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October 13, 2017

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Singapore-based Bharath Jayaram is hard to beat when it comes to technical trading. From giving up his job as a software developer to trading stocks full-time, Bharath has made some great trades that allowed him to become financially independent. Since he started trading, 90% of his profits have come from selling options. He has now expanded to trading stocks and futures, and plans to move into Forex and bitcoin soon. If you’re looking to make a living on the stock market even without a college degree or financial background, Bharath’s strategies are guaranteed to help you out!

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Technical Trading In Singapore With Bharath Jayaram

I am delighted every single time you tune in here to Heartrepreneur Radio as I bring more outstanding guest and likeminded people into our experience. I met this gentleman and I was impressed not only with what he does, but truly who he is on the planet to the heart that he has into the brilliance that he brings, and I’m excited to share him with you. His name is Bharath Jayaram. When he turned only 26 years old, holding a computer science degree from NTU in Singapore, he quit his job and he became a full-time trader and he’s traveling the world.

He empowers others to also want to make a living out of the stock market just like he learned how to do. To be able to do it without any college education and without a finance background, it’s incredible. His ultimate goal is to have enough funds and resources so he can set up a practical school where students can learn all the practical, all the relevant life skills that as we all know conventional college degrees don’t provide. I’m excited to have you with me, Bharath. Welcome, my friend.

Thank you so much. I’m honored to be here.

I’m honored to have you. Where are you talking to me from?

I was in India and now I’m in Singapore to sign off a few deals and then I got from a couple of partners who are interested in going along this journey of mine.

For me, it sounds like an awesome way to live and a whole lot of fun and amazing. Talk to us a little bit about your journey. How did you get where you are and to the success that you’ve been able to achieve?

[Tweet “You should live in the moment and be happy as you are.”]

I didn’t have a fixed plan unlike most people say that you need to have everything worked out, you need to have a plan, you need to have the perfect time to do this and do that. I took things along as they came. Almost everything that happened until now was an accident. Me being in Singapore was an accident as well. Me meeting you going to that conference in LA was an accident as well. I was like everybody else doing the same routine job or 9 to 6. I graduated with a computer science degree working as a worker and then foreign stock exchange. I looked at it in the long run, “Working so hard, I got to being right here.”

This was a point where I thought I’d be enjoying and living life but it didn’t seem to me that way. A whole bunch of loans going forward and I didn’t want to do this in another 30 more years. That’s when I realized that I have to do something differently if I have to put my life in a place where I will enjoy being in it because honestly, I wasn’t very happy being in the corporate world. That was when I looked at alternative source of income, and was training because I was looking to stock exchange. Everything was an accident and I spent more time reading up. Eventually, I’ve learned my whole strategy. My mom was trading as well. She’s been a housewife all along and it’s the first time that she’s earned money and she’s jumping up and down with me.

It’s interesting you talked a lot about, “This wasn’t planned, that wasn’t planned, this was an accident, this happened.” What would you say to somebody who’s maybe confused about their direction or their business isn’t going where they want or maybe they’re not even sure what business to start or where to go, what to do? What would a couple of ideas or tips that you have for them?

Nothing is set on stone for working. I think you should live in the moment and be happy as you are. If that happiness comes to you from doing a 9 to 6, then that is all that you should be focusing on. Ideally, the only reason when you’re looking at alternative source of income or an alternative source of work or something else is because honestly you’re not happy with where you are right now. If you were, you wouldn’t be looking at alternatives. It’s important finding what makes you happy and go with it full throttle. I always believed in going at my rules or expectations, putting both maybe on the work right away and not just trying with being helpful. Plans only go as far but it’s your passion and purpose that pulls you forward every day.

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Technical Trading: Plans only go as far but it’s your passion and purpose that pulls you forward every day.

When I was working my 9 to 6 and when I had to OT for a couple of hours even today, I thought that was too much, but I was inside with my job, I’ll be working 24/7 for 7 days a week and I’d worked on Saturday and Sunday as well and nobody comes to me that I have to do this. Nobody tells me, there is no plan, there is no timeline. There are no timelines to meet. No projects, guidelines that I have to repurpose and read, but I still do it because this is what keeps me happy at work so it keeps me going. If anybody is looking to get started in the stock market, you should head down to my website. It’s under You can get a whole bunch of information, a lot of free gifts to get you started. I’m about to release my basic introductory program which should get you started. It’s going to be on my Facebook page as well.

I highly recommend that not only you take advantage of the gifts on his website, truly, I would make sure that you’re following him on Facebook. He puts up some really great post. Let’s say someone has some interest in the stock market, they aren’t that educated in it. Is this something that with your help they might be able to make a living out of?

Yeah. I will be working on full time because the most common question that I got from most people is that they want to understand better how they can invest in the stock market but normally people don’t know where to start. That was why I spoke on all the basic step people need to know before they jump onto it and then realize that they made a mistake or they could lose all of their investment and all of that. For somebody who is already in the stock market, it’s definitely beneficial because a whole bunch of strategies that I teach and if you’re looking to make a living and let go of your full-time job, this is definitely something that you should consider.

[Tweet “Find what makes you happy and go with it full throttle.”]

I only spend less than hour every day because all of my strategies appropriately and they work on their own without you having to stare at the market, without you having to do a whole bunch of complicated calculations that would otherwise be required if you’re looking at fundamental investing. This is only technical and completely based on math, statistical and probability perspectives. This can be done from your side, just follow the systems, take the system, be disciplined and you should be able to get to the cross line. I was more far away from where you probably are right now, I only started this four years ago and I’m doing pretty well. I haven’t had a failure yet so I don’t think that you’d be one.

Bharath, thank you so much for joining us here on Heartrepreneur Radio. You have so much more value. I encourage our audience to reach out and connect with Bharath. You can feel his heart, so thanks for being with us.

Thank you so much for having me. It was a pleasure being on the show.

You’re welcome. For our audience, don’t forget. Make sure that you subscribe to Heartrepreneur Radio. That way you’ll never ever miss an episode and we love when you give us some comments, when you share us on social media. I’ll keep bringing more great heartrepreneurs like Bharath to you as long as you keep tuning in. Thanks for being here and I will be back with all of you in the next episode of Heartrepreneur Radio.

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