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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode #66 | Shannon Golladay Interview

29th January 20182

HPR 66 | Pure Results Fitness


It’s so much easier to gain weight than to lose it. How many times have we tried to lose weight and failed? We’re stuck in a body that doesn’t seem our own and we just want to be our old fit selves again. Shannon Golladay grew up as a gymnast, a dancer, a runner, and being very in shape. Over time, she found herself at a place where she was overweight, tired, and out of energy. She started on a journey to get her body and her confidence back and to feel good again, and developed Pure Results Fitness as a result. Shannon says a lot of times we jump into the exercise fitness and the nutrition part and we forget about the stress level, and so we’re not really able to drop and lose the weight. Shannon shares some of the things that you can do right and do wrong to manage your weight.

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Pure Results Fitness with Shannon Golladay

I’m giving you a free gift. You don’t have to even opt in for it. I want to help you get a ton of qualified prospects raising their hand and coming right to you. Go over to and enjoy the free course. It’s ridiculously valuable that I’m handing over to you as a listener of Heartrepreneur Radio. I’m excited about our show. I have with me, Shannon Golladay, who is married, she has three little girls and she started a company called Pure Results Fitness back in December 2011 and that’s really what attracted me to invite her on the show. Her goal with Pure Results Fitness is to help families create a better life. Isn’t that what we’re all about? Better business, better life. She’s passionate about helping moms live life with energy, purpose and drive so that they can help their families. Shannon, welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thanks, Terri. I’m excited to be here.

I’m excited to have you. I’m curious what was your journey that led you to start Pure Results Fitness?

I found myself at a place where I was overweight, I was tired and I was out of energy. I was 199 pounds when I became pregnant with our first daughter. Growing up as a gymnast, a dancer, a runner, and being very in shape growing up I was not okay with that. I didn’t really know how to lose the weight and I felt stuck in a body that wasn’t my own and I wanted to be myself again. I get on a journey just to get my body back and my confidence back and to feel good again. I was also a public relations director for about eight years and it’s really hard when I gained that weight to go out to networking events and did things like this with the media. I just didn’t feel my confident self. I wanted to basically just get myself back. I started getting results and started feeling and looking better. People just started asking me what I was doing and I started paying it forward just for free because I love helping people. One thing led to another and I just turned it into a business and was able to stay at home with my kid. It helped out there too.

I had my own up and down weight struggle and eventually wrote a book quite a while back called Create Your Ideal Body, which was all about just finding a way for you to eat and be self-guided and self-coached without having to go on diets and strenuous exercise and all kinds of stuff. It’s really served a lot of people. I totally resonate with this. What is your secret? You’ve got the weight off clearly. I’ve seen photos of you. You were gorgeous. What’s a couple of your secrets that maybe you can share with us.

First of all, congratulations on your book. I think that’s so inspiring that you are serving and helping people that way. Some of my secrets are number one, I think it’s important to lower our stress. A lot of times we jump into the fitness and the exercise fitness’ nutrition part and we forget about the stress level. Even myself, I’ve focused on the nutrition and fitness, but my stress was high and I wasn’t able to really drop the weight and lose the weight. Doing some things to lower stress has helped a lot as far as my progress and now I’ve had three kids, I’ve been able to get my body back three times. Lowering my stress, that’s a big thing. Also carving out the time for me. I think as a busy mom, it’s really easy just to focus on your kids, on your spouse, on everyone else and forget about yourself. Really carving out that time, and then also making it fun. I think that’s important. Don’t do something that you hate if you’re running because everyone says to run and you’re hating it, then you won’t be consistent. Find something that you love and you’re excited to do every day.

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I have a client who was saying, “I’m trying to get up in the morning to go to spin class.” I said, “If you’re trying, it means you’re not getting there. What would you do in the morning and maybe the morning isn’t your time.” The client says, “Everybody says you have to exercise in the morning.” I said, “There is no have to. What would work for you?” Very simply she said, “I would love to take a walk at lunch.” “That’s it. Take a walk at lunch.” She started to do that. She’s doing it consistently. It’s not so much in terms of she wants to be more fit and lose weight, but she wants to have more energy and she wants to have more clarity. It’s just changed things for her immensely. I love that you’re giving simple, easy tips that people can use every day. What do you think most people do wrong in terms of either trying to manage their stress or trying to manage their weight?

I think there are lots of things going on that are wrong. First of all, just as far as managing their weight, I see people all the time saying, “I’m going on a diet.” I really don’t like that phrase because then you’re going on and you’re going off your diet. Having that mindset, I think the number one thing with lowering your stress and with getting back in shape is your mindset. Having the right mindset of, I always say like, “Can you do this long-term? Can you do this forever? Then let’s figure out how we can incorporate that into your life. If you think you can only do it for two days or a week and then you’re off your diet or whatever, then don’t do that.” I think the wrong thing is the mindset. Also following programs that are so strict that you can’t incorporate into your life. I think that causes stress too because if you’re trying to be so rigid and strict and then we can’t stick with it or can’t incorporate it with your family, then that makes you stress as well. Those are a couple of things that I’ve thought of.

