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Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode #62 | Krysti Turznik Interview

TL:  Welcome back to Heartrepreneur® Radio, this is Terri Levine, chief Heartrepreneur® and business strategist and I’m so honored and delighted that you tuned back in.  Hopefully you subscribe to the podcast, so you don’t miss any episodes.  Before we start, I just want to give you a gift as a valued listener.  I put together a brand-new course that is really gonna change your business. Totally free, you don’t even have to opt-in.  You can get it by Messenger or e-mail, whatever resonates.  Go to gethot, h-o-t,, and begin the course, which will make a real difference in your business.  Let’s get started with today’s show.  I am really excited to bring my next guest onto the show, her name is Krysti Turznik. She’s a number one best-selling author, she’s a motivational speaker and she’s also a life coach.  She has a master’s degree in metaphysics, she has a bachelor of science degree in biology, which I love.  So, she’s blending that left-brain, right-brain bringing love bringing the whoo-hoo stuff.  She’s an ordained minister and she’s also a consulting hypnotist, which I found kind of fascinating.  So, for about two decades, she’s helped people get out of their own way and live the life they were meant to live.  Isn’t that what we all want?  Like totally want?  I love the way she does it and that’s why I invited her here.  Krysti does it through mindset, motivation and meditation, and she shows people how to create the life of miracles and magic, gives me goosebumps just to say that, where every day feels like a day at the beach.  And those of you who know me know that I love my days at the beach.  Krysti lives in Wisconsin with her husband, daughter and four cats, and welcome to Heartrepreneur® Radio Krysti.

KT:  Thank you so much Terri, I am so happy to be here.

TL:  I’m excited to be with you.  And I’m so fascinated whenever I meet someone who has a blend of science and yet has an interest in something that might be a little bit more whoo-hoo, miracle magic.  How did you come to blend those two?  It’s fascinating.

KT:  For me it was a journey.  I started my life really needing to know the answers for how life worked which led me to the biology background, and learning how the physical aspects of life worked.  At some point I started to realize that I didn’t understand about everything about what going on, and that there was a bigger piece that was missing with that.  And that ended up being the spirituality aspect.  And two significant events had really pushed me to start to ask those deeper questions and dive into the spirituality, and figure out how to blend all of these things together.  The first one was the birth of my daughter, and then the second one was the death of my father.  So, both of those things really came together in a very short period of time, to force the introspection, to get the answers that I was searching for.

TL:  Mm.  That gave me goosebumps, I’ll reflect with you.  I was very scientific, I had a medical degree and was just all healthier care science.  And then in 1996 my mother passed away of emphysema, and seven days later my girlfriend Marnie died of breast cancer at the age of 40.  And all of the sudden, everything in my life changed and found spirituality, which I never had, and I got really, really interested in the way the universe worked.  And literally, that’s what caused me to walk out of my corporate j-o-b, and really get into doing the work I do, which is helping people establish the businesses of their dreams.  So, wow, I got goosebumps when you said that, thank you for sharing, thank you so much.  So, why is it that it feels really important to you?  Like, what’s the mission, what’s the passion behind what you’re doing?  What’s the reason?  What’s the big why it has to be helping people in this way?

KT:  For me, it’s really knowing that each and every one of us has an inner calling that is beckoning us to something greater than what it is that we’re living.  I believe it’s our life purpose or our passions that are really wanting us to embrace them fully, because we’re all here to light up the world in our own special way.  So, my mission is really to help people to have the confidence to believe in themselves and the choices that they make, and know that everything that they are, and have experienced in their life has happened for a reason.  And it can propel them to take a step into who it is that they are meant to be when they really embrace their authentic self.

TL:  Wow. Oh, game me goosebumps, that’s awesome, totally awesome.  So, what’s a typical client?  Who comes to you, and maybe you can give us an actual scenario of what kind of work you do with a client who comes to you?

