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Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 36 | Nathan Hirsch Interview

Terri:  Hello and welcome to Heartrepreneur® Radio with Dr. Terri, it’s good to be with you.  I have a special guest with me today, and his name is Nathan Hirsch.  And I have to tell you, he is a true, serial Entrepreneur and he is an expert in remote and E-commerce.  And I know a lot of listeners have asked about how do you have people help you remotely?  So, I got you the answer here today.  Nathan is the founder and CEO of, and the co-founder and COO of Portlight, and he lives in Orlando Florida.  And, I have to tell you that he’s been selling online for over 7 years, you have to hear this number, ready:  he’s sold over 20 million worth of product through his E-commerce business.  So, I decided that with so many of you asking about remote free-lancers, he would be phenomenal to have on the show, and especially because, listen to that again, over 20 million dollars’ worth of product through his E-commerce business.  I’m really honored to have him, he’s been on many leading podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, Eventual Millionaire, many more.  So, Nathan, welcome.

Nathan:  Terri, thank you so much for having me.

Terri:  I’m excited to have you.  So, I’m really curious, what drew you and actually pulled you in to say, I actually want to be in the business of helping people get remote help, I mean, what was the draw?

Nathan:  So, when I started my 1st company I was 20 years old in College, trying to make some extra beer money on the side, and I ended up growing this multi-million-dollar business I was running out of my College dorm room.  And I was hiring people before I could legally drink, making every possible mistake imaginable.  I was fortunate enough to make some good hires that just kind of worked out, my business partner Connor Gillivan was one of my 1st hires, and he’s been working with me for over 8 years.  But, while hiring was ok in College and not that important, when I made this my full-time job when I graduated, HR just consumed so much of my time.  From going through applicants, to multiple rounds of interviews, and turnover, it was just a nightmare for me, and I really didn’t enjoy that part of the business.  I wanted to focus on sales and marketing, not spending 2 weeks to find a graphic designer.  So, I came up with the idea of FreeUp because I wanted the business that I wish I had when I was spending all that time on HR.  So, the concept of instead of going to job-boards, and posting jobs, and getting lots of applicants and doing all the interviewing yourself, having someone to not only pre-vet the workers for you and make them available to you fast, because time is money.   But also, someone to protect you on the back-end and cover returning costs if there is turn over, and be hands on to help you along the process, that’s something that didn’t exist in the industry and something that I really wanted to help other business owners with.

Terri:  I think that’s phenomenal.  And I’m curious, what do you see as the number 1 stumbling block, or number 1 people have when they’re trying to find overseas people?

Nathan:  They don’t focus on the 3 main things.  For me, it’s skills, because you obviously want someone that’s talented at what they do.  It’s attitude, because you don’t want someone that’s just in it for the paycheck, that’s selfish, that only cares about themselves.  You want someone who’s a work-aholic, that’s passionate and caring and loves working.  And then, communication.  Communication is the biggest thing because I don’t care how talented you are, if you can’t communicate with me at a high level, it’s never gonna work out.  So, a lot of people, they’ll hire someone that’s really talented but has a terrible attitude and can’t communicate.  Or, maybe they communicate but they’re just not skilled enough to do the job at a high level, or any combination, but you really need all 3 of those to have a good hiring experience.

Terri:  Ya, I would agree with that.  And, I think a lot of people are trying to just do things very inexpensively, right?  So, they’re like ok, I’ll just shoot over and use any old person that I can get on UpWork or something like that.  They don’t know that the person has the skills, they don’t really even know how to manage the people.  What do you say to the business owners like that, cuz I talk to them every single day, and they seem very seemed very stressed out Nathan.

Nathan:  Ya, cheap can be expensive.  If you rush hiring and you find someone just cuz they’re the lowest price, it can spend a lot of your time later on.  And I value my time at a high level, I value my clients time, so to me it’s not worth it.  Don’t get me wrong, you can find really good value deals.  I have people that I would consider on the cheap end that are excellent, they’re all-stars, but I didn’t find them within 24 hours.  They took months of me coming across them and really getting someone that I consider a high-value deal.  So, that’s what’s cool about FreeUp, is we’re constantly recruiting.  I have an e-chart team that does this 12 hours a day, so when we come up with these high value deals, we make them clients instantly, whereas otherwise it might take you months to find someone that’s a good fit.  So, they are out there, but if you go into it thinking that you can post a job on UpWork and get someone high value within 24 hours, 99% of the time that just doesn’t work.

Terri:  I can understand that, I can definitely understand that.  So, if someone is, let’s just say they’re a newer Entrepreneur, a newer business owner, and they’re being a little tight with their money, and they really know they need some help.  What do you suggest?  How does someone begin that knows they need help and they’re newer, and they don’t have a lot of funds?

Nathan:  Sure.  So, there are 2 ways to go about hiring people.  You can have your systems and processes in place already, and hire a lower level worker to just follow your instructions and execute.  And that’s really the way to go about saving money, you’re going to free up your time in going that route.  But if you’re new, that route doesn’t usually work, because if you don’t have your own processes, you can’t hire a lower level person and have them direct your company, it just leads to disaster.  So, although it might be more expensive, I recommend an expert to go through your business.  Maybe do an audit for an hour or two, whether it’s a Facebook Ad expert or an Amazon expert of whatever business industry you’re in, it might cost you 100 bucks or whatever it is, but it will save you thousands of dollars down the line by not going down the wrong direction.  So, you can hire that expert to help guide you in the right path, to create SOP’s for you, Standard Operating Procedures, and really come up with that system and process.  Then you can insert that lower level person underneath them and really have a good hiring experience.

Terri:  I love that, I think that’s stellar, stellar advice.  So, I’m going to switch topics for a minute.  So, you sold this tremendous amount of product, I mean tremendous.  What advice to you have for people that have product and just aren’t able to sell it?

Nathan:  Ya, you got to be flexible.  So, when you start a company, a lot of times it ends up being a completely different company than what you thought it would be.  When I started FreeUp, I thought it might be more in the Amazon Consulting side, that’s my background, and right now we’re not that at all.  And when I started selling on Amazon, I started off selling textbooks, and then regular books, then experimenting with every different thing I could find, and eventually selling a lot of baby products.  And if you had told me when I first started the company that I would sell millions of dollars of baby products, I wouldn’t have believed you.  But I kind of adapted by seeing what worked, and what didn’t work.  A lot of people, they go in being like, I want to sell this particular product, I’m going to build this company doing this, and they don’t leave that wiggle room to adjust to what the data and what the information is telling you.  Because, if you go in everyday willing to work hard and willing to take information you get and adjust towards it, you can have a lot of success.  But, if you’re very stubborn at what you want to do, sometimes there’s just no market for the product you’re trying to sell, or the direction you want your business to go.

Terri:  Mmm, oh that makes so much sense, it makes so much sense.  You know it’s interesting, I just talked to somebody, so synchronistic, right before you and I talked on this radio show, and she was telling me about all these different products and I was listening, and not 1 product had to do with the core of her business.  And she said, I’m really having trouble selling.  So, I find that interesting, I think there may be some, and maybe a lot of people just creating product for products sake.  Do you seem to run into that at all?

Nathan:  Ya, and I talk about this in my book.  It’s just the trial and error approach is so essential especially in you’re a new Entrepreneur, or don’t have funding.  If you’re not maybe a top expert in the market, just finding out what people like and people don’t like, it’s really hard to gauge without trial and error.  Sometimes you have a product that’s really awesome, that might work really well, and people just don’t want it for whatever reason.  And then you might find the pet rock that everyone buys and makes millions of dollars, and you can’t really understand.  So, I’m a big fan of the trial and error and approach not only for products, but you hire, how you make certain business decision and how you create processes.  It really is tough to figure out how something will work out without trying lots of different things.

Terri:  Perfect, perfect.  I really believe people want to get in touch with you, and I’m actually recommended people do get in touch with you.  And the main reason I’m saying that I have so many people, literally every day, that are asking me, what should I do for help?  You know I need what they’re calling a virtual assistant, or I need some help, and they don’t know who they can help them, they don’t where they can find people.  And I’ve had a chance to play in the FreeUp world, and highly recommend this and endorse it.  So, what can you say to people?

Nathan:  Ya, so we’re very easy to contact right t on the website, with a degree of ease.  You can sign up as a client for free, you can book a meeting in my calendar, I’d love to talk directly to you about your business.  You can join the online Hiring Mastermind Group on Facebook where we post a lot of strategies and hints about how to hire people successfully, and you can also add me Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all that stuff, we’re very accessible.  We also have a book coming out, The Fifty Secrets of Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies that you can check out as well.

Terri:  Thank you so much for joining me.  It has just been a pleasure to have you here Nathan, and I just really admire what you’re doing, and I know what a difference it’s making for business owners, so thank you so much for being here.  And folks, really do connect in with Nathan, I think it will make a big difference to you.  And I also want to say to everyone, pay close attention, make sure that you are tuned in to Heartrepreneur® Radio every single week, I have great guests just like Nathan.  And it would really make sense for you to be tuned in, subscribe and you’ll never miss an episode of Heartrepreneur® Radio.  Again, my guest today was Nathan Hirsch from FreeUp, and thank you once again for joining me Nathan.

Nathan:  Thanks for having me.


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