Terri: Hello welcome to the Heartrepreneur Network.  This is Terri Levine, and we are so glad that you have come back and joined us today here on Heartrepreneur Radio.  And I am your Chief Business Strategist as well as your Chief Heartrepreneur.  Today I am really excited that you joined, because I have a very, very special guest, somebody that I am honored to call a friend, and someone that I know is gonna bring tremendous value here to Heartrepreneur Radio.  His name is Joe Nunziata, Joe is a best-selling author, and he’s a spiritual life and business coach, and he’s a professional speaker.  And I have to also tell you, I’ve had him speak at an event of mine and he just knocked everyone’s socks off.  He has a new book, it’s called Karma Buster, and it was featured in the 2012 Academy Awards gift bags!  Is that not one of the coolest things?  I’m so excited about that.  Let me tell you a little bit about Joe.  He’s been delivering his life changing message at events and at seminars since 1992, and his enlightening programs are unique blend of spirituality, psychology, philosophy, and the power of internal energy.  And what Joe teaches is that to make permanent changes, you must clear your negative energy, and you must break destructive patterns of behavior at the core level.  This transformational process creates new energy and beliefs designed to help you achieve sustained positive growth in all areas of your life. I’m sure you can understand why I’ve invited him here. I’ll also tell you he’s appeared on so many television and radio programs, from Good Day New York and Street Talk on Fox TV, Cablevision News 12, Better TV, The Braveheart Network, many, many radio stations across the country and more.  I want to tell you one other thing.  He has written many, many books but one of the books that made a huge impression on me, and that I highly recommend you pick up is called Spiritual Selling.  So, get his new book, Karma Buster, and make sure you get Spiritual Selling.  He also has Finding your Purpose, great book, and No More 9 to 5, that’s what we’re here for, right?  Joe has all kinds of programs:  Change Your Energy, Change Your Life, No More Mental Barriers, Connecting to Your Spirit, The Seven Keys to Transformation, I could go on and on, but it’s time to bring on my friend, Joe Nunziata, welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio.

Joe: Hey Terri, how are you?  Thank you so much.

Terri: I am more than moved to have you.  I know you’re busy, I know there’s so much going on in your business life and your professional life, and I really want to thank you.  You’re such a Heartrepreneur yourself, so first I’m going to ask this question:  Why do you do what you do?  I think you can do a million different things knowing who you are.  Why did you pick what it is that you do and how you impact people, and why do you write the books you write?

Joe: Well you know, to me it was an evolution.  I didn’t start off doing this, I started off doing business work and really showing people how to start home businesses, was one of the first things I did. Then I was a sales and marketing guy for a long time, so that’s where my expertise was.  And later on, I started to get into energy work and spiritual work, and I started to realize, all this stuff that I’m teaching was valuable and was great information to help people in their career and move their lives personally as well, but I realized that basically, underneath all this stuff was much more powerful work. Which was about really helping people shift energetically at a core level, and really changing their lives in a positive way, and I started to move in that direction.  And the work was just so beneficial to me, I just love to help other people make these changes and move their lives forward.  So, I think we all have these internal things that drive us forward, it’s one of those things that I’ve always loved helping people and teaching people, and seeing people grow and move forward.  It’s just an internal gut thing, I don’t know how else to describe it.

Terri: So, what’s the most important thing for you in terms of you mission and your core values, what is it that just sets you up every day to wake up and do what you do?

Joe: Well the bottom line is, we’re in a world here that’s very destructive, and most people are in pain as I was for a long period of time.  And it’s one of those things where you say wow, if I can help somebody get out of that pain that I know I experienced myself, and knowing when that person heals, they start to heal other people around them and start to create this positive shift that we really are looking for in this planet and in this universe.  It’s almost like it’s a mission, it’s not work, it’s a mission.  It’s something that I get up every day and say wow.  And it doesn’t even have to be working with a client or at a seminar or reading a book, I could be at a supermarket and see somebody and talk to somebody for a minute, or bump into a person as the case here, and have a small exchange of energy with them that I know on some level helps them, so to me it’s just a way I live my life right now.  And I think it’s something that we have to look towards within ourselves to say, I’m I out there every day making the world better and being a positive impact?  We all need to take that responsibility if we’re going to see the new kind of world that I think we all want to live in.

