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Heart-repreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 41 | Daniel Goodenough

July 14, 2017



TL:  Welcome to Heartrepreneur® Radio.  This is Terri Levine, and thank you once again for tuning in for another episode with an exciting guest that I have for you today. I am your chief Heartrepreneur® and business growth strategist.  So, I’m gonna share with you, this is gonna be such a cool interview because this person is so aligned in just his intro that I’m going to share with you, you will feel heart, trust me on this.  Daniel Goodenough is my guest today, and he is the author of the recently released work of fiction called The Caravan of Remembering:  A Road Map for Experiencing the Awakening of Your Life’s Mission.  By the way, just that title gave me goosebumps.  He has taught thousands of students through The Way of The Heart Program, to discover the life’s path they were meant for, and to walk that path in the world integrating spiritual principles, with practical action.  Recently, he has been consulting with companies that want to do business with integrity, purpose and heart.  Daniel, welcome to Heartrepreneur® Radio.

DG:  Thank you for having me.

TL:  I’m really exciting to have you, and it’s for lots of reasons.  One, is the title of your book resonated with me completely.  And at Heartrepreneur, we’re all about how to help people connect with their clients, with their prospects, with their vendors, with their employees, with integrity, transparency, authenticity and making heart-to-heart connections.  So, you had to be a guest on the show! I’m curious, how did this all show up for you?  Why did this become an important mission for you?

DG:  The reason, as a child I’d look around and I’d notice people going off to work, and not being happy about going off to work.  And as a child, that didn’t make any sense to me why would you do that?  And that led to a lifetime of exploring, how do you remember why you’re hear, and what that caused you to do?  And what that caused you to be?  And the discovery, over time, has led me to think of that more as a skill than some magical, mystical thing that happens that only the lucky few can understand, why am I here?  What’s that call me to do?  And how do I apply that to my life?  So, I developed let’s say a curriculum of skill development which I call “scales” for the inquiry of the why and the what and the who.  Leading to, how do I apply that so that as you move the entrepreneurial journey, as you adjust to the market place, as you work with your clients, that whatever you’re doing, you’re very consciously aware of the “why” that’s behind all the things you do.  And the “who” that’s calling you to show up as, and what’s that for?  So, that’s been a lifetime journey.

TL:  Mm.  Wow, that’s really interesting.  So, “scales,” and you’re talking about understanding the “why,” the “who” you show up as, what for.  Is there anything else more about “scales?”  The word intrigued me.

DG:  Well, and again the reason I say “scales” is if you want to become masterful at anything in life, there’s a set of practices.  If you’re a musician there are scales to do every day Pablo Casals in his 90’s, still did 3-hours of scales every day to be the master of his instrument.  And, if you’re in sports there are practices to do every day.  So, it’s like saying that to be masterful and embodying your reason for being here, and being clear about how that “why” interfaces with your work in the world, your business as an entrepreneur, and how that calls you to develop that is a skill that, like any other skill and to be masterful and to be masterful at any other skill, there are practices to do.

TL:  That’s perfect, I love that.  I resonate with that completely.  And then, I’m curious, so, you’ve been teaching people the way of the heart.  First, I want to talk about what that program really involves, and then I want to talk about how you came up with your book.  So, let’s first talk about The Way of The Heart.  What is in that program?  What is in that program and who is it for?

DG:   Well, The Way of The Heart was originally meant just for, let’s say the average civilian in life.  Recently it’s been circling around to working with corporations and entrepreneurs.  It’s meant to help people grow-up and become a functioning adult.  So, there’s the personal inquiry work to do, the shadow work, the relationship work, the spiritual work, becoming a whole, healthy adult.  So, we have programs that deal with the psychological, and the philosophical, and the spiritual.  And the life-mission work, and that’s how the book comes about, the life-mission work is generally taught upon four levels.  The first level being, why am I here?  What does that call me to do?  What does that call me to become?  And who will I become by doing it?  And the second level is then, how do you do that?  And the third level is the manner in which you do that being as being as important as whether you do that.  So, that’s doing that artfully, beautifully, sacredly and skillfully.  And then the last level is how do you scale that up?  Which led to the work with entrepreneurs and corporations, the scaling-up of a personal “why,” and “what” that’s call you to do, and “who” that’s calling you to be to incorporate that with the business.  And, The Caravan of Remember is the process of that first “why,” “what,” and “who,” that’s generally taught over a weekend.  So, it’s so that anyone can take themselves through the process, and the main character in the book works through that process, so you have an example of that.  And the scales for doing that are in the back of the book and it tells you where, imbedded in the story, they are.

