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Heart-repreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 35 | Vanessa Shaw on Making Bold Moves To Pursue Your Passion

May 19, 2017

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No stranger to making bold moves, Vanessa Shaw sold everything before moving to the United States to build herself up. Starting from scratch, she navigated into her own journey to pursue her passions. Now, she is doing the same to a lot of people. But the entire process was not that easy. She shares how much she struggled with her decisions, how people were questioning her, and how she came out of it. The fear of judgment is just part of the process. You just have to feel better with the disappointments, knowing full well that they are part of your path towards achieving success.

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Vanessa Shaw on Making Bold Moves To Pursue Your Passion

I have a special guest with me. Her name is Vanessa Shaw. Vanessa is an international business and success coach. What she does is she helps small business owners build and scale a profitable business and, this is the real Heartrepreneur part, enjoy the lifestyle that they went into business for in the first place. Vanessa really walks her talk. She turned her own life upside down when she decided to pursue her dream of living in the United States less than five years ago.

She sold everything. She moved to Arizona, with her two children and built a near seven-figure business from scratch. She didn’t know anybody in the beginning. She didn’t even have support. She didn’t have a cell phone with her name back then. Her and her husband were living separately in Switzerland for two years. He was finishing up his career. Now she’s teaching others how to build a business of their dreams. Vanessa, my Heartrepreneur friend, I’m so glad to have you on the show.

Thank you. I’m excited to be here as well.

How did you all of a sudden say, “This is my passion. This is what I’m going to do,” and then decide, “I’m just going to pick up and go to the US?”

It’s a big bold move. I did have my own business back in Europe. I’ve been in business about five years at the time and I was working with top key performing executives. I was teaching them about how to make bold moves in their career, in their life, and take their life to the next level. It was honestly one of those look in the mirror moments to say, “I’m coaching other people how to do this, but what am I doing for myself? I’m not walking my own talk and my life is looking a little bit predictable and boring from where I’m sitting right now.” That started me on the journey of, “What is it that I want? What do I want the next chapter of my own life to look like?” My own big bold move, as we called it back then, was selling up everything and saying, “We’re going to start again on the other side of the planet, in the States.”

Courage is all about taking action even though you feel scared, you don’t feel ready, and you haven't got a clue of what you are doing next. Click To Tweet

I have goosebumps because there are so many people going, “I have a dream and I want to do that.” What do you think holds most people back and keeps them stuck not living their dream?

There are so many things. I was running a workshop and I was asked that same question. It’s such a great question. People come out with two tight responses, so pay attention. I’ll say, “Fear,” and then they say, “Fear of what?” “Fear of failure,” and we dispel that one. The other one that they say is, “Fear of success.” I don’t believe either one of those. I don’t think anybody is scared of failing. The truth is if we look at ourselves, we failed multiple times in our life before, diets that we started, exercises, relationships, projects, so many. That’s not the real fear. Fear of success, “I’m frightened about living my dream?” Who’s scared of that? It’s so insane. Here’s what I believe is at the crux of that. Fear is two sided. It’s fear of judgment. That’s what it’s all about.

If I go for and claim the dreams that I want to and I want to live this bigger life, we get scared about judgment from other people. Judgment from people that are close to us. When I was leaving my life behind in Europe, everybody told me I was insane. They told me I was destroying my family, my career. How could I? “Who the heck do you think you are?” All those things come up. There’s a lot of judgment. We’ve got to get more comfortable with that and making more mistakes, moving on and learning from them. It’s fear of disappointments, “What if I go for it? What if I claim what I want and I go for it and then I don’t get it or I discover that perhaps I am not cut out for it or I am not as good as I think I am?” A lot of us have experienced disappointment very early in our lives and we become conditioned to holding ourselves back to protect us from the painful sting of disappointment. Let’s face it, nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “I just can’t wait to feel disappointed today. Bring it.” It’s an unpleasant feeling.

35HPRcaption1 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 35 | Vanessa Shaw on Making Bold Moves To Pursue Your Passion
Making Bold Moves: A lot of us have experienced disappointment very early in our lives and we become conditioned to holding ourselves back to protect us from the painful sting of disappointment.

I love my mother dearly, but I was always passionate and had a lot of energy. I wanted more. I hear the echoes of her voice for many years saying, “Be careful. Don’t set your sights so high. You’ll be disappointed.” It’s sounds like we’ve got to be okay, you don’t get to live the dream without having to navigate. Fear of judgment is most definitely part of that journey and real judgment. You will be judged, and you’ll be judged by people because they are going to feel insecure, they are going to feel intimidated about what you’re up to. You will experience disappointment. You will go for things and things won’t work out, but you’re going to learn how to navigate that and that’s a really powerful muscle to build on that journey to success.

