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Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 35 | Vanessa Shaw Interview

Terri:  Welcome, glad you’re here at Heartrepreneur® Radio.  Come on back and come on in, it’s Terri Levine we really appreciate you listening to the show, and leaving the reviews that you’ve been leaving, and sharing the show all over social media.  Last week we had over 19,000 downloads of the show, so thank you so much.  Today is going to be an amazing show, I have a special guest with me, her name is Vanessa Shaw.  Vanessa is an International Business and Success Coach, and what she does is she helps small business owners build and scale a profitable business.  And, and this is the real Heartrepreneur® part, enjoy the lifestyle that they went into business for in the first place, right?  And let me just tell you something before we start that’s really interesting about Vanessa, Vanessa really walks her talk.  She turned her own life upside down when she decided to pursue her dream of living in the United States less than 5 years ago.  And you know what she did?  She sold everything.  She moved to Arizona, she took her 2 children, she built a near 7 figure business from scratch.  She didn’t know anybody, and in the beginning, she didn’t even have support, so, she didn’t even have a cell phone by the way, with her name back then.  Her and her husband were living separately in Switzerland for 2 years, he was finishing up his career.  So, now it’s 5 years later and now she’s teaching others how to build a business of their dreams.  Vanessa, my Heartrepreneur® friend, I’m so glad to have you on the show!

Vanessa:  Thank you, excited to be here as well.

Terri:  So, we have to start with this.  How did you all of the sudden say, you know what, this is my passion and this is what I’m gonna do, and then decide I’m just gonna pick up and go to the US.  Oh my gosh!

Vanessa:  I know, right?  It was a big bold move.  But a tiny bit of a back story around that is, I did have my own business back in Europe, and I’d been in business about 5 years at the time.  And I was actually working with executives, top peak performing executives, and teaching them about how to make to make bold moves in their career, and their lives, and like really take their lives to the next level.  And it was honestly one of those “look in the mirror” moments to say, wow, I’m coaching other people how to do this, but really, what am I doing for myself?  I’m not walking my own talk, and my life is looking a little bit predictable and boring from where I’m sitting right now.  And that started me on the journey of what is it that I really want?  What do I want the next chapter of my own life to look like?  And my own big bold move, as we called it back then, which was selling off everything and saying, hey, we’re just going to start again on the other side of planet in the States.

Terri:  That is such a wow!  I have goosebumps as I listen to you, because I really believe there are so many people, even listening to the show in this moment going, I really have a dream, and I really want to do that.  So, what do you think holds most people back and keeps them stuck not living their dream?

Vanessa:  Oh my gosh.  I mean so many things.  You know I was minding a workshop and I was asked that same question, I think it’s such a great question.  And people come out with two really trite responses, and a friend of mine listening in New York, pay attention.  But I’ll say fear, and then I say fear of what?  Fear of failure, and then we dispel that one.  The other that say is fear of success.  Now I don’t either one of those, and if anybody’s really scared of failing, the truth is if we look at ourselves, we’ve failed multiple times in our life before.  Diets that we started, exercise, relationships, you know projects, so many, that’s really not the really fear.  And fear of success.  Oh ya, really?  I’m frightened about living my dream, who’s really scared of that?  It’s so insane.  So, here’s what I really believe, it’s at the crux of that fear, it’s two-sided.  It’s fear of judgement, that’s what it’s all about.  You know if I really go for and claim the dreams that I want, and I want to live this bigger life, we get scared about judgement.  Judgement from other people, judgement from people that are really close to us.  When I was leaving my life behind in Europe, everybody told me I was insane.  They told me I was destroying my family, my career, how could I?  Who the heck do you think you are?  I mean, all of thoughts of things come up, it’s a lot of judgement.  And then I think the other side of it is not fear of failure, and we’re gonna get more comfortable with that and certainly making more mistakes as well, and just moving on, learning from them.  I think it’s fear of disappointments.  It’s, what if I go for it, what if I really claim what I want and I go for it, and then I don’t get it?  Or, I discover that perhaps I’m not cut out for it?  Or, I’m not as good as I think I am.  And I think that a lot of us have experienced disappointment very early in our lives, and we’ve become conditioned to holding ourselves back to protect us from the painful sting of disappointment.  Cuz let’s face it, nobody wakes up in the morning and says “yay, I can’t wait, I just can’t wait to feel disappointed today!”  Like really.  It’s a really unpleasant feeling, and I have to say, I mean I love my mother dearly but, I always passionate and had a lot of energy, I wanted more.  And I really remembered the echoes of her voice for many years saying, be careful, don’t set your sights so high, you’ll be disappointed.

