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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 5 | No Luxury Of Negative Thoughts

15th November 20160

HPR 05 | Power In Thoughts


There is power in thoughts. Everything begins with it. From there, it manifests itself through our actions which then affects the entire course of our lives. That is why it is important to have the right kind of thoughts. Filling your head with negativity will only bring negative results. One of those is fear. Fear is a negative thought that stops you from living your life in the best possible way. It affects your life both personally and professionally. Discover an exercise that will turn those thoughts into something greater, and find out what keeps you from reaching goals and how to overcome them.

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No Luxury Of Negative Thoughts

I often find myself saying to my mentoring clients that you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought, not even one, not even for a nanosecond. I often share with them that thoughts, literally, are the most powerful things. You might already know this and realize it, but read this in with me. Whatever thought you take a moment and think, or a second and think, significantly impacts not only your emotions but your mind and your physical body as well. When a thought is put out there, instantaneously your body responds to the thought. Let’s play with this. I want you to think of a lemon. I’m going to guess that you had some reaction to that. Let’s do another one. How about fingernails on a chalkboard? How about an emery board? Imagine an emery board in your mouth going back and forth, side to side through your teeth. I proved my point there that thoughts cause your body to respond. They influence your emotions.

HPR 05 | Power In Thoughts
Power In Thoughts: You don’t have to change your emotions because emotions follow thought.


Let’s play. Think of something you love and adore. I’m going to guess that creates an emotional response for you or a feeling. Think of something you strongly dislike or hate. Another emotion comes up. Let me give you some good news. You don’t have to change your emotions because your emotions follow thought. They go along for the ride. All you want to focus on are having the right kinds of thoughts. When you have the right kinds of thoughts over and over again, you will have the right business and the right life. It can be said that your positive thoughts create positive results. Your negative thoughts, you’re going to get more negative results. One of the things I strongly recommend is that you imagine your favorite place, wherever that might be. Maybe it’s in nature, it’s by the beach, it’s skiing, it’s sitting in a park, walking along the river, whatever that might be. Imagine that for a moment and get into the feelings of it. Once you feel that, that’s going to be your go-to place. Anytime you’re having a thought that isn’t a thought that’s going to move you or your business forward, then all you do is shift your thinking instantaneously to that favorite place. You’ll notice that your emotions will follow through.

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Let me go a little further and a little deeper and you may be wondering, “Terri, why are you talking about this? We know you’re a Heartrepreneur but we’re here for some business mentoring.” I teach this all the time. Everything that we do comes from working on the inside first. The outer actions of your business success come from your inner game, your inner alignment. Anyone who’s just teaching you actions is not helping your business move forward. The human mind is designed to look for danger. It’s that fight or flight. What we do as human beings are we look for what’s wrong. There’s something always wrong in our businesses and our life. Our minds, if we’re not careful, they do what they do, which is focus on what’s wrong, the negative. We don’t want to activate that. We want to activate the positive. If you start focusing on the negative, the mind’s going to bring in more negative. We don’t want to mobilize this fight or flight unless we’re in immediate physical danger. We don’t want to have this happen all the time. The cave people that we came from, they had to trigger this response. We don’t do that anymore. When we trigger this response, it stops our body from being the best it can be. We start putting out chemicals that are toxic to our body. I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t want to be adding nervousness, anxiety, upset, tears or any of these things in my life experience.

I want you to notice whenever you’re in a place where you’re feeling fear, upset or anger, notice it and remember it’s coming from your lack of paying attention to your conscious thoughts. It’s from fight or flight. Any of these feelings, guilt, rage, depression, hurt, anger, hostility, resentment, fear, shyness, withdrawing, apprehension, grieving, any of these, they’re usually not rational. Many times, people get caught up in these negative feelings and in fear and they become habits of how they think. Literally, they become an addiction. Any habit can become an addiction. Anyone of those and an addiction creates disease in our body. Maybe you have an addiction either emotionally, in your physical body or with your mind. You don’t even know what that is, but it’s affecting your quality of thinking.

I’m going to tell you super transparently one of the addictions that I’ve had for many years. I work on each day, every day, and still, sometimes it shows up. Is my mind being addicted to being right, to proving that I’m smart, that I know something? That we are right mentality and having my body go, “I’m right. I’m going to fight for this because I’m right,” it creates a rush of adrenalin. However, it’s tying me up in negative thinking and my emotions get tied up in it. If you’re going to move your business forward, you want to establish habits and habits of thinking that move you forward, that generate inspiration. In my experience, most people are living not being conscious of their thoughts. Those negative thoughts, as I’m going to label them, they’re addictive. You can call them an addictive disease.

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Let’s take a moment and let’s process thoughts. Every single thing, everything begins with a thought. A thought is an idea. Every single thing comes through. You may know that I was a speech-language pathologist early in my career. I studied communications and I studied neurology. One of the key things that I learned is nothing in the world happens, including language, without thought. Thought precedes your ability to speak. A chair, your computer, and the device you’re reading this blog on, everything started as a thought that someone came up with. These thoughts generate into what we call ideas. In our society, ideas turn into reality. Edison came up with this idea of light bulb electricity. Ford came up with how to do automobiles.

In your business, you’re having thoughts all the time. Some of your thoughts aren’t becoming real in terms of ideas that you realize. Some of your thoughts might be holding you back. I want for you to start having one dominant thought. That means you have a thought you’re going to have over and over again until it brings you to the business and life success that you desire and deserve. Let’s say that you decide to persist in a thought of becoming a bestselling author, “I want to be a bestselling author.” You focus on that over and over again a bazillion times a day. You start being more of that, feeling it, acting as if, believing it. I like to say be living it. Don’t just believe it, but truly start living as if. Accepting it’s coming. Feel it abundantly flowing towards you.