I was interviewing somebody on the show just the other day, and he was really interesting. He said that what people end up doing is they’re doing well, they’re eating healthy and they’re working out. Then all of a sudden, they go out and they have a beer and some nachos and they get home and they’re like, “I just blew it. I can’t do this. I’m no good.” Then they eat pizza and a chocolate bar. Do you find that people get into a pattern like that? He was advocating that we just look not at what we did in the past but, “I ate that and just go forward.” What are your thoughts on that?

A lot of people get in that mindset and they say, “I’m a failure, I ate bad food.” I wouldn’t categorize yourself as a failure as you’re living your life and you’re going out there and if you eat nachos it’s not going to kill you. Not categorizing yourself as a failure or not saying like, “I blew it, it’s Monday. I’m going to start again next week.” I always say allow yourself time. There’s a birthday party, “I’m going to have a piece of cake at the birthday party.” Enjoy it. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy being around your family and friends. I think a lot of it is emotional. Don’t feel like you’re a failure or you’re having something bad, but just say, “I’m allowing myself this. I’m going to enjoy this moment,” and then keep going forward. Keep making healthy choices after that. I always say be consistently okay. Long-term is better than being perfect and not perfect going so extreme.

HPR 66 | Pure Results Fitness
Pure Results Fitness: Allow yourself time and enjoy the moment, and then keep going forward and making healthy choices after that.

I really like that advice be consistently okay. I can’t remember who I attribute this to. It’s one of my clients. She said something like, “I strive to be 90% and never strive to be 100%. Enjoying whatever those 10% choices are is what really allows me to know that I’m a human being and I’m making the right choices. Can you respond to that?

If you’re focusing on the 90%, and I also think of it as focusing on excellence and not perfection, you can be excellent 90% of the time. If you’re striving to be perfect 100% all the time, then that’s just setting yourself up to feel awful because being 100% all the time is unrealistic. Focusing on the 90%, focusing on being excellent and striving for that, you’ll see much better success.

Striving for excellence, not perfection. Folks, that’s a writer downer. Remember that Shannon Golladay said, “Excellence not perfection.” Those are key words to breathe in. One other thing that I just had to mention to you, Shannon, is I love the name Pure Results Fitness. How did you come up with that?

I actually just switched the name. It was Golladay Fit. I came up with Pure Results Fitness because I just want to help people create that pure results in all areas of their life. It includes fitness, but it’s also in time management. It’s also in creating a healthy family life, but just pure. I just think of the word pure as being really clear and clean and just creating that pure results in all areas of your life. One of my good friends in Arizona gave me the idea and I loved it and we ran with it.

It just sounds like who you are in hearing you. It just sounds like you are all about outcomes, results making a difference in helping people, and that’s literally what we call Heartrepreneur. I can just feel that within you. How about something that feels important for you to have the listeners leave with and definitely Shannon, please give us a way that we can connect with you and contact you.

Something I would leave with is just create progress, not perfection. Just take it one healthy choice at a time, whether it’s spiritual, emotional, physical, whatever progress you’re trying, just you take it one step, one day at a time to reach your goals. Doing little things over time, lead that to big results. You can go to my website, to get my seven time saving tips to help you fit in healthy habits over the long-term.

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I really am excited that you shared that. Seven time saving tips so we can figure out a way to move our bodies, get some exercise, be healthier. Shannon, I just want to honor you. You have such a down to earth practical advice and the fact that it’s not just advice you pulled out of thin air. This is what you’ve done. This is what you’re doing and how you’re living. I just really celebrate you and I’m so glad we connected. I thank you for your time here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you so much, Terri. It’s been a pleasure being here.

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About Shannon Golladay

HPR 66 | Pure Results FitnessA wife, mom to three little girls, a public relations professional and the founder of Pure Results Fitness. She is originally from Utah, and currently lives in California.

She was 25 and single when she graduated from Brigham Young University in Utah. She had big hopes and dreams when she graduated and decided to start her career in New York City. She spent the summer doing an internship at a travel public relations firm. She loved being in the big city and learning from the best.

She had a career in public relations and marketing for about 8 years that she loved it. She loved writing, working with the media, doing interviews, working with a team, networking in the community, etc.

After her second baby was born, she wanted to find a way to continue doing something she loved, and stay home with her girls.

So, she started a health and fitness business in Dec. 2011 working with women (mostly moms) from the USA and Canada.

It helped her get in shape after having kids and be surrounded with other awesome women who lifted her up everyday.

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