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HPR 077 | Live Traders

Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 77 | Anmol Singh Interview

HPR 077 | Live Traders

The rule in trading that exists is 90% of the traders lose 90% of their money within the first 90 days. Anmol Singh started trading during his early college years without much luck until he discovered a pattern that allowed him to go from zero to profitable trader. He’s generated a lot of profits for himself and his investors and continues to remain a stock and forex trader. He co-founded Live Traders in 2014 and spends most of his day managing funds and working with students. Anmol says most people lose money because they don’t stick to a strategy. He adds sticking to one thing long enough and staying through the ups and downs allows people to make money. The biggest difference maker is the confidence to do and follow the plan.

Let’s get started because I have a special guest with me. His name is Anmol Singh and he started trading during his early college years without much luck. After a year or so, he discovered a pattern that allowed him to go from zero to a profitable trader. To date, he’s generated a lot of profits for himself and his investors in trading wins and continues to remain a stock and forex trader. He is also an avid real estate investor with a large portfolio and has funded two other tech-based companies. His portfolio also includes franchise stores in the automotive sector. He spends most of his day managing funds and working with students of Live Traders, which he co-founded in 2014. He has a book outside of the trading industry called Prepping For Success: 10 Keys For Making It In Line.

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Anmol Singh Interview

 Welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me. Looking forward to chatting with you.

The thing that’s a common theme is a lot of people, when they first start trading, it doesn’t go well and then people end up walking away and quitting and saying, “I don’t know what to do. It’s not working.” What about you? How did you go? It didn’t work at first and yet you continued.

The rule in trading that exists is 90% of the traders lose 90% of their money within the first 90 days, and that’s a true statement. The stats are mainly based upon people who thought they’d be trading without any education. The stats are a little bit skewed, but for me, a lot of people think I discovered a trading pattern that allowed me to make a lot of money, but what I discovered was a pattern in my own thought process, which was limiting my success. That pattern was a strategy where you find a strategy and stick to it, but most people lose money because they don’t stick to a strategy. Don’t just keep changing it. One day they want to do this, next is like, “That didn’t work too well. Let me try this.” Stick to one thing long enough and stay through the ups and downs. That allows people to make money. That was the biggest difference maker, the confidence to do and follow the plan.

You said some important stuff that I want to reiterate because I’m like, “Yes, that’s important,” because I see people do this all the time in marketing or in business. It’s like, “That strategy might not be working. Let me change it and let me try this strategy. Maybe it’s this strategy.” All of a sudden over the course of a year, they’ve tried fourteen different strategies and they think nothing is working. You were clear, find a strategy and stick to the strategy. Don’t keep changing it. Yes, there’s going to be some ups and downs in your strategy. Have some confidence, keep following the path, and follow the plan you’ve laid out. Is that right?

Exactly, and that goes true for business as well as trading and anything else in life, even working out or a diet. As long as you do one thing and actually do it, you’ll make it.

It’s “simple advice” yet it’s transformational. It’s something that I hope everyone in our audience is breathing that in. It’s stick to the plan. Do the one thing over and over again. You also then diversified and got into real estate. How did that come to be?

My family’s always been in real estate. That’s what my father always did, so I grew up in that environment, seeing real estate. When you start generating income through trading or through the other ventures that I’m doing, it was a natural transition, “I’m making this cash in my business, what do I do with it? I can either have it in my account making me nothing or I can use that cash and invest into real estate, where I have a potential future on making a lot more than what I put in.” This is a natural way to take the money and I personally recommend everybody, whoever has extra cash aside or their business is doing well, that not keep the cash on the side, invest in it because that’s how you build wealth. That was a natural transition watching my father do it and I wanted to get involved. I started getting involved in a lot of the project that he was working on.

Sometimes when people begin to make money and they’ve got some money on the side, they start spending the money. They don’t even think about, “Let me leverage this money. Let me invest and let me build more wealth with my money.” I started out in business many years ago. A friend started out about the same time. We both were successful and I took my money and invested in things that would have built wealth. She took her money and she bought a lot of things. She has lots of material things and I have a lot of wealth.

Everybody has their way of doing it, but I took the same path as you. I would like to invest my money because at least I know that not only do I have that money, but that money is giving me a potential hope for the future, which might or might not happen. People realize that later down the road in their life that, “I didn’t save anything,” and now they got to work on the later stages. You never know because in later stages of life, you get a lot of emergencies. If you don’t have savings, if you don’t want investments, and you’re constantly living paycheck to paycheck, that’s a dangerous fine line that people are living.

Too many people are doing that. You also ended up with franchise stores in the automotive sector. I’m like, “How did that happen?”

I always wanted to have physical business. Training is all online and it’s all through a computer. My online education business where we teach and coach traders, that’s also online. I’m writing a book, I’m writing it at my house. It’s going to be on Amazon everywhere else and that’s also online. I always had to think I don’t have any employees. I feel pretty selfish. It was a thing that I wanted to have a physical business. I wanted to have employees. I wanted to grow in my personal development phase. The next phase was, “Let’s start building a team.” I didn’t want to get into the food sector because food has a lot of liabilities that come with it and it’s a tough business. Automotive, for me, made sense because number one, it was the easiest thing to get into and number two, it didn’t require a lot of capital. Plus, going with a franchise, what happens is that they have their own systems already in place. The perfect way for someone to start their first physical businesses is through a franchise.