I’m not talking about The Secret. I’m not talking about the Law of Attraction because I’m always talking about the action part of the attraction. The action. I believe that we can attract more of what we think about as long as we are doing as well. If I’m focusing on bestselling author over and over again, physical manifestations start. I probably pick up my pen and start writing. I go to my computer and I start keyboarding. Start thinking about what you want, your one focus. Start thinking about it all the time. When you start to have those worries or fears, “I’m not good enough. I’m not going to achieve that. I can’t do that. That’s not going to come. That’s not going to happen.” I have been there, done that. I know all the things you think because I’m as human as you are.

Notice that worry, self-doubt, all of those things that I mentioned and some of the kinds of thoughts you may be having, they only come from one thing. They come from fear. What I learned from Zig Ziglar, I learned that fear is false evidence appearing real, FEAR. All those thoughts are a series of thoughts. If you allow yourself to continue to think those thoughts, “I can’t become a bestselling author. I’m not going to become a bestselling author. It’s too hard. I don’t know what to do. It’s for other people. I’m not good enough.” If you think that over and over again, you’ll create more and more of that. If you’re concerned about how little money you’re making and you’re concerned about that, you’ll create more of that situation. Your thoughts create your reality. Your reality is created by your thoughts.

HPR 05 | Power In Thoughts
Power In Thoughts: Fear is false evidence. It is an illusion. What we do as human beings is treat those illusions like they are real.


Right here, right now, decide where you’re going to put your focus. Not only do I want you to have that one dominant thought. Anytime you’re not resonating with it, come back to that positive place in nature that we started with. I want you to notice the actions you can take that will bring you in the direction you want to go. Let’s say that I desire to be a bestselling author. I’m thinking about it, vibrating with it, and feeling it all the time. I say to myself, “What actions could I take that are consistent with this?”

Here’s why The Secret wasn’t quite right in Terri Levine’s experience. It certainly brought about the Law of Attraction and understanding of the general population. However, I can’t just say I want to be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and then blink my eyes and get there. I can’t sit here and say, “I’m going to manifest that. I’m going to get them. I’m going to feel it. I’m going to see it.” It doesn’t happen that way. Try it. Put yourself anywhere you want to go and say it over and over again. Think about it and feel it. Trust me. You won’t get there with only holding that intention. What you also have to hold is, “I’m not only going to think about it, I’m not only going to feel it, I am going to look at activities that can move me towards it.” I have this intention that was subconscious. Now I’ve made it conscious. I’m thinking about it more and more and feeling it.

Once you bring those intentions to your consciousness, the coolest thing that happens is all you have to do is ask yourself one question, “What can I do to get there?” I said, “I wanted to be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,” “What can I do to get there? I’ve got to do something. What do I need to do?” Now, I can start taking small action every single day. I always recommend a small action, baby steps, tiny actions. Taking a small action today, a small action tomorrow, a small action the next day, a small action the day after that. All of a sudden, you’re going to go, “How did I get across this bridge? How did I get over here?” You’ll notice that you’re ending up in a place you want to be.

I want you every single day to notice whenever the negative thinking creeps in and says, “You can’t go there. You can’t be a bestselling author. You can’t go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,” and all that other stuff it says. That’s literally suppressing what you do want. Don’t worry about the how-to. Know it’s that fight or flight that’s showing up. Instead of living in this miserable way of all the reasons you can’t have what you do want, live in this great way and quiet that. Bring up that special place. That place in nature, feeling it and staying there. Feeling there, being there, and staying there. I want you to remember that fear is false evidence. It’s an illusion. What we do as human beings are we treat illusions like they’re real. We’re like, “I’m not going to be able to do that. I can’t get there. I don’t deserve it.” That feeling is just a feeling. It keeps you from physically moving towards something unless you decide to let it go. It’s your choice.

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All you need to do to overcome fear, it’s a simple process. You’re going to realize you’ve got fear, “I’ve got fear, big deal. I’m going to take action anyway.” When you physically take an action and you move in the direction of what you do want, “Bestselling author, ready to take an action,” the fear starts to go away. Fear moves when you take action and you’re gaining strength and confidence. That’s exactly what happens. I’m going to share a quote. It’s from Eleanor Roosevelt, “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can now take the next thing that comes along. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.’”

That is 100% my challenge to you. I want you to move through fear. I want you to start acting by taking action. Accentuate the positive. That’s the cure for what your fears are and what’s stopping you. Start focusing on the positive and focusing on that one goal. Whatever you look for appears. If you want to look at all the thorns there are in a garden or life, you’ll find that. If you want to focus on the beauty of the roses and how they’re growing in the garden, you’ll find that. How you feel from the inside determines your business from the outside. How you feel depends on what you choose to put your attention on.

Look around you. What’s beautiful and positive? What’s that image in nature that you’re going to go back to anytime you need or want to? Don’t forget, it’s okay. You can notice the “negative.” I’m not teaching you positive thinking. Focusing on positive and feeling it is different than positive thinking. Taking yourself to that positive image I took you back to in nature, that’s moving you in a more joyful direction. The present, it is perfect. It’s your gift. The present is the future. The present is the future that you dreamed of a long time ago. Enjoy the future. Take your actions. I’ll see you next time on Heartrepreneur Radio.


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