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Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 4 | What Are Your Business Goals | Terri Levine

Write Down What You Want Then Work To Achieve

Hey thanks for tuning in. I am Terri Levine. Hey, I have to ask you a question. I was just away at a conference meeting some fabulous business owners. Just amazing experts in what they do. And many of them wanted to double their revenues and profits. They are excited about doing it. When I was speaking with them I asked them this question: What are your business goals? I was fascinated to find out that a lot of them didn’t have them. You have to have business goals. I am going to step you through a very simple exercise today. So that as you do this, you will actually be creating more revenue and more profit. So it’s easy. I want you to think of your business goal in terms of the amount of income which is profit that you want each month. How much profit do you want to make each month? Because we are heartrepreneurs which also means we live our lives not as a slave to our business, we gave up being a wage slave, we don’t want to be a slave to our business. A heartrepreneur has a balanced life and business. They spend time with their family and community and their church, vacations, friends, reading, feeding their brain, nurturing their bodies, etc.

After you think about the profit you want per month, next I want you to think of the number of days off you want each month. Write this down. The amount of profit I want is X. $10,000 per month, whatever that is, and I want X days per month. I want you to write this down. Write it down: For the next year, then three years from now, then five years from now. I always recommend that my clients have visions that go out in that way. This is how I have created success in my business.

Now, the next thing I really have to bring up because you know I am away and talking to these fabulous women and they own such a diversity. So many businesses, from products to energy, to electricity, to consulting, to sales training, and a question I always ask them is: What are the benefits of doing business with you? And people can only give me a couple. Some maybe five. I am like, keep going. They couldn’t. What I want you to do is to really ask yourself what are the benefits of doing business with me? Then I want you to list every single benefit. I want you to list even the tiny ones. Even if it seems small and insignificant. It might mean a lot to someone else. So, I really want you to list every single benefit you can think of. I recommend you grab a pen, and paper because when you keyboard you don’t engage both hemispheres of the brain and you are not as creative. When you can’t think of anymore, keep writing. Keep writing. Then, the next think I want you to do is think of the benefits from your list that are unique. Really unique. So, go to that benefits list that you just did with all of the benefits you have and ask which are the ones that are unique for my business or company? If you say, its high quality, then you shouldn’t be in business if you don’t have high quality. Your competitors say and think that too. What do you do that is different? What do you do that is different?

When my clients work with me they get my methods, and systems and trademark and copyrighted programs and content. Maybe with you, I don’t know, you own a salon, and while they are getting let’s just say their manicure, you give them a back massage in the chair. Think of what you do and I know you do a lot of things that are unique and different. And I also ask the same group of women, tell me who your ideal target market is? So I can make referrals. And many of them couldn’t or they gave me generalities. So yep, do one more exercise to think of the markets where you can target your marketing? When you really target who you want to reach, you make more profits. It’s very likely, most people say, Terry, I have more than one target market. I say, cool. The more markets you have, the more you can score. I want you to think of the geographical parts of your markets. Where do they live? The demographic. Are they men, women and their ages. Their psychographic. What do they read, eat, watch on tv, what movies, what websites do they frequent, social media? You might think, wow, this is a lot of questions and this is a lot of work. I just came here to be entertained and listen to her podcast. Let me speak to this. The reason I am in the business I am in, the reason I founded the Heartrepreneur® network, the reason I am creating a Heartrepreneur® movement, and I am so ridiculously serious about it is as far as I am concerned, business needs to change. The way businesses are performing, needs to change.

I know that being in a room with 200 diverse women from all over the country, they were missing these key items and so are most of my clients. It’s like no, you don’t have this. Even when they think they do. Why I am so passionate about this? In my experience, my truth and my experience is that the most successful business owner, every single time, not one time, every single time, is someone who really has these. Who really has this under control and handled. That is what I want for you. I want you to have this ridiculously handled. Completely clearly handled. Because when you do, you will be able to introduce your company to more people. You will be able to resonate with more people. You will help more people and serve more people. I am guessing if you are like me that is why you are in business. I want you to get clear, like ridiculously clear. You are in business just like me because you have a story. A conviction. A belief in your products or services. A story. Maybe there is something that happened in your life. A turning point.

