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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 3 | The Heart Sell | Terri Levine

31st October 20160


Today I am going to help you make more money by shifting the ways you think about selling. I know a lot of people think that sales is a negative four letter word. My experience is that it is a fabulous four letter word. When you sell something, you are able to help that person by serving them. Selling to me, is replaced with the word, serving. If you take your products and services and you bring heart to them, honesty, integrity, authenticity, then you are not selling. You are not trying to pressure people and do a hard sell. You are coming from your heart. You are doing a heart sell. Selling is about moving people and its firing them to take action on something they already need and something they already want.

One of the biggest issues that I have seen with sales and sales presentation and you know all of that is either people do nothing, they are like oh wow you want my product, then call me. Really? People don’t do that because you haven’t served them. Or people talk too much and overcome objections and try to convince people. So, first be honest with yourself. What do you think about sales? How do you feel? Do you say you are not good at it? I don’t like it. I can’t stand picking up the phone. What is that for you? We all have our own story. Take a look inside yourself and notice the story. However we feel and identify ourselves, that is what we achieve. If you believe that I understand that sales is service and it comes from the heart and I want to serve, I want to serve from authenticity, truth, and integrity and if you come across that way and you see and feel yourself that way, you will totally be able to sell without selling. You might have read Sell without Selling. Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success, my book.

Take Your Passion For Something And Share It With Others

I don’t think any of us were born in the world to be a great salesperson. I believe we are all born however to have a passion for something and to be able to take our passion for whatever it is and share it with other people. You do need to learn how to do that. You do need to learn how to take your passion and bring out to others. You can’t just bring it out to others if you don’t embrace and fully believe and acknowledge and understand the concept that when, hey, when I share, I guess you can call it selling. There is nothing wrong with selling. The thought of selling is fine.

Let me tell you, you are already selling. Have you seen a favorite movie and told you friends they need to see this. Or your partner asked you where do you want to eat? How about Chinese they say? And you say, oh how about an Italian restaurant that I heard great things about and I want to try it. That is selling. It’s not manipulating or pressuring. It’s speaking truth from your heart. Zig Ziglar was one of my early mentors and Zig really taught me that when you focus on helping other people achieve their goals then you achieve your goal. You get what you want when you serve, serve, serve, and create value. Value. I really mean this. It’s literally taking yourself and looking at how can I serve people? Give them, share, whether I let them sample my products or services. I give them a taste. I invite them into my store. I give them a few minutes of a massage. I give away some free coaching. An eBook. A book.

Right now in this moment, what is holding you back from serving people? You have a story or few its not just me. The whole universe has it. There are all kinds of stories. Those are things you believe. Once you start affirming that it is my responsibility to serve, which is sell, once you start affirming, every day I will help more people. Every day when you reaffirm, people give me money because I serve them. You will make more money. Every day that you focus on being authentic and in truth, you will make more money and you will be reaffirming your ability to do this. So today I want you to write down the stories in your head. Come on. What are the stories? I am not good at sales. I am not going to be able to do this. It’s difficult, blah blah, blah. That is all it is. Then start shifting to, I like to serve. I choose to serve. I am excited. I am authentic and I want to make a difference to people. My products and services do that and I am going to share them. Right in this moment, I want you to amp up and shift your beliefs. Make your beliefs really resonate with you. Make them become what you choose and want to believe.

The purpose of serving others is to be able to deliver your products and services. I am always great at give away, give away, and give away. Why do I give away so much? Because I know that I like to serve and it comes from my heart. I know that when I believe serving and selling is the same thing, then I get to impact massive numbers of people in the world and make a true difference for them. So, I want that to happen for you. What can you begin to think right here right now?

Focus On The Client And The Sales Will Come

Let me give you one right now. I am going to share one. When I shifted my thinking years ago from oh, I have to make the sale and make money. I shifted to: I am going to focus on the prospect. I am going to give and share and add value. Nothing more. That’s all I am going to do. I stopped thinking about any attachment to the outcome. Stopped focusing on it. My focus became let me add value to a customer and share. You know what, I became top salesperson in the company. I won all of the prizes and everyone said, wow, you can really sell. I remember laughing to myself. I stopped selling. All I did was add value, value, value and kept helping other people, other people, and other people. Whether on the phone or in person, I just focused on adding value.

That’s what I want you to do. Take the focus off of you and put all of the focus on adding value and what can you do today? To make a real difference to someone else? I want you today to go do something for someone else and add value. A current client or prospect. I know this is going to increase your business dramatically. I know. It’s happened over and over and over again. Take the focus off of you and put it on someone else. If you don’t have a copy of Selling Without Selling. Lessons from the Jungle for Sales Success, you might want to pick that up. Thanks for tuning in today. It’s a pleasure being with you on Heartrepreneur® radio.

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