TL:  Welcome back to another episode of Heartrepreneur Radio.  This is Terri Levine, business strategist and chief Heartrepreneur.  And thank you once again for tuning in, and hopefully you are subscribed to us on iTunes so you don’t miss any episode.  So, I’m gonna tell you a little bit about my guest today.  I’m pretty excited about this interview, I think you’re really gonna love this.  I met Shannon Russell, it’s only a couple months ago and it’s so interesting to me, because it feels like I’ve known her, when you make that heart-to-heart connection.  And I just know she’s a Heartrepreneur.  Shannon’s journey to becoming a highly sought-after life transformation expert and visionary, began with her desire to transform and transcend every aspect of her own health, personal life, and career.  She was determined to reach levels of health, happiness and success, that she dreamed of, but had been not able to achieve.  And as a result of this ongoing journey, Shannon developed a Lifehacking system that guides and empowers people to reveal and resolve the hidden obstacles that are the causes of pain, struggle and limitations.  And I have to tell you, I’ve seen testimonial after testimonial, the results are amazing.  They’re beyond what is possible with traditional frameworks, guidelines and systems.  So, please help me welcome to the show, Shannon Russell.  Hey Shannon!

SR:  Hey Terri!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to be here!

TL:  Well, I’m really excited to have this conversation with you.  First, maybe you could tell, what was going on in your life that you went, ah, I have to do something, something hast to shift?

SR:  You know, I just had years and years of things piling up in my life, circumstances, experiences.  I started to experience some health problems and I was in my 20’s, I was supposed to be in my prime.  But, I was happy, unhealthy and feeling very unfulfilled. But yet, from the outside it looked like I had the perfect life.  And so, I reached a point of no return in my life where I hit rock-bottom within myself.  And I just didn’t have what I needed to get myself out of my own quandaries and problems, and figure out what the heck was going on with my health and my life. And, sometimes when you have a need that you cannot solve, or find someone to solve for you, it creates the opportunity to develop and create something amazing for yourself, but also for other people.

TL:  Mm.  Ya, and you now I’m so glad that vulnerable and you’re willing to share.  But you know, there’s so many people, let’s face it, we don’t even know who, people walk around with smiling faces. But they’re going through some kind of pain, whether it’s physical pain, whether it’s mental pain, whether it’s emotional pain.  What exactly is Lifehacking?

SR: Well Terri, basically what I’ve learned is, that there are hidden factors and obstacles and past experiences, and emotions that we have basically locked, or being held within us, that are the causes of our physical being. Our relationship problems, are the struggles that we face.  So, what I’ve learned through trial and error is that you have to stop focusing on the problem and dissecting the problem, and you have to work on the causes.  And that was a big thing for me.  Because basically, I didn’t want to admit that I had a problem, and even though I was crumbling in my own life, I never wanted to admit that I had a problem or I was struggling. But yet, had I had these skills and the knowledge to work on things and know what to do to help myself, I would have never let myself get to that point because I would have had the knowledge and the skills and the tools.  So, Lifehacking is all about re-wiring, re-programming, connection, communication and intuition.  And, it’s basically an amazing recipe of finding answers and solutions within yourself.  Because that’s where we hold everything, everything starts within us first.

TL:  Isn’t that the truth, right, it’s all internal. I find it really interesting, I was talking to somebody just over the weekend, we were talking about, I’m working on my book about forgiveness.  And she said well, I’m not gonna forgive my daughter-in-law, she did this and she did that, and she made me feel this, and she made me feel that. And it’s like, hmmm, that’s all within you!  It’s so interesting.

SR:  Yes, yep.  And the thing that I also realized was that so much of what we’re of conscious of, we could consciously deal with and work through.  But, it’s actually what we’re not conscious of that runs the show, rules the roost, and basically runs the kingdom of our life.  And so, that’s why I bring in the skills and the tools of our own intuition, because that unlocks what is hidden and unknown, and blocked within us.  And basically, don’t you want to get it all in your head?  Why leave anything behind you know?  We can’t only deal with what we’re conscious of because that’s not the whole picture.  And so that’s why I’m so passionate to help people develop their intuition and include intuition, because it helps us access and uncover what consciously, we are completely unaware of.

