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Heart-repreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 78 | Creating Businesses And Earning Six Figures in Six Months with Ron Douglas

May 3, 2018

78 HPRbanner - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 78 | Creating Businesses And Earning Six Figures in Six Months with Ron Douglas

You may recognize Ron Douglas from the first season of Discovery Channel’s Blue Collar Backers. Ron was offered five more seasons, but realizing how much time it took away from his family, he turned it down. He continues to help people on a more personal level. Ron has been an entrepreneur since he was 24 and started then sold several companies. For Ron, it all happened one day by accident. He came up very short for payday and needed some money. He took an extra job where he learned how to make money without having to have a boss or a job. He wrote about his love for the art of creating businesses in his book Six Figures in Six Months.

I have with me Ron Douglas. He is a husband and a father of eight. He has been an entrepreneur since he was 24 and has started and sold many companies. He has started several companies that were making over a million dollars in the first twelve months of operations. Ron has been on Discovery Channel’s Blue Collar Backers TV series for season one. Realizing how much time it took away from his family, he turned down the offer for five more seasons and he continues to help people on a more personal level. Ron’s been featured in the New York Times, MSNBC, CBS and Fox. He’s the author of Six Figures in Six Months and he loves the art of creating businesses.

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Creating Businesses And Earning Six Figures in Six Months with Ron Douglas

Welcome here to Heartrepreneur Radio, Ron.

Thanks for having me.

There are many different things I want to know about you. You’re clearly super entrepreneurial. You started your first business at 24. What led you to know that you wanted to start something at that young age?

My father, he was in the army, retired after 22 years. I was always around military people and I never quite felt like your mindset is go away and work. Find a job, work for twenty, and then collect retirement. I never thought that way, but I didn’t know any other way. I always went along with it, but I never did well at it and I always thought there must be some other way but never knew what a business owner was or an entrepreneur was to be honest. I assumed they were rich people and I wasn’t rich. I had to work for somebody. That was my thinking and it all happened one day by accident. I came up very short for payday and needed some money. I knew that on the way to work every day, I drove by a wrecking yard, so I stopped at that wrecking yard and I asked a gentleman. I said, “I’m into cars, I know cars front and back. Do you have any work for me?” At the time, I was working as a prison guard in Texas and we worked four days on and four days off. Those four days off, I started working for this gentleman. His name is Allen Brown. He’s still around down there in a little town called Kenedy, Texas.

[Tweet “I could make money without having to have a boss or a job.”]

He took me under his wing and started paying me cash on a daily basis so that I could put gas in my truck and get to work. I noticed something that nobody else did. He probably had ten employees or so. I was like, “Penny owns the land. He owns all the cars. He owns the shop, the house up on hill he owns free and clear, he’s in his 40s.” I was like, “This is what I want,” and I asked if I could take him to lunch and pick his brain about it. We went to lunch. I’ve seen this many times but thankfully he paid because I was broke. I probably couldn’t afford the lunch. He started showing me how to buy and sell cars and he’s like, “I’ll show you how to make money.” This is how bad I was. I didn’t even understand the concept but once I understood that I could make money without having to have a boss or a job, I can make money on my own, I was gone.”

Everyone has their own journey to entrepreneurship. That’s a different story than I’ve typically heard. You clearly have figured out some secret sauce here because to start one company and bring it to a million, that’s pretty phenomenal by itself. To be able to do that more than once shows me that someone understands how to do it. Talk about what some of your secret sauce might be. We’d love to know.

It’s really simple and I love sharing this. Some people say, “Buy my book. I’ll give you the book for free. I love helping people with this.” This is super simple. Here it is. This is the secret sauce. This is the whole secret sauce right here is when I come up with an idea for a business, I draw six squares basically. If you can imagine on a piece of paper, dividing it into six squares and I write one through six on each one of the squares. Number them one to six. On number six, I start focusing on that. What does the business look like in month six? In order to be generating $100,000 a year or $1 million a year, whatever your goal is, what does it look like? How many employees do you have to have? As a service business, what kind of trucks do you need? How many calls do you need to be coming in? How much revenue does each one of those calls have to generate? Break it down and get really detailed. I tell people this is the same thing. Yes, we can all jump in our car right now without any direction and we can all end up in California. Most of us will eventually end up in California but not very many of us will do it super-efficient. We’re going to try to go to an intersection and then just start working our way there. Unless you have a roadmap and you know exactly what you’re doing, where you’re going and the exits you need to take, you’re not going to be there, you’re not going to get there the most efficient way.

