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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 7 | Finding Power In Pleasure with Marianne St. Clair

29th November 20160

HPR 7 | Power In Pleasure


Entrepreneurs experience stress on a day-to-day basis and on different levels. Sometimes, they take out the fun in life. It removes all the pleasures that life has to offer. To be truly productive, it helps to find power in pleasure and tap into that space where you can still enjoy and find happiness amidst it all. A believer of taking those pressures as well as pleasures from the boardroom to the bedroom, muse Marianne St. Clair, presents a world full of liberating energy and fun. She talks about what being a muse is and tapping into the female energy. She shows how it helps people to tap into their passions and carry it through from their work to their relationships.

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Finding Power In Pleasure with Marianne St. Clair

I have an incredible guest with me. This is someone that I’m honored to call a friend and introduce you to because she’s going to provide an incredible amount of value. Her name is Marianne St. Clair, and she creates energy and passion. As a muse, her creativity and unique zest for life inspire numbed-out high achieving professionals on the brink of burnout to tune into their feelings and experience life pleasures from the boardroom to the bedroom. She inspires her clients to deliberately pursue pleasure and teaches them how to increase their willingness and capacity so they begin to live a liberated, free and easy life full of childlike qualities of wonder, adventure, play and fun. Her motto is, “Your power is in your pleasure.”

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She has more than twenty years of experience as a muse, life coach, photographer and a massage therapist. She’s assisted more than a thousand high-level professionals in their personal, professional and spiritual growth. The mystique of the muse is what makes her special and she’s a highly sought-after oracle. I invited her here because I’ve been doing interviews for years but I’ve never had a muse on. Marianne’s most recent venture is Two Muses, a personally tailored life changing experience for the sophisticated client whose sumptuous lifestyle necessitates the feminine energy of a muse to increase their creativity to bring new ventures to fruition. I want you to get ready because this is rock and roll, different, and outside the box of our realm. I have on my first muse, Marianne, welcome.

It’s a pleasure to be here.

It’s awesome because I get to introduce the world to a muse and what is a muse? “Your power is your pleasure,” which is so exciting, and we’re talking about boardroom to the bedroom. We’ve got an interesting topic.

Let’s put everyone into this space of expansion because that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to expand and blow their minds and blow their world apart in this interview.

How did you get into what you do? Describe what you mean by muse.

It’s been an adventure. It’s been something that’s been a calling within me for many years and I can’t say that I haven’t ever always been a muse. Just like many life coaches or coaches say, “I’ve always been coaching, people come to me.” I’ve always been a muse but putting that mystique into words or a way to describe energy and how it flows has been a challenge because I live in the world of feelings. As a muse, what I do is a little different from coaching. It’s not coaching and it’s not counseling. People come to me to get tapped in to a stream of energy that is bigger and more expansive than where they presently are. Feminine energy is our ability to create, our ability to be the essence of things that are going to be birthed into the world, hence, the female and the womb. A muse is that essence. It’s that tapping into beauty, tapping into creativity and with that mystique, it’s a little bit out of the box. You can’t go, “I do this process,” because there isn’t a process. It’s the tuning in and tapping in and the idea spark. It’s getting out of the realm of every day and getting into a place that through play and adventure, we sparked something new that wants to come in.

HPR 7 | Power In Pleasure
Power In Pleasure: People come to me to help them tap into a stream of energy that is bigger and more expansive than where they presently are.


Let’s get into the boardroom to the bedroom. Where did that concept come from and who should be the ideal client? Who should raise their hand and say, “I’m interested, I’m in?”

The boardroom to the bedroom means professionally and personally. Seamlessly there is no difference in our lives in how we are. If we’re controlling and if we’re overworked and we’re letting the masculine more dominate the more linear aspect in our life, we’re going to show up that over when we come home and we bring that more or less in our personal life. The boardroom to the bedroom is a concept that I have been hearing for over fifteen to twenty years in my head. We can live a life fully expressed and fully enjoying what we’re doing from the boardroom to the bedroom. Our ideal client would be that person who is feeling burnt out, stressed, like the mundane. They’re continuing to go to work every day and they come home and their relationships possibly are teetering or numbed out.

They’re not passionate about the things they’re doing. They’re doing it out of necessity and out of responsibility. This can be a male or female. It’s that person who knows that there’s something that’s been calling them but they just haven’t got the spark or the ideal to know what it is. It’s there and they feel it, but yet they haven’t quite been ready to birth it. I love to get my clients out of their norm and get them out of their environment. We find out, through experiencing something new, openings for wonderful and exciting new concepts or new business ventures to come through. It’s creating that space and you can’t create that space when you’re trapped up in your head. The very heady client, A-type personality that is work-driven, goal-driven, that is my ideal client.

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What is your one big goal? What would you like to achieve and leave this planet with?

People are experiencing pleasure. They understand that it isn’t in pain and moving away from pain and that life gives forth life. It’s in the pleasure. It’s in the seeking to enjoy life and increasing our capacity and willingness to bring in more love and more experiences. That is where we will change the world. Love will prevail and we will see a new world opening up. I want to see smiles on faces and I want to see love and hearts.

It’s been a delight to have you. You’ve added value already. How can the audience connect with you? I do suggest that they do. I highly value who you are in this world and this approach. How can they connect with you?

One is by my phone, which is (386)-466-6466. You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, @MarianneStClair. It’s all over the web and social media. My website is

I recommend that everybody does make a call or connect with Marianne on Facebook because every single day, she puts out some of the posts that I look forward to the most and they’re phenomenal. Marianne, thank you so much for being my guest. I look forward to having you back in the future.

Thank you, Terri.

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About Marianne St. Clair

HPR 7 | Power In PleasureHi, I’m Marianne, The creator of Come Alive to a New Vibe.

I believe that all of the results you’ve been seeking – to feel energized, rejuvenated, vibrant, happy, full of pleasureful experiences, with deeply heartfelt connections in your relationships and more intimacy, better sex than you have ever had, a deep sense of personal freedom and more – are yours to claim now.

What you may not know is how creative, sensual and vibrant you truly are locked and buried is the YOU that you are seeking.

Come ALIVE to a New Vibe  transcends limits— creatively, intuitively, and emotionally.

Let’s Tune In to your Magnificence – so you can Pursue Your Pleasure.

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