TL:  Mm.  So, what is this system like?  What is it about?  What if somebody’s listening and saying, I’m intrigued, what happens when they work with you and their doing Lifehacking?

SR:  Exactly. So, I’m all about results.  And coming from a loving space, and a loving interaction and just a gentle process. Because so many things out there are very harsh, and they’re very, almost un-human in a way. They don’t factor in the feelings of people and what people are going through, right?  So, I come very gentle, loving mindset, and basically it is as though you are being guided through a meditation.  And what is more gentle and loving than a meditation?

TL:  Mm.

SR:  It’s like a guided meditative, tuning-in process.  But it is jam packed with skills, and techniques, and we hold a lot, for example, we hold a lot of emotion.  We store a lot of emotion and we bottle up all this emotion, people don’t like experiencing emotion.  So, one of the techniques that I’ve developed is a process of actually releasing the emotion from where within you it’s being held, rather than you having to experience it, and feel it.

TL:  Wow

SR:   And, it’s just, it’s so empowering to people because they’re like, I’ve been living with this abuse for years, I’ve been living with this grief for years, I’ve been living with this anger for years, but I could never let it go.  And just to be able to let this emotion go without actually having to re-live it, re-experience it, open it up, is so empowering for people.  So, that’s just one little piece of what Lifehacking has to offer people.

TL:  You know, there’s something I really resonate within that.  I had worked somebody a few years ago, I don’t know what to call him, spiritual guide, healer, I’m not sure what he’s really called. And he kept making me bring up all the emotions and then trying to dissolve them.  And I found, first of all it was horrible having them brought up, I actually remember throwing-up numerous times.  And they might have seemed dissolved in that moment, but the next and the day after, they were back. This seems like a really different way to remove any kind of lingering, internal pain, suffering, emotional, it seems very different.  Am I correct?

SR:  Oh honey, you are correct!

TL:  (Laughter)

SR:  I help my clients get to the root and that was a huge thing, that I was like, I have to figure this out.  Because I don’t want to have something surfacing and then have a coping mechanism. Or, have something surfacing to only have it surface again in month, in a week, in a year.  I want it gone!  And I was so passionate about, it’s gotta be gone!  I’m gonna figure this out!  And honestly, I did.

TL:  Wow

SR:  And it’s just, I’m so excited to share it with people because that is a huge frustration.   There’s so many things out there that help temporarily, they’re a band-aid, they’re coping.  And it’s not for lack of people wanting to help people, it’s just, those tools and skills just don’t quite deep enough to get to the root.  And I’m passionate about getting people to the root so they’re actually eliminating, resolving, releasing and just overcoming what these factors are within us that are messin’ us up!

TL:  Mm, mm.  I’m totally diggin’ this, I’m totally, totally diggin’ this.  So, if people want to get in touch with you, how do they get in touch with you? How do they find out more?  How do they try this on?  I’m having a session with you and I’m so excited!

SR:  I know, I can’t wait Terri!  It’s gonna blow your mind, it’s gonna be awesome!

TL:  I’m ready girl!

SR:  So, I have a website that people could visit and I actually am a best-selling author as well. So, even if you just want more information to begin with, you can check out my book as well.  So, that’s always a great introduction and to learn about me and what I have to offer people.  And my website is  So,  Because it’s all about evolving and reaching new levels of living life, so.

TL:  Mm, wow, it sure is.  And you know I just want to say, when somebody walks their talk, that’s the person that I turn to.  That’s the person that I want help from.  So, Shannon is very transparent, Shannon shares her own story. And when you really get into her story and you see who she is today, to me, it’s just clear that her Lifehacking system does put an end to any kind of pain or suffering that you’ve got going on.  And the other thing I love about it, we talked about it here today, is Shannon Russell actually gives you the skills and the tools so that you can then, work through whatever your challenges are. It could be you know, personal, business, health, whatever.  So, Shannon, one more time, just the name of your website cuz I’m really encouraging people to connect with you.

SR:  You betcha.  So

TL:  Thank you so much.  And thank you for taking time to be here with us today at Heartrepreneur Radio Shannon.

SR:  Thank you so much Terri, and I’m just thrilled to be a part of your experience in your Heartrepreneur group, so thank you so much.

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