TL:  What a great approach, I really like this.  I think it’s such a clever way to write the book and to make a story from it. And I was curious, though you answered my question, I was gonna say where can I learn through the scales? So, if I pick up The Caravan of Remembering: A Road Map for Experiencing the Awakening of Your Life’s Mission, I actually get access to that, yes?

DG:  Yes, and an example of somebody moving through the process.  And there’s a Facebook page for what’s called The Caravan Remembering conversation clubs.  So, there are people around the US and Canada who are coming together to work through the process with the group, some of them online, some of them in person.  So, you can work it individually with the book, and you can work it with a group with the book.

TL:  Excellent.  While we’re talking about the book, where can people get a copy of The Caravan of Remembering?

DG:  So, the virtual versions are on Nook, Amazon, Kindle and iTunes and Kobo.  You can also get the hard copies through Amazon, also available directly through The Caravan of Remembering website,, and also

TL:  Beautiful, beautiful, thank you.  Now, what led you to want to expand your work and do consulting with companies?  What’s that about?  I resonate with that as well, so we’re walking some parallel paths and I’m just so excited to have you as my guest today.

DG:  Ya, and I love that you’re a Heartrepeneur-Artrepreneur.  That the “way” of the heart means that a, you know when we say ‘way,” it’s wake-up so it’s the way you’re approaching life and approaching being an entrepreneur.  And, what led me to work with corporations, or actually corporations coming to me and saying, how do I apply this?  And also, with an idea that what’s happening in the world of business is becoming so much a part of the leading of where we’re going collectively.  So that if larger corporations at any level of entrepreneurship is going to leading the world in the next level of development, it would be really good if that was coming from a heart’s “why.”

TL:  Mm.  Boy, I resonate with that, I resonate with that completely.  If there’s one method that you want our listeners to have today, and they’re already attracted to Heartrepreneur® Radio because they really want to do business more heart-to-heart, whether as an entrepreneur or someone inside of a corporation, what’s the one message you would love to have people leave our show with today?

DG:  Well, the main message that kind of shows up in any of the work, and what would be applicable to your listeners is that:  at any crossroads, any decision crossroad that you’re making in your business, working with your clients, adjusting to the rapid change that we’re going through in the market place and our personal lives, is why we’re doesn’t have to be a mystery.  And it can be something that can clearly articulate to yourself and other people, for yourself, and for your company.  And that, like anything else in life, is something that can be very practically done and developed like any other skill in life. And so that when you’re making that decision, that the decision for next in your business is coming from why you’re here, and what that calls you to do.  What the why calls you to do.  And there’s a who you’re being called to become that will only happen if it’s founded from that place.  And you can do it, anyone can do it.

TL:  Mm, so I love that.  Anyone can do it. Like, hear that, breathe that in listeners.  And I think it is so essential to our life happiness to understand our purpose.  Why am I really here?  And, what is my purpose on this planet, and who am I being called to become?  So, I totally just resonate with this.  And, I recommend that people actually listen to this interview more than once, because I’m actually taking notes and I don’t do that on most interviews.  There are some languaging patterns that are just really, really great here Daniel.  So, one more time, if you can tell people, I think this would be really helpful:  how can they get in touch with you if they’re interested maybe in your corporate consulting work, or in exploring what you do on an individual basis?  How can they reach out and touch you?

DG:  Well, they can go to and leave a note on the contact page, and they can also go to pages on the website.  And, they could try the Facebook page for The Caravan of Remembering.

TL:  Perfect.  So, I’m gonna really just give a shout-out to the listeners and say the actions that I feel really inspired to take myself, might be the right actions for you.  One, is definitely go to Amazon or wherever you want to go, but I usually go to Amazon, and pick up The Caravan of Remembering: A Road Map for Experiencing the Awakening of Your Life’s Mission, and you can live and learn vicariously through the character in the story, and you can also have access to the scales.  Definitely connect with Daniel at,  And, I’m gonna join your Facebook group, I’m excited to find out more about the club, and I’m gonna check that out.  So, that’s what I’m inspired to do.  Daniel, I just want to say you know I interview lots and lots of folks on this show, and I love to do what I do, and you resonate so much as a truly one the heart-based people and businesses out there, that I just want to acknowledge you.  Thank you, and I celebrate the work that you’re doing in the world.  And thank you for taking the time to join me here today on Heartrepreneur® Radio.

DG:  Well thank you for having me on.  I love what you do as well, I so appreciate what you’re doing.

TL:  Thank you.  And for the listeners, make sure that you tune-in to each and every show.  And the best way to do that and never miss an episode is actually to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes at Heartrepreneur® Radio.  And, we LOVE it when you leave comments, and when you rate us, and when you share us on social media, so make sure that you tune-in to each and every episode.  And thank you again Daniel, and thank you all for listening to Heartrepreneur® Radio.

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