That is some really solid business advice. What I find fascinating about you and cool is not only do you have great tips for business success. As I hear your tips, they are relevant to life success. Tell us about your book, the Prepping For Success book. I’m excited to hear about it.

Prepping For Success book has been in the making for a long time, but I never had the time or even the courage to write about. I was like, “I’m not there yet.” I always held myself back and I realized that I’m holding myself back from writing a book. Every author starts through their first book. This is making a long time and the reason I wrote this book is to shorten people’s learning curve or their personal development journey. I’ve been working on myself, developing myself, getting better since I was growing up as a shy kid and I didn’t talk that much and how long this was going on. My personal development journey has been a long way and it still continues today. I’m still constantly getting better. The goal with the book was to sum all the things into ten keys that I’ve learned in my personal development journey from studying culture, studying religion, studying different groups and organizations, studying the great leaders like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and distilling everybody’s information down into ten key points. My hope for the book is that this is a book that I wish somebody gave me ten, twenty years ago. It would have made life a lot easier summing it down to ten keys. The overall theme of the book is to distill everything that I’ve learned in my first development journey from all these different religions, groups that I studied and is giving, “What’s the thing that they all agreed upon?” As we know, what we agree upon is reality. What are the things that religions agree upon? What is a common factor? Those are the ten things that I cover in the book.

Who would be the best person to grab a copy of the book?

The best person would be that person that is looking to achieving their full potential, looking to live a life, which is fulfilled, and attain true success. The true success, as I define it, is being able to be at every area of your life exactly where you want to be and then being okay with wherever you are and those areas. Once all those areas are together, that’s what I consider true success. I know a lot of people who are financially successful, but they’re miserable. Their family life’s horrible. That’s not fulfilling. True success for me is being okay with where you’re at in every single area of your life. That’s the whole concept that I intend on talking about more in the book.

Many people are afraid of writing their first book. I’ve written 37, so I’m a different animal. Many people are worried about it. What would you say to somebody who’s maybe, “I have a book inside me. I might want to write a book.” What advice can you give?

First thing I would say is start writing. Don’t think about publishing, who’s going to publish, because a lot of people get overwhelmed, including me. When you think about the whole process about writing, editing it, always going to be writing the cover design, publisher, it’s all long way to go. I tell people, “Just first write it down.” The way I did was I didn’t write it down. I made a video. I recorded myself and I just made a video of my book. This is what I want to cover in the book. This is what I talk about in the book. These are the concepts that mean to me. I basically recited the book and now I had a two hour video, which I could pause and play and start writing my thoughts down. That enabled me to write the book quicker so I tell everybody, “Take a piece of pen and paper, take your laptop or even take an audio recording and just record yourself about what you want to talk about it in the book.” Let’s start there. That’s step one. Then start that and I think step two will figure it out as they go along. The first step is the key. Actually start doing it.

I heard something I literally have never ever heard before, in all the authors I’ve ever talked to, interviewed, all the publishers that I’ve worked with. I’ve heard people say record it, write it, and draw it. I never ever heard anyone say make a video of the book and I sat here and light bulbs went off. That was one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard. Get the thoughts out. I love that concept. That is a brilliant concept. Thank you. Let me ask you this. What is your best advice for business success? You’ve had success in many different areas and they honor all the different things that you’re doing. What would you say to someone as a takeaway that they can breathe in and use to create more success?

It all comes out to one word, classic. Only use it for life, be it business, be it personal life, your relationships. That word is integrity. Integrity is doing what you say you’re going to do and not only doing what you say you’re going to do but doing it when you said you were going to do it. That is the key to all areas of your life. Think about the last time your friend, family or somebody calls you and said, “I’m in the middle of something, let me give you a call back,” and you never did. Supposed to text that person and you never did, you were supposed to answer that email and you never did. You said, “I’m going to start working out on Mondays,” and now it’s two Mondays later, you haven’t done it. If you just do what you said you’re going to do. Have you paid attention to the words that are coming out of your mouth, and executed on whatever’s coming out of your mouth? Imagine how powerful life would be if you did everything you said you were going to do. To me, that sums up all areas of my life, doing what you said you’re going to do and if you miss it, if you sometimes didn’t do, don’t be hard on yourself. Acknowledge it and say, “I said I was going to do this, I didn’t but here’s what I’m putting in place so I’m sure I do this in the future.”

You have a succinct way that I want to acknowledge of giving great advice. You talked about integrity. As the audience knows, my three favorite words are integrity, authenticity, and transparency. The concept of, “Do what you say you’re going to do and pay attention to your own words,” that was critical. Come up with a game plan, stick to the plan, keep rolling, and keep going. Where’s your website? How can people connect with you and where will they be able to pick up a copy of the book?

For people who are interested in the book, the best way would be to head on over to the site. It’s They can get all the information about the book on that page and if anybody wants to personally see what I’m up to, the best way is on Instagram, @DeltaNinety. That’s the best way for them to keep in touch with me.

HPR 077 | Live Traders
Anmol Singh Interview: Integrity is doing what you say you’re going to do and not only doing what you say you’re going to do but doing it when you said you were going to do it.

I want to thank you for being here. This book is going to be really interesting. Anmol, thank you so much for joining me here on Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you for having me. It was nice chatting with you.

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