KT:  Sure, absolutely.  The most typical client that comes is a woman who tends to be somewhere in her 40’s or so, and she has done everything that she was supposed to do.  She has gone to school, she’s gotten a job, she started a family and a life, but something just feels like it’s missing.  Although she’s very grateful for everything that she has, she feels like she hasn’t really honored that deepest, inner part of her.  So, she’s really ready to step into who she is and embrace that because she knows that time is ticking, and really needs to start acting on who it is that she can be.  So, when clients work with me, I really help them to first of all, get clarity on what it is that they feel called to.  And then we establish a strategy in order allow them to move forward to accomplish those things.  And while we’re doing so, we need to address a lot of mindset issues, talk a lot about self-sabotage and self-confidence and stress reduction, because all of those things go together to really either make it easy for us to accomplish her goals, or can make a tremendous burden and slow us down significantly if we haven’t mastered those.

TL:  That’s so true, that is just so true.  I work with people in their businesses not only to get out of their way, but really to find their passion and do the work that they were meant to live.  And I think it’s so cool that you’re coming on the life coaching aspect in a very similar way, so I love that.  And I don’t know if you know that you’ve done something so right that I teach, so I’m just gonna share it.  Mindset, motivation, meditation, I always teach people to have a three-word system, and that the best three-word systems start with B, M or P because people have an easier time remembering them.  So, I remember your words, I had read what little bit about you and said, oh, I can remember this, mindset, motivation, meditation.  I love those words and it actually follows a prescriptive formula, so I just wanted to commend you, I love that.  So, take us through this a little bit.  What’s maybe one quick mindset tip you can give the audience?

KT:  The first thing that you can start to do is really have an awareness of the dialog that is taking place within yourself.  So, without any kind of judgement, just be aware of the thoughts that you’re thinking.  Are they in alignment with the ultimate outcome and the goals that you’re setting for yourself?  Or, are they causing you resistance?  Are they accomplishing something opposed to what it is that you’re looking for?  So, really having that awareness without judgement, and then once you have an idea of whether or not those thoughts are serving you, then you have an opportunity to modify the ones that are not fitting and not in alignment with your ultimate goals.

TL:  That’s perfect, excellent, love that.  And I love that you’re giving us some things that we can actually do right now.  So, what about motivation, is there a tip for motivation?

KT:  Ya, what I would say is understanding your deepest why of why you want to accomplish something.  Because as we’re moving through and creating a new life for ourselves, things are always gonna to be coming up.  So, that’s where some of the self-sabotage and some of the resistance starts to present itself, and sometimes we just get in a state where we feel such a lack of energy or motivation that we don’t want to get through. But, if you really understand your deeper why, like why am I really doing this?  Why am I going through all of this effort to just struggle?  It helps you to overcome any kind of obstacle or limitation that you might be experience, and just keeping focused on that big why will help make it easier for you.

TL:  Another outstanding tip, thank you.  I love when we can get tips that we can put in affect, thank you so much.  And then talk to us about what meditation means to you, because I’ve heard so many people describe meditation in different ways.  So, what does meditation mean to you?

KT:  To me meditation is really just allowing you to connect to the deeper part of you, that silent whisper, that very quiet whisper that’s always in the back of the mind.  So, it’s calming down all of the outside thoughts and the noise, and then it’s settling down your internal thoughts so that you can actually start to hear those whispers from your deepest soul.  And, the understanding what it is you are wanting for yourself, how it is that you’re wanting to experience life, what it is that you want to feel or to experience or to have.  And then really taking action on those things.  So, it allows you at the simplest step to really connect with who it is that you are at your deepest level.

TL:  I love that.  You know I have clients that say things to me and maybe you can address this; I can’t meditate, I found it difficult, I tried it, I gave it up, it doesn’t work for me.  What would you say to that?  Any tips?