It’s the same thing with business. Unless you draw the blueprint, you’re not going to get there the most efficient way. Start with month six, what does the business look like? I start filling in the next day, every time I think about it. I still want it for a little bit and then day or two later I come back and I start filling in months one through five. Month one, obviously I got to get a domain name, register the business. All that stuff. Month six, I have to have six employees that are trained. Let’s say I got six salesmen and they all have to be trained. If they all have to be trained then I have to hire them in month four by minimum to give them whole month of month five to train them so that they’re rocking by month six. I put on month four, hire six employees. I can’t train six employees at once. Let’s say by month three I need to hire three employees, hire three salespeople, put them there right in month three. I start breaking it down. I don’t do anything until my blueprint is done. It’s the same thing as jumping in your car. You can be in New York and jumping into the car and start heading west. You don’t know if you’re hitting the most efficient way.

Many years ago, I wrote a book with Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey. Stephen Covey always talked about start with the end in mind. I noticed how many business owners and entrepreneurs would have a goal and I hear people say all the time, “Next you’re going to make a million dollars.” I’m like, “How much did you make this? I made $52,000.” I’m like, “Love the interesting goal. How do you plan to get there?” They just don’t have it. I love what you taught. You gave us a system, you gave us a blueprint and I really like this. I’ve never heard of using the six squares. I really like that it resonated. Working, starting with that number in mind. Where do we get your book because Six Figures in Six Months definitely is the title that is very alluring? Where can we pick that up?

505476252 212x300 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 78 | Creating Businesses And Earning Six Figures in Six Months with Ron Douglas
Six Figures in Six Months: Zero to Six Figures or double your existing business in Six Months!

Jump on Amazon and grab it, but somebody else has got another book called Six Figures in Six Months, so make sure it’s the Six Figures in Six Months by Ron Douglas. It is available on Amazon or you can go to and you can sign up there. If you go to, I’ll make sure that there’s a spot there. You can sign up and get the book for free. We’ll just do that. That way, all your audience can get the book for free so that they can start working on it. If you go to, there should be a link to our Mastermind group on Facebook where we brainstorm ideas and we talk about business ideas and I help people. I got so many people reaching out to me, I finally tried to focus everybody and put them all in a group so that I could go in there once a day and answer a bunch of questions. You guys can all go in there and it’s no charge and you can ask questions there and I can answer more.

I have to say thank you. You are one of the most generous people that I had on the show and I call people like you who have so much heart in business Heartrepreneurs, so thank you. I’m going to go over and I’m going to go to I’m definitely getting a copy of Six Figures in Six Months and I also will share that with my clients. I know that that would be valuable and thank you for also providing the Facebook Mastermind. My last question for you. The interview’s come so quickly and what is your big vision or mission or passion right now? What are you going to be doing or putting out there that we want to watch and take notice of?

I just moved to a new area and I don’t know anybody here. I bought a 50 acre ranch in Southern Colorado. I moved my family, my wife and eight kids down here. One of the things that everybody always asks me is part of me didn’t want to do this at first. I took on the challenge of I’m going to start with zero and I’m going to go six figures in six months, knowing nobody here, starting with literally $0. I’ve got to find something for free on Craigslist or SlipIn it or something like that and start with $0, no connections, new place, new house and go from zero to six figures of passive income in six months.

Can we follow your journey? Would you be willing to come back on and tell us how that goes down the road?

I’d be more than happy to do that. We started talking about it in the Facebook group and everybody jumped on board, wants me to do it and wants to follow it. Part of the reason why I said that I didn’t normally want to do this is because I tell everybody that every success story is different. You just got to go out there and make your own. Many people want to see me do it but I’m just going to go ahead and go for it. I’ve been giