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HPR 48 | City Line Properties

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 48 | City Line Properties With Maria Giordano

HPR 48 | City Line Properties


The Dalai Lama once said: “Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; He lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” This particular quote is a favorite of City Line Properties’ Maria Giordano, author of 4 books on real estate, and go-to expert for many industry titans. Together with her husband Gary, Maria has created a multi-million-dollar real estate empire using exclusively other people’s money. But nothing of worth ever comes easy – and Maria’s incredible story is a testament to that.

In a former life, Maria was a a single mother with a disabled child working as a trauma nurse day, night, weekends, holidays and not seeing much of her family. Once Maria and her husband Gary started investing in real estate Maria replaced her income as a trauma nurse in less than 45 days and made over $200,000 in their first 6 months investing in real estate! Nowadays, Maria is very busy flipping houses and building her own portfolio. She also consults with select clients, both new and seasoned, looking to create wealth investing in real estate.

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City Line Properties With Maria Giordano

I want to bring on a guest named Maria Giordano. I want to tell you a little bit about her. Maria went from being a divorced single mother of five, who couldn’t afford warm coats or to feed her family to replacing her entire year’s salary in less than 45 days of starting in real estate. Maria did this without using any of her own money and she actually got paid to use other people’s money. She now teaches her students the same techniques she developed. I wanted to bring her on because I’ve heard about this and I’ve heard about her and I’m like, “I want to know.” Maria, welcome to the show.

Thank you, Terri. It’s great to be here.

I’m excited to have you. First of all, here you were, divorced, single, five kids. You can’t take care of your family. What made you even say, “I’ll do real estate?” How did that come to be?

My parents had been in real estate a long time ago and I knew that real estate had made probably more millionaires like anything else in this country except for maybe during dot-com nowadays. I saw how they had built their real estate, but then I also saw what they didn’t and how it crumbled as well. I knew that learning from them, I could do real estate to financially support my family. There’s just one problem though, I didn’t have money. It was also when the market had crashed. I’ve seen so many people lose everything they had and my house was on the verge of going upside down as well. That’s when we realized that, “Why don’t we charge other people to use their money to fund our deals?”

It sounds amazing to me and brilliant. How the heck do you do that? How do you actually do that?

What do people really care about? They don’t care about the property or anything. They care about the money, the dollar and cents, or what the return on investment’s going to be. Taking that simple principle, we went out looking for properties and basically put a perspective together, which is what I teach my students to do and showing people, “If you paid me $5,000 to simply use your money to fund all my deal, I will then split the deal with you.” It went really well.

Obviously, it worked out magnificently well. This is totally brilliant. I never would have thought of such a thing. An entire year salary in less than 45 days, what were you doing in those 45 days?

If you think about it, their stock broker, their financial planners. They’re used to paying people to use their money, to make them money. What I went on and I did is I looked for properties that at the time I could do fix and flip on that would really help bring back neighborhoods as well as my investors. I basically went around, driving around. I call it driving for dollars, where I’m looking at properties that just looked like they were lonely, they need a little love, they want somebody to say, “Make me pretty again.” That’s how I got started. I went through, I took my contract, put all the numbers together and if it worked, that’s what we did. It’s the same thing for rental properties, which I love because that’s how I really make money while I sleep. It almost writes checks every month.

I take the same thing with investors, but on rental properties I usually charge $10,000 to use their money. They fund the entire rental property deal. If there are any repairs that need to be made, updates, whatever, the investor funds all of that. I go and I place a tenant in there and then we will either, depending on the investor, split it. I never do anything less than 50/50 for me because there’s so much work. Sometimes I get more, sometimes I just do a percentage of interest for the investor.

You’ve got a brilliant model going on here. You said some words that just related to me so much. First of all, I love the fact that what you’re doing is what we call Heartrepreneur-based because it is helping investors, it is changing neighborhoods. It’s really making a difference for a lot of people. I wrote down some terms as you were saying them that just resonated with me. Fix and flip, that’s a great term, driving for dollars, I love that and then the whole concept that you just shared literally of the making money while you sleep. What’s your life like now? Take us to now. What’s your life like? What’s it like to be Maria now?

I just got back from six days in Telluride. I couldn’t have done that on nurse’s salary. Telluride is ridiculously expensive nowadays. I usually take the entire summer off to be with my children because to me there’s no better job than to raise my family, my children. I usually don’t start my day until 9:00 or 10:00. I get up in the morning either to go ride my horses or I go to the gym or spend time with my kids. Then I do my real estate and it’s great because I manage it so that the money just comes in while I sleep. They write checks, my investors are happy, they get their quarterly payouts or if it’s a fix and flip, when the property is sold, they get their lump sum payout and then we’ll do another one. It’s really systematized.