KT:  Ya, it’s an art that you attempt to need to learn.  Sometimes it comes easier for some people, others have to work at it.  A lot of times the feedback that I hear is people find that as they start, they get random thoughts starting to come through their mind and they think that when they have those thoughts, that they have failed.  And really what you need to do is you need to really just allow yourself to witness those thoughts, but don’t give them energy.  You know, just notice if you’re having a thought of planning or if you’re having a worrying thought, and just you know, say hello and then let it go.  Don’t dive into those thoughts, and just direct your attention back to your breath, back to your inner focus of what it is that you’re accomplishing, and knowing that it’s going to be an up and down journey where some days are easier, and some days are a little bit more of a struggle.  But the more that you keep at it, just like a muscle, the easier it’s going to be for you.

TL:  Glad that you said all that, really glad that you said that because I think people start to meditate and then they start going, oh my mind wandered.  I’m not good at it, I’m no good at it and I’m failing.  My experience, and I have tried on and off for a couple years, my experience was the day that I just said I’m gonna do the best I can do and I’m gonna see what happens, and I’m gonna do the best I can do tomorrow, and the best I can do tomorrow.  All the sudden, I did find a way of getting my mind to be quiet, the chatter just stopped, and I find that I’m so much more grounded when I meditate.

KT:  Yes, exactly.  It’s almost like you can dip into a place of eternal peace and plenty, and rejuvenate yourself and replenish everything that feels like it had been missing.  So, you have the energy and the motivation to move forward with more purpose and more passion in your life.

TL:  Mm, two of my favorite words Krysti, purpose and passion. I love this, I love how you’re blending those, I’m gonna call them the three M’s, I love how you’re blending that together.  It definitely differentiates you, definitely makes you someone to watch.  Tell us a little bit about your number one best-selling book if you don’t mind?

KT:  Oh, thank you for asking.  Yes, I have recently launched my book, it’s called Mindset Magic using scientific and spiritual principles to create your life.  And it is a blending of the science and the spirituality coming together so you can understand the physical part of how your mindset works, and then once you have that knowledge of how your mind works, of utilizing the underlying principles of the universe so that you can leverage what it is that you’re experiencing, and bring your goals to you so much faster and easier.  With this book, I was very fortunate that I had received an endorse from Michael Bernard Beckwith, so was quite a blessing that he also saw the value in the work that I’m doing.

TL:  Congratulations, that’s awesome.  I had the honor of spending a day with him and having lunch with him and his just touched my soul.  That is just phenomenal, congratulations.

KT:  Thank you

TL:  And I love it, Mindset Magic.  I love it, totally resonates.  Where can we get a copy of your book?

KT:  You can get a copy on Amazon or there’s a link on my website, it’s www.powerful-mind, that’s and it’s on the homepage there.

TL:  Thank you so much.  And I’m gonna recommend that the listeners go over.  Again, it’s and it’s not dash, d-a-s-h, it’s the symbol,  Krysti you are just phenomenal and you’re someone to watch and to connect with, and that really feels like you have found your calling and are bringing that to other people.  I just really honor the work that you do, so is where you want to go, you want to connect with Krysti, definitely get her book.  And I’d love for the listeners to invite them, to actually find out more about your process.  It’s a process that I definitely resonate with and think would make a difference for them in their lives.  Any quick last-minute word in our last few seconds Krysti?

KT:  Who it is that you are in this moment is exactly who you need to be in order to take yourself to the next person that you are becoming.  So, allow yourself to trust who it is that you are and know that you are on your path and that everything is beautiful.

TL:  Oh, I love that, wow we’re finishing the show with those wonderful words.  Thank you so much for being a guest here on Heartrepreneur® Radio today.

KT:  My pleasure, I’ve enjoyed talking with you.

TL:  Awesome.  And then for the listeners, make sure that you’re subscribed to the show.  You don’t want to miss a show, you could have missed Krysti Turznik and you’d be really sorry, so make sure that you have subscribed, get all of the shows.  And be a Heartrepreneur® which means pass things forward, share the show on social media.  If you dig us, we love your five-star reviews, and then go ahead and get the free gift that I created just for you as a loyal listener, over at gethot, h-o-t,  And thank you again for tuning in to Heartrepreneur® Radio.


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