This is what I did to change my situation. Here is my story. I had a business, I sold it. I did that for a few years. Then for five years I went into corporate America. President of a national health care company. That is my story. Then something happened and my situation changed. I didn’t like my work. I wasn’t fulfilled. I hated getting up on Monday mornings. I was good at what I did and they paid me well. But I wasn’t feeling it. My friend died at the age of 40 of breast cancer. Her final words to me were don’t waste your life working like I did. I changed my situation. I quit my job and I started my consulting business and doing what I love and I never looked back. Here is my story. Turns out I am not the only one experiencing this. People would come to me and say they wanted out. I don’t want to do what I am doing. I realized I had to share that. My mission became helping people find what they love to do. Then my Heartrepreneur® mission came from seeing people trying all of these crazy marketing things. I thought this is ridiculous. They have to differentiate themselves from others. They are spending too much money, working their butt off. If they could only just figure out their story, their clients, what makes them unique and compelling? They will see how easy it is. They will know what the bottom line benefit of their work is. They will do business with heart. Eye to eye and face to face instead of clicking from place to place. It dawned on me that it was critically important to me to make this part of my life’s work.

I want you to create a story. I want you to really sit down and think what is my story? Why am I doing what I am doing? What’s up with me doing this? I must have some reason for doing it. I truly want you to get into the moments of so what is this? What’s it for? Why? I want you to spend some time really resonating with why you are doing what you are doing and who you are doing it for.

My goal is help make you more successful. I am hoping that you are generous enough that you are sharing it with people. You are saying OMG, you are a business owner? You need to hear this. The truth is I am going to teach you exactly what to do and all you want to do is do it. I can’t sit and force you to do it. Truth is, I really want you to do it. I am not sure if you read my international bestseller. Turbo Charge how to Transform Your Business as a Heartrepreneur. I hope you have. I want you to understand that my entire way of doing business is in that book. Making you celebrity and making you authority. All that other stuff. Really just helping you get yourself in a place where it’s easy and effortless because you know who you are talking to and you know what they need. You are their answer. You are speaking to them. That is what I want for you. That is why I came here to do this show with you today. To really bring you into remembering how important these couple of things I share with you are. I didn’t teach you anything that is so difficult. Something simplistic. Because I want you to be ridiculously successful. Ridiculously successful. And I want you to come from your heart in each engagement and in every engagement. All of the time. Every time. I don’t have to teach you how to sell. I don’t have to teach you how to market because I am not able sales and marketing.   I am about reverse sales and marketing. People come to you because they can’t wait to be with you.

By the way, if your mindset is negative, you are right, it won’t work. It’s all about developing that first step that is right in the book Turbo Charge. It is your inner gain, your mindset. Who do you want to serve? Who is that ideal customer? How much do you want to make? How many days do you want off? I want you to speak what it is you want. I want you to know what at the deepest core level: you can have exactly what you want. You may wonder why I say that with certainty. I have that for myself and to help clients create it over and over and over again. So, if I can do it, you can certainly do it. I really believe the time for you to do it isn’t tomorrow or the day after. It NOW!! What is holding you back? What gets in your way? Find a process to move that stuff away from you. Anything that is not moving you forward, you need to move out of your work and life experience. Every time we come here, we are going to think outside the box. I am always going to be transparent. So, take a moment and really think what can I do in my business or my life that will release me so I am not holding myself back? By the way, even if you say, I am not holding myself back, I am challenging you on that. We all tend to hold ourselves back to some degree. So let’s change it up! Make it all different. Let’s allow you to move in a really awesome and amazing direction. To create more of what you want. Much more of what you want. Are you going to do the exercises? I have my clients do the exercises and they get results. I am gifting you the same kind of mentoring that I give them. You are an adult. A grown up. If you truly want to be more successful you will do the exercises. I know it will make a difference for you. I care. You matter. Making your business more successful is why I show up here. Do the exercises and share them with those you care about. Let them hear this and let me know by going to my blog and let me know how things are working for you. You can always give us a recommendation here on ITunes. I appreciate you and thanks for tuning in.


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