well they can Google my name, Steven with a “v” Horne with an “e” on the end, and they’ll find me very easily on the first page of the search.  But also, if you go to:  modernherbalmedicine.com, that’s where my school is, and you can find some more about my books, sign up for my newsletter, and read some of my articles.

Terri: Fantastic.  I just want to tell you, I have a little notebook here and in the beginning, I thought, we’ll you know maybe I’ll scribble a note or two.  I’m on page three!  So, this has been really valuable, I’ve learned so much and I want to thank you.  I know you’re very busy, just reading your bio, so thank you so much for coming here to Heartrepeneur Radio, it’s been phenomenal.  And one more time, if you give your website.

Steven: modernherbalmedicine.com

Terri: Perfect, thank you for joining us today at Heartrepeneur Radio.  For the listeners, make sure that you do tune-in regularly, and subscribe.  Just hit the button on iTunes to subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes.  I have a lot more phenomenal guests just like Steven Horne has been.  You’ll get to learn more and get to really, in a short little nugget, get to improve your business and your life.  So, thanks for tuning in today at Heartrepeneur Radio.