Terri: That’s beautiful, that’s awesome.  So, let me tell you my definition of a Heartrepreneur and I’m curious what your thoughts are on this.  So, I came up with the term Heartrepreneur to describe people who do business because they have a deep mission, a deep purpose, and they really want to connect with people on a heart level.  Just curious if that resonates, what you think, how that lands for you?

Joe: Ya, I think it’s very interesting because it’s aligned with what when I wrote the Spiritual selling book. And I’d been in sales for a long period of time as you know, and what I found interesting was there were a lot of people in the business world and the sales world of course, who really were not concerned about anything but money.  And a lot of those people were really successful, so I said well that’s interesting, I said these people are doing this and they’re very successful, but for me personally, I couldn’t do it if I did not feel aligned and did not feel like this is something that I wanted to sell and felt good about.  And that’s the difference.  So, we come out of a capitalist’s system, what you’re describing is a very different way of operating your life and especially in the business world to say, yes.  I also want you to understand, obviously, the money is part of it because you have to generate revenue, you have to keep the company going and don’t get me wrong, sometimes there are tough decisions.  But, the idea behind it is understanding what you’re doing, and it’s not just about dollars and cents. And it’s to say what is my big picture, how does this business, this company, this product or service, make the world better, but of course, I also benefit myself.  So, this is something I think we want to understand, and there are some people who, like yourself or like myself, who that’s very important.  I will tell you there are other people, who it’s not very important.  I don’t judge them, it’s what they do, but for me, for you, for those of us who are in this alignment, it’s very important.

Terri:  That makes sense, and of course for us it makes total sense. So, someone who’s listening who’s a business owner, really wants to sell with heart, really wants to connect with heart, what are a couple pieces of wisdom that you’d like to drop on them?

Joe: Well the first thing is, I always think about the greater good.  So, the idea is to say whatever you’re doing, what are you doing for the greater good?  Not just your good, but the greater good of yourself, your customers, the clients, the whole world.  It’s always looking at it from it from that position and a much wider scope.  I think we get caught up in what we’re doing in one little thing, and day to day.  It’s important to look at things at bigger picture.  The second thing that I think is very important is to really assess where your ego is in your game.  So, if this whole thing for you is very ego driven, where you want to have a certain title, you want people to see you a certain way, or you need a certain to drive around, whatever it is, then you’re drifting into a place that is not a heart space, you’re drifting into an ego space.  That is a critical element if you’re gonna go forward and stay in this area, is to say I have to really let the ego go, focus on the greater good and let all that stuff move over.

Terri: Beautiful, oh my gosh, I love that, I love that.  That’s awesome, it’s phenomenal, and I really am encouraging all of the Heartrepreneurs to really breath that in, and take that in.  It’s just such a marvelous piece of advice.  So, what do you see is happening in the world of business and industry in the next five years?  What are your expectations of what’s going to happen in our interesting world that we have right now?

Joe: Well I will tell what I think.  2008 to me was a precursor for the changes that are taking place.  Unfortunately, on some level I kinda looked at that when we bailed out the banks and those financial institutions, I felt like what we did was prolong the agony.  And, I think it’s interesting what we have now also happening with the new president, because what’s happening is whether you like him or not, and I don’t judge that, and to me it is what it is, and it’s an interesting thing energetically for me.  I don’t look at it as he’s good or bad, right or wrong, but he is definitely in there shaking up the system that we have in place.  Whether you like it or not, he is definitely doing things from an energetic perspective that’s saying hey ok, this system is broken and I’m going to do everything I can to rip it up.  How it all shakes out, we don’t know.  But basically, what happened in 2008, there were no ramifications, nothing got changed, all these guys got their money, they got their bonuses, they went on with their lives.  So that situation has not changed.  We are gonna see a big shift I believe in the next 5, 10 years, where business starts going away from the model of the capitalist’s system we grew up in, where we looked at people like Vanderbilt, and Carnegie and Rockefeller. Those guys built businesses on the backs of other people, and in some cases, were very cruel and harsh to those people, which is what created unions and things like that.  So, this idea of this pyramid that we have, it’s an inverted pyramid at the top with a few people, it gets bigger at the bottom but it just sort of goes the wrong way.  So, we need to be more balanced, and when you look at historically what has happened to Empires, and the United States to me is the current Empire, every Empire has collapsed from within because of greed and ego.  So, our country, The United States, for those of us in The United States, we’re on that path and that’s gonna happen.  So, the question is, can we come out of it better, in a more balanced, spiritually based or energetically based society?  And I think we will, but it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, that’s how I see it.  Because anytime you go through a big change like this, which has been going on for thousands and thousands of years, and we’re going into very different energy and very different vibration right now, it’s gonna be bumpy.  But for those of us who are kind of like, hey ya I’m ready for this, we’ll be ok.  The people who try to hold onto that old idea, they’re going to be in trouble.

Terri: I have to say that’s really good advice.  You know I go to Facebook every day, I’m very active on Facebook, it’s part of business.  Conversations, and the anger, and almost hatred, that go on, and I’m like, you know, even the hashtag #notmypresident, or whatever, well whether you like it or not, he is the president.  Doesn’t matter to me if you like it or don’t like it, but it’s been interesting to watch all the energy and all of the time that is spent on all this.  I had a conversation with you several weeks ago, and I just want to thank you and acknowledge you because it also helped me shift.  I was starting to engage in these conversations because everybody else was in them, and I was getting caught up.  And then I thought, it is what it is, it’s another disruptor that’s happening in society, and I’m gonna just move with more ease and grace and flow through it and just deal with it.  It is what it is.  So, I have to just say Joe, every time you and I have had a conversation over the many ways I’ve known you, I’ve come away with something, even if it’s really subtle, that has shifted me personally and professionally. So, I just wanted to take a moment to thank a moment and say thank you and acknowledge you.  Excellent.

Joe: Oh thank you.

Terri: How can people listening to Heartrepreneur Radio reach out, get in touch with you?  What action should they take to get to know you better?

Joe: Well they can go to my main site:  joenunz.com, so if they go to joenunz.com they can go in there and see everything that I’m doing.  I have a great book that I actually wrote a couple years ago, it’s a free download, which I gave it away for free and everybody told me I was insane, but it was just something that happened.  Actually, I wrote right around the time after the time after the financial crash, that next year, because people were scrambling and so upset, and it’s called Finding Your Purpose.  And people can go to Findingyourpurpose.com and download that book for free, the book is relevant, it’s one of those books that you can read at any point in your life.  And I think right now as we’re going through all these changes and transitions, it will help people out, so they can go to joenunz.com, or go to findingyourpurpose.com as well and download that for free.  I think it will be something that will give them a perspective, maybe they’re kinda in the middle of something, or even if they know what they’re doing or they’re on the right path, give them a different perspective.  I think it will help, so that would be the best way for them to grab me.

Terri: Thank you so much.  And I’m going to really encourage all my Heartrepreneur Radio listeners to do just that, and to really pay attention to this interview.  I consider Joe a very special friend, lots and lots of wisdom, he can definitely help you shift to and make transformation with you, so go ahead and do that.  Joe, I want to thank you personally for coming, for giving up some of your most valuable time, and creating so much value for the listeners here at Heartrepreneur Radio, thank you so much.

Joe: Always a pleasure to be with you and help spread the good word, so anytime I can do it, I’m happy to do it.

Terri: Thank you.  And for all of my listeners, please do me two favors.  Number one, don’t forget to tune in regularly.  And number two, just download the iTunes app, that way you never miss a show.  Make sure you subscribe to Heartrepreneur Radio.  You’ll get each new episode with more great people like Joe Nunziata that I will be interviewing, and we love when you comment on the show, when you share it on social media, and when you rate us 5 starts.  So, thank you so much for joining, tune in again next time here at Heartrepreneur Radio.