Terri:  Mmm

Vanessa:  Ewe.  It’s like, we’ve got to be ok, right, we don’t to get to live the dream without having to navigate.  Fear of judgement is most definitely part of that journey.  And real judgement, you will be judged by the way, and you’ll be judged by people because they’re gonna feel insecure, they’re going to feel intimidated about what you’re up to.  It’s far more about them than it is about you, and you will experience disappointment.  You will go for things, and things won’t work out.  But guess what?  You’re gonna learn how to navigate that, and that’s a really powerful muscle to build on that journey to success.

Terri:  So, I just have to say a few things cuz I’m sitting here with goosebumps.  First of all, totally agree with you, 100% that there’s so many people that can get in our way, right?  With stopping us, and our own brains obviously get in the way.  I remember when I decided to leave Corporate America and I told people I’m not going to be the President of this Company anymore, a big deal national healthcare company, I’m going to start my own consulting business.  Everybody was like, oh my gosh, who gives that up?  What’s wrong with you, have you lost your mind?  You’re gonna to lose so much money, and you went to College for this, you know you have to degrees in this!  It was like, oh my goodness!  And there’s a point in our lives I believe, where we just go into our own voice, and we can either keep listening to what other people say, or we can tap into our own passion in our own hearts and say:  this is really want I want, and I’m choosing this.  And it is my choice.

Vanessa:  Oh that’s so beautiful.  I mean that’s one of the things I’m really, you know, helping people navigate on their journey, you know through business success, that’s the vehicle that we do it.  But as you said, there’s tapping into your heart, and I don’t know if you’re aware, but the root of the word courage is “ducor” which means, of the heart.  And really and truly that journey into success, to your version of success because everybody’s look’s different and it will evolve and it will change over time, is a journey of listening to your heart.  Not listening to other people.  And it requires tremendous courage, and courage is all about taking action even though you feel scared.

Terri:  Yes

Vanessa:  When you don’t feel ready, when you haven’t got a clue what you’re doing next.

Terri:  Yes, yes

Vanessa:  Just know the next step, right, that’s what courage is all about.

Terri:  So well said.  And I’ll just reiterate a point for our listeners, I know that this is going to be the most valuable that they ever heard.  Just go ahead and take a step forward.  Create some movement, move forward in some way, shape or form.  And you know what?  There’s nothing wrong with being scared while you do it!  I was just telling a story yesterday Vanessa, of going on a roller coaster when I was younger, and not wanting to go, being really scared, like, I don’t want to do this!   And was so scared, but I took the step forward, and I got on the roller coaster, right.  Two minutes later I was smiling, and I wanted to go on again, and again, and again.  And that’s what it is, that’s what it is.  So, Vanessa I wish we could be here for like an hour cuz I have about 50 questions that I wanted to ask you!

Vanessa:  I know, right?

Terri:  So, we’re going to have to continue our juicy conversation over, I’m going to have to have you back if you’d be so willing?

Vanessa:  Oh, I’d love to.

Terri:  In the meantime, how can the listeners make a connection and get in touch with you?  Because I feel they’re sitting here wanting to move forward in their dreams and their desires, and you’re such a good role model to them.

Vanessa:  Thank you.  So, ya two ways., just go straight there, it’s at the website you’ll see, you know, immediately go to the website and it will say, are you ready to step up to your potential?  Of course, you’re gonna click “yes” and at that point we’ll give you some great downloads, free stuff, we do tons of videos and blogs, just stuff to inspire you, but really practical tools as well.  You know I love inspiration, but I also like tools that you can use to actually implement.  And equally so on Facebook, go to Vanessa Shaw Business Growth Mentor, and again they are tons and tons of content.  So, those are two really easy places just for us to be connected and for you to learn about what we’re up to.

Terri:  Phenomenal.  So, listen, two things, one I definitely having you back, we need a longer interview cuz I literally have like so many questions in my brain.  I’m just gonna say to the audience, go, connect. get to meet Vanessa.  And Vanessa, I want to thank you.  I know you’re super busy, you’ve got a lot on your plate, you weren’t up to your ideal health and you still made time here to be at Heartrepreneur® Radio, so thank you so much for joining us today.

Vanessa:  Well, thank you. Thank you for everything that you do as well.  I love this short, snappy format as well.  Anybody that’s busy can listen in, this is great!

Terri:  Thank you!  And we like the word “snappy” so, thank you.  And to all of our Heartrepreneur’s out there, thank you for tuning in today, we look forward to having you here each and every week, so please make sure that you have subscribed to the podcast here at iTunes, and that you never miss an episode of more great people like Vanessa Shaw.  Thank you again Vanessa, have an extraordinary day.


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