I agree with you that there are so many people that can get in our way with stopping us and our own brains get in the way. I remember when I decided to leave Corporate America and I told people, “I’m not going to be the president of this company anymore,” a big deal national healthcare company, “I’m going to start my own consulting business.” Everybody was, “Who gives that up? What’s wrong with you? Have you lost your mind? You’re going to lose so much money. You went to college for this, you have degrees in this.” There’s a point in our lives where we go into our own voice and we can either keep listening to what other people say or you can tap into our own passion and our own hearts and say, “This is what I want and I’m choosing this. It is my choice.”

I’m helping people navigate on their journey through business success. That’s the vehicle that we do it. There is tapping into your heart. The root of the word of courage is ‘cor,’ which means ‘of the heart.’ It’s that journey to your version of success because everybody’s looks are different and it will evolve and it will change over time. Even the journey of listening to your heart, not listening to other people, and that requires tremendous courage. Courage is all about taking action even though you feel scared. When you don’t feel ready, when you haven’t got a clue of what you are doing next, that is the next step. That’s what courage is all about.

The root of the word courage is “cor” which means of the heart. Click To Tweet

Go ahead and take a step forward. Create some movement. Move forward in some way, shape, or form. There’s nothing wrong with being scared while you do it. I was telling a story of going on a roller coaster when I was younger and not wanting to go, being scared like, “I don’t want to do this.” I was so scared but I took the step forward. I got on the roller coaster. Two minutes later, I was smiling and I wanted to go on again and again. That’s what it is. Vanessa, how can the readers make a connection and get in touch with you? I feel they’re wanting to move forward in their dreams and their desires and you’re such a good role model for them.

Two ways,, and go straight to the website. It’s going to say, “Are you ready to step up to your potential?” You’re going to click yes. At that point, we’ll give you some great downloads and free stuff. We do tons of videos, blogs and other stuff to inspire you. We’ve got practical tools as well. I love inspiration but I also like tools that you can use to implement. On Facebook, go to the Vanessa Shaw Business Growth Mentor. There are tons of content. Those are two easy places for us to be connected and for you to learn more about what we we’re up to.

Vanessa, I want to thank you. I know you’re super busy. You’ve got a lot on your plate. You weren’t up to your ideal health and you still made time here to be in Heartrepreneur Radio. Thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you and thank you for everything that you do.

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About Vanessa Shaw

winning at wealth page 940x6273 150x150 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 35 | Vanessa Shaw on Making Bold Moves To Pursue Your PassionRecognized as savvy and sophisticated yet widely respected for her business brilliance, Vanessa Shaw is an International Business Success Coach and Inspirational Speaker. Both lauded by her clients and admired by peers, her zone of genius is helping ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders earn more income, make a bigger impact, and enjoy greater freedom. Through her BOUTIQUE BUSINESS SCHOOL programs catering to different levels of business and income aspirations, including ACCELERATE, STELLAR and ELITE, Vanessa has taught and inspired thousands around the globe to BE BOLD. PLAY BIGGER.®

Leveraging years of experience working with startups to billion-dollar companies – and possessing a natural gift to connect with any audience – Vanessa is also a highly sought-after speaker and authority who can deliver moving and inspirational talks that empower attendees to get out of their own way and play a much bigger game in business and life.

Her workshops and events, including her annual 3-day signature BIG BOLD EVENT, BUSINESS BREAKTHROUGH INTENSIVES, and BOLD WOMEN IN BUSINESS, demonstrate her natural ease and presence on stage and an ability to deliver practical insights and inspiration for those aspiring for more success in their business and life.

Vanessa’s broad international experience as a business coach includes clients such as The World Economic Forum, KPMG, Oracle, The Global Fund, London-based law firm Cameron McKenna, Sandler Training, and many other professional service providers. Originally from the UK and having lived in Europe for most of her life, Vanessa has worked for the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and held multiple senior leadership roles within the International Coach Federation at both the Swiss and global levels. She is a highly-accredited Business & Executive Coach who has dedicated years to her own professional and personal development. Her experience and skills as a coach combined with the hard-earned knowledge of what it really takes to be an entrepreneur and to create a business from scratch has led Vanessa to a genuine passion for coaching and mentoring small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs.

An important part of Vanessa’s business philosophy is to positively impact the lives of others by contributing to charitable causes and helping others who are less fortunate.

You can learn more about Vanessa and her BOUTIQUE BUSINESS SCHOOL programs at You can ALSO connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter @vcshaw, and Instagram @boutiquebusinesslifestyle.

For all enquiries, including for speaking engagements, please contact her team by telephone at +1 (602) 730-5937 or by email at

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