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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 71 | Rupa Shende Interview

26th March 20180

HPR 71 | Transactional And Transformational Coaching


It’s a gift to be able to break down big complex goals into smaller, manageable, and doable actions. Rupa Shende is blessed with that gift. She combines transactional and transformational coaching which brings out the best in her clients. Rupa believes that consistent and simple actions have the power to create magic. The key is to design a success strategy, take action and be accountable. But how do you keep clients accountable? Rupa says it’s not always about having an actual plan and following it. She creates that inner shift by asking her clients one simple question. Before they to go to sleep, are their actions taking them closer to their dreams or away from it?

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Transactional And Transformational Coaching: Creating That Inner Shift with Rupa Shende

I have a very interesting guest. Her name is Rupa Shende. She’s from India and even though she’s in India, she has clients literally from all over the world. In fact, most of her clients are overseas, Spain, the UK, Belgium, US, Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, Trinidad, India, Australia, Japan and I can keep going and on. Her coaching style is what intrigued me and I’d love to talk about that. She combines transactional and transformational coaching and that’s what she brings out the best in her clients. One of the things that she has to say that I so dig and agree with is that she believes that consistent and simple actions have the power to create magic and I totally resonate with that. The key is to design a success strategy says take action and be accountable. When I asked her what her gift is, she said it’s the ability to break down big complex goals into smaller, manageable, doable actions, and then making sure that her clients follow through. Rupa, welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you, Terri. It’s lovely to be here.

It’s great to have you. I’m so attracted by this and I want to get right into it. What do you mean by transactional and transformational coaching?

First, I’ll begin with the transformational. By transformational, I essentially believe in the mindset world book and what it requires to do, so that’s the internal work. We have energy blocks, confidences blocks. That’s all the internal work where we drop a little bit lower than what is being seen and what is functioning underneath. I need to transform that. Transactional is something that you do on a daily basis as complete awareness. It’s one thing to say, “I want to transform my business,” but at the same time you’re currently also doing something which requires mindfulness, alertness, awareness as to what is it that you’re doing in the present moment that will bring about your future. Transactional is essentially your external and your present. Transformational is your inner and it’s about the future.

HPR 71 | Transactional And Transformational Coaching
Transactional And Transformational Coaching: Transactional is essentially your external and your present. Transformational is your inner and it’s about the future.

I use different words that have applied to this thing I talked to clients about getting your inner game right so you get your outer game right and perfect. It’s let’s be conscious left, be aware, and then let’s be able to take actions from that real present place. I’m curious, how did you get into coaching and how do you end up coaching clients from all over the world?

I didn’t have a fancy story to say. It’s not that I was on the verge of bankruptcy and this is what I found. My story is quite simple. Before I got into coaching others in the equity research, financial market. I was working with Morgan Stanley, a very well-known multinational firm. Basically, I interacted with people all over the world and that’s what I saw at the end of the day people just want to be happy. Even though they’re doing their job of their teams, some who were happy seems to be slipping. In general, I was very attuned to my heart intelligence as I called it. When the time came, we were put into coaching because we are to teach that level. I was like, “I’m getting results for my team, not because I’m managing them, I’m actually coaching them.” I was not even aware that this can be a full-time profession. I just make them evolve, can I do this full-time. Since then there has just been about looking back so it was never the case that I absolutely hated my job. I still have the 9 to 5 or anything. I just found something completely resonated with my heart, and I was made for it.

That’s a beautiful story and one of the best stories that I’ve heard actually gives me goose bumps. I feel you in terms of your authenticity and the words that you used. When I was saying one of the things that you believe I was sharing is the consistent and simple actions have the power to create magic. I love that you use a word like that. How do you keep your clients accountable? I asked that to so many coaches and consultants and mentors and everybody has their own style. I’m curious what yours is.

Accountability. It’s not always about I have an actual plan and did you follow it? What I do with accountability, I try to create that inner shift. I just asked my clients to answer this one simple question before they to go to sleep, “Are my actions to be taking me closer to my dream or away from it?” That’s it. It’s not about following the action plan to the tee because sometimes you will get a client call or discovery call or the interview. I’m not going to say no to this because it’s not part of my action plan. It takes me closer to my team so I say yes to it. That’s what I mean by accountability, that complete awareness that you’ll bear your actions taking you closer to or away from, that’s it.

[Tweet “Accountability is the complete awareness that you’ll bear your actions taking you closer to or away from.”]

I’m just resonating with you very frequently. I have clients that we lay out a marketing plan and redo their whole marketing calendar and that include their marketing strategies and tactics. Which would mean they’d wake up in the morning in January, February, March. They’d know these are the three actions I’m going to take. Yet I always say to them, this has to be fluid and it has to be flexible. If you wake up and it says you’re supposed to blog and you feel very inspired to go to a networking group meeting that day, and that feels like that’s going to move you closer to what it is you desire, then forget the blogging and go do it. I think that’s so important. You stated, “Are my actions take me closer to my dream and away from it?” I think that that is a key question. I recommend that if our listeners are in a place to write that down, you write down Rupa’s question and you look at that.

You go through your day-to-day and you say, “Is this action going to bring me closer to my dream?” If it is move in that direction. Is that action take me away from my dream? Move away. Rupa, I have to thank you because somebody asked me in an email to be on a teleseminar. I just remember thinking, “I don’t want to do another teleseminar. Maybe I am supposed to,” and I didn’t answer it. Immediately after our interview I am going to answer it and I’m going to say very nicely, “No, thank you.” You just helped me with something. I appreciate it very much. What is a piece of advice that you would like our listeners who either own a business or in a business. What’s the one piece of advice that you want to make sure they leave this interview with? That they can actually take and say, “I learned this from Rupa and I’m doing it.”

That one thing would be to create a result-oriented routine. That result is essentially the answer to the question, “Does this tie in with my dreams or not?” I see many people they just get up and “I had to do the social media posting. I have to do these meetings.” It’s a lot of stress. It’s just routine, it’s not the result-oriented routine. When you look at the results this is going to get me the high paying clients that I’d want, that actually will be inspired. It was not in like a routine. I would just say that, create a result-oriented routine for yourself. Just don’t say that, “From seven to eight, I’ll be doing Facebook marketing. Then I will do some blogging. Then I will do some networking event. Then I will probably get onto the call with my suppliers or stuff like that.” I would be very conscious about the result and then accordingly frame the day-to-day routine.

What’s going to get your result? I use a similar word. I think I used the same word I talked to people that inspired action. I always get inspired action doesn’t necessarily mean a burning bush shows up. It just means that you’re conscious than present and you looked to see what actions I am going to take the feel right to get me to the result I’m moving towards. How can people find you or connect with you? What’s the best way of finding more out about you Rupa and learning more about? 

My website goes by the name That signifies what I’m teaching small consistent steps creates that leap which you want. You can visit my website and of course I’m there on Facebook, I’m there on LinkedIn, there on Instagram.

HPR 71 | Transactional And Transformational Coaching
Transactional And Transformational Coaching: Be very conscious about the result and then accordingly frame the day-to-day routine.

I love that name because it goes with everything that you’ve been saying, which is to take small steps. I’ll just remind the listeners. The coaching profession has talked a lot about, take a big leap. Go from here to here. Take a leap. In my experience we don’t need to take big, giant leaps. We don’t need to take a risk and be scared. We can just take small, consistent steps. The way that I got to be a bestselling author of 37 books wasn’t to take a leap. It was to write one book. First of all, I am so glad that I’m getting to know you and second of all that our listeners are getting to know you. While there are literally so many coaches on the planet, there are few coaches that I have met that have solid, practical, very usable experience. I just want to honor you for not only having that, doing that with clients worldwide, also for the way you brilliantly shared it in Heartrepreneur Radio. 

Thank you. In fact, that’s what I like. Don’t make it complicated. Keep it simple.

Thank you again for joining me. For the listeners, make sure that you do subscribe to the show on iTunes. That way you don’t miss any of the shows. You could have missed Rupa Shende. I think this is just a beautiful stellar interview with a beautiful human being that I urge you to get to know. We love when you review us and give us some positive reviews. We’d love when you share us and also don’t forget, as a thank you for being a valued listener, the free gift that I put together for you at Thank you for tuning in at the Heartrepreneur Radio.

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About Rupa Shende

HPR 71 | Transactional And Transformational CoachingI don’t have a fancy story to tell …I have a simple one

I haven’t been on thresholds of bankruptcy and then emerged as millionaire – I know this is the kind of story that attracts most attention – Even I like reading these. There is something attractive about underdogs indeed!

My story is simple: I come from a family with a strong educational background with a balance of interest in sports and art…

Until middle school, I was an above average student but not the topper of my class. I had the capacity to finish at top of my class – I knew that inside but I found myself often listening to my peers who said – topping the class was for someone else – I never gave myself a chance.

My turning point in life was when I read the book “The Alchemist” and around that time I was also following Rahul Dravid’s career – I loved the way he took things to the finish with the age old wisdom of slow and steady wins the race. I chose to experiment with my 12th standard Board exams – I set myself a target – broke that target into smaller milestones and kept moving from milestone to milestone – the end result was the Board rank that I wanted!

Since then I have found a simple formula in life. I think of what I want – break that dream into small doable actions and then carry out the action steps. I keep myself accountable every single week.

With this formula I have been able to make “my” dreams come true. I emphasize on “my” here as what sounds like a dream to me might may not to someone else.

If I just pause for a moment and think of all the things I have achieved using this formula – the following list props up:

  • Getting a 12th standard board rank
  • Graduating at top of the class in my Bachelors degree
  • Graduating second in my Masters class
  • Completing CFA
  • Doing the Arengetram and then Bharatnatyam stage shows in Mumbai
  • Getting to work for Morgan Stanley
  • Working in London’s Canary Wharf business district
  • Going to Leh – Ladakh (a self-sponsored trip – the first I took without my family)
  • Buying a plot of land (this was a joint goal with my husband)
  • Volunteering for an NGO to start a business line
  • Building a successful international online coaching business

In all these achievements the most important piece is my support system – my parents, my husband, my family, my teachers, my friends, my bosses, my business coach and ultimately my spiritual mentor!

Today I am ready to take my basic formula of doing things step by step to make a leap and customize it to a formula that resonates and aligns with the business owner in you!

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