Terri:  Welcome back to Heartrepreneur Radio, this is Terri Levine, Chief Heartrepreneur and Business Strategist with a very special show and a very special guest, so thanks for tuning in.  Today I have with me Leslie Karen Hammond.  She’s called the empowering story whisperer.  Leslie’s a three-time author:  Keep It Real: Why We’re Afraid to Speak Up and What to do About It, Women Rising:  How to go from Uncomfortable to Unstoppable, and Tap Your Source.  She’s also a modern-day medicine woman, and a national facilitator.  Leslie teaches health coaches and healers how to embrace their triumph through adversity as a teaching tool to inspire global change.  I just have goose bumps saying the empowering story whisperer, welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio Leslie.

Leslie:  Thank you Terri, so happy to be here.

Terri:  Well, I’m delighted to have you and I have start by asking you, how did you get this title:  the empowering story whisperer?

Leslie:  Well it took a lot of work quite frankly.  I ultimately reflected back upon the greatest value that I provide to my clients, and when it all boils down to it, it’s certainly about helping them become empowered by their stories instead of running from it.

Terri:  Mmm, I know.  I’ve seen that a lot in coaching and mentoring, I see people who are trying to overlook their story, and trying to ignore their story.  And it causes a lot of issues in their lives, and their businesses, and even in their health.  Would you agree with that?

Leslie:  Absolutely.  The body never lies.  Never lies.

Terri:  Mmm.  So, one of the things I noticed for myself is, lots of my clients don’t speak up.  There are situations at work, in life, personal situation, and yet they truly don’t speak up.  And I’m a pretty confident person, and yet, sometimes I have some hidden stories, being really transparent with you.  What would you say about that, what do you do about that?

Leslie:  Well, for one thing, you’re in good company, and it’s really how the story is framed.  When it is used as a tool for teaching and empowering others, it makes all the difference in the world.  When everyone is experienced a person, you know, telling their story, and its bad news after bad news, and you feel bad, sometimes so much so you need to step back from the person because energetically, it’s just too much to take in.  But, when a story can be framed in a positive light, and show that there was something learned, something that can be taught, passed on to potentially save another person in pain, that makes all the difference.

Terri:  I love that.  I love your language on that, it’s excellent.  So, talk to me a little bit about this working with health coaches and healers, embracing their triumph through adversity.  Talk to me about what that actually means, and what that looks and feels like.

Leslie:  Well, so many women get into these fields because of their own struggles.  I’ve worked with a health coach before who had a lot of food addictions, as well as other addictions.  And, she really was bothered by coming out into the world when she felt that she had not yet achieved perfection, as she still had some food issues, and therefore she was really guarded.  And because she hadn’t mastered absolutely everything that she was teaching to the degree where, she could be fully vulnerable and you know, be praised.  It really impacted her in an adverse manner, so as soon as we could get her to fully appreciate her whole journey that she was human, and that piece of her that wasn’t perfect is exactly what her clients needed to hear.  Because, perfection is unattainable, and it really adds this human element to things and makes people approachable.

Terri:  I agree with you.  One of the things I say a lot of times to clients, we’re perfect with our imperfections.  You know, look at diamonds, brilliant shiny diamonds, and all diamonds are flawed and yet we look at them and say oh its beautiful, and it’s brilliant.  So, we’re brilliant, we’re magnificent with those imperfections, I love that, I love that.  So, how did you get into this work, what brought you here?

Leslie:  Oh goodness.  An 18-year marriage to an alcoholic, and a lot of worthiness and abandonment issues.

Terri:  Mmm, wow, thanks for keeping that real.  And what happened, one day you just woke up and decided to make a change?  If you don’t mind sharing that with us?

Leslie:  Oh, not at all.  I sought out therapy for being constantly angry and I found that talk therapy didn’t work.  Within probably 2 week of that, I went to a psychic fair, I had a reading from a woman who was also a Reiki master and a Shaman.  I went to every Reiki course that she did, became a Karuna certified master in 2 years, and I began Shamanic studies and I found that that was home.  It really just changed everything and helped me realize that all of the pain I had gone through, not just in that marriage, but long before that, it was all for a very good purpose.

Terri:  Oh I love that.  And thank you for being vulnerable and sharing that, I think it’s so helpful to the listeners, thank you.  I guess it’s a couple years ago now, maybe two years ago, for the first time ever I went and worked with a Shaman.  And, I’ve done so much personal development Leslie, over the course of my life, I actually thought, what more could I do? It was probably the deepest work that I’ve ever gone through, and the most life changing.  And really, I’m gonna use the word “healing” because it truly went back and it healed all this inner-child stuff that I didn’t even know I was walking around with, and for the first time in my life after that, I can honestly say I fell in love with myself.

Leslie:  Mmm, it really is a privilege for, not only the recipient, but also for the practitioner to hold space for someone to transform like that.  Frankly, that is my favorite part of the work, is truly soul food to see someone transform.  And I understand that it’s such a privilege for everyone that comes to me that has that experience.

Terri:  Mmm, that’s beautiful.  So, who’s the average person who comes to you?  What’s going on in their business or in their lives, what makes them reach out?  I’m just curious because this empowering story whisperer is really resonating with me.

Leslie:  Well they’re people who are healers themselves, or you know they’re health coaches or they’re Yogi’s, or you know they had a really challenging time in their life.  And people come to me in different phases, so sometimes it’s for a local ceremonies or you know if I’m traveling maybe I’ll do a ceremony across the country.   But, a lot of times they’re really looking for a community where they can really be accepted for who they are, exactly where they’re at, and they’re hungry.  It’s as though they’re seeking the next level of where they can be.  And for those who are the bravest, and the ones who really believe that whatever they’re going through at the moment is really holding them back from something more beautiful and expansive then they can possibly imagine, then they step forward and experience the extraordinary break throughs that they hadn’t had the courage to address before.

Terri:  What happens as a result of somebody working with you?

Leslie:  Oh, all kinds of beautiful things.  Well, their energy shifts, they become a lot for confident, they can own their past and see it in a completely new light.  And they have the ability to forgive people who have come into their life and caused them pain, and they can now see them as the teachers that they are, instead of someone who is just trying to make their life miserable.  And in some cases when people move to the next level, then they feel so confident that I take them through the process of publishing a book

Terri:  Ahh

Leslie:  So, I help them write their story from beginning to end, and then we publish the book.  And then, if they’re ready to take it a step further, then I can help them speaking and crafting a talk that will really help people into them and attract their ideal clients.

Terri:  Now that’s brilliant, that’s really different and I resonate with that.  I really, really like that, that is actually brilliant.  You know it’s interesting, I often tell people everybody has a story, I really believe we all do and that we’ve got stories within us and we can all write our stories.  And, at the same time, I certainly meet people who say, oh well I’m not interested in being published.  You know what? You don’t need to be, you don’t have to be.  Getting your story out changes everything.

Leslie:  Oh, it does.  And I tell people quite frankly that the book is the by-product of the process.

Terri:  Mmm, oh I love that.  By-product of the process, love that. Oh, I tell you, your wording, I just have to take a moment and acknowledge you.  Your wording just gives me goosebumps, I love how you language things.

Leslie:  Thank you

Terri:  You’re welcome.  How do people get in touch with you, where do they get their books?  How do they move forward to get more information and then perhaps even decide to work with you?

Leslie:  Thank you for asking.  They can go to my website with my name:  lesliekarenhammond.com They can also find me on Facebook, the business page is Healing Through Your Story, and there will be an abundance of information they can find in both places.  On the Facebook page, there are a lot of Facebook live recordings that they can go back and check out, so I’m always offering material to give people new insights into how they can shift their prospective.

Terri:  That is fabulous.  So, I’m going to recommend that you do head over to lesliekarenhammond.com, and I want to acknowledge the Facebook page.  Healing Through Your Story is the Facebook page, and it’s nice in long tale, it says exactly what the benefit is, and what’s going to happen as a result of getting to work with Leslie.  So, Leslie, thank you.  Are there any last words of wisdom you want to share before we need to sign off?

Leslie:  I would invite every person who listens to this, to embrace every experience that you’ve ever had for the teaching moment that it is.  And the sooner that you can embrace it in that way, the faster you’ll be getting towards where you really want to go, in heart, mind and spirit.

Terri:  Ah, brilliantly said.  And I’ll just piggy-back on that and say everything that happens in your life is a gift, no matter what is seems like in the moment.  Leslie, thank you so much for being here.  And don’t forget Heartreprenuer’s, lesliekarenhammond.com, and on Facebook, Healing Through Your Story.  So, Leslie again, thank again for being with us on Heartrepreneur Radio.

Leslie:  Thank you Terri, it’s been a pleasure.

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