Now, is all of this in your area where you live or do you do these in other areas?

We do this across the country. We’re doing it all over the place because really this model works anywhere.

Is family involved in your business or is it just you? What does that look like?

That’s what’s so great is my oldest daughter is legally blind and even she does it. She’s 22. She’s a college student. When she’s home in the summer, she spent the summer renting out to my properties. She’s taken over there. She’d meet the tenants. She’d also go and talk to potential sellers of properties and negotiate on that. Really there is no excuse other than the barriers that one sets up preventing them from doing it. I have a son who just turned twenty. He’s been working with me since he was sixteen doing this.

This is actually a great thing. People can get their children involved and people these days they’re really looking for ways to have their kids make money and to learn a business and learn something. I remember you telling the story of your daughter whose blind being able to do the business and I thought this is just brilliant. We didn’t get to sit down and chat so I could really understand the model. She must be flipping houses, but I didn’t get it in the way you’re doing it. I didn’t really get it that it was the investor’s money. It is such a smart model. Is there a way to learn this model from you? I’ve got a lot of curiosity about this.

Go to my website,, and I have a bunch of information on there. I even have free trainings on there. I have a free gift that you can download. I have four other different books that you can look on Amazon as well. The best way is probably through my website and we have all of our events listed on there as well.

What are these events about?

We do anywhere from one-day events, 90-minute talks for different real estate groups as well as we have a two or three-day event.

I want to also let the audience know, just like I tell you each and every time that when we have a guest who have a domain that actually gives us what the benefit is, that’s the domain we want to go to. Thank you. We’re going to get free gifts. We’re going to get some training. You’ve authored books. You sound very busy and at the same time you sound like you’re creating a pretty juicy life for yourself. If someone here is curious and they’re thinking, “I might be interested,” what’s the first step that they want to take?

The first that they want to take is really look at their market and decide what area of real estate do they want to get into and then get a mentor or a coach.

You and I both invest in mentoring and coaching and we’re big believers in that and we walk our talk on that. First, I have to thank you because I was so intrigued with your whole success. I remember hearing replacing your entire year’s salary in less than 45 days. My head spun around and I’m like, “What?” I’ve never heard that before. I didn’t realize it was without using your own money. I think this model is not only brilliant, it sounds like it’s a model that I can learn and the listeners can learn.

If there’s one of your audiences out there that thinks, “I have a ton of money. I don’t need to use anybody else’s money,” think about it, I have a ton of money now too but I still use other people’s money because you only have so much. This way, your growth can be exponential.

It goes with two terms that everyone hears a lot here on Heartrepreneur Radio. My favorite two words are leverage and optimize. This is definitely leveraging other people’s money, optimizing your ability to even make money while you sleep and it’s really just something that I think makes sense for all of us. I have a mentor who’s told me many times not only to diversify, but to diversify and to be sure that I had something connected with real estate. This sounds like the way to go. Thank you for being here. If people want to connect with you, the best way is to go to Maria Giordano, thank you so much for joining me. This has just been a wealth of information. I am walking away feeling wealthier, having been here with you.

HPR 48 | City Line Properties
City Line Properties: In ​leveraging other people’s money, you optimize your ability to make money even while you sleep.

Thank you so much for having me.

It’s been a pleasure. Audience, make sure you actually do subscribe to the show. We love when you give us five-star ratings and more importantly, Heartrepreneurs serve and pass things forward. Please, pass the show forward on social media. We want as many people as possible to have the wisdom that Maria Giordano shared with us. Thank you for tuning in and I’ll see you next time here at Heartrepreneur Radio.


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HPR 48 | City Line PropertiesPrinciple with Luna Sky Ventures. Focus is commercial development with an emphasis on senior housing. Luna Sky has a proprietary assisted living model building multiple cottage style assisted living facilities in a community home style environment. The benefit with this model is how conducive it is for allowing the senior population to age in place while maintaining profitability for our investors.

Developed Boulder Canyon LLC for real estate investments. Recently developed other entities with City Line Properties as the holding company by using investors to fund real estate rehab projects and rent to own properties in the Phoenix metro area. Initially started with buying properties and land at a discount and either holding, developing or selling the property at a higher yield for our clients.

Health Care Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing to hospitals and physicians. Contract negotiations for patient care with health care facilities and insurance companies. Able to quickly assess patient data for appropriate needs and set up those resources. I also have sold electronic components to engineers and purchasing agents at OEM’s and contract manufacturers. Worked on design in projects from concept to completion and RFP’s. Give sales presentations for upper management at fortune 500 companies.

Specialties: Selling to hospitals and physicians. Negotiations with insurance companies. Patient assessments and data collection. Understanding of Medicare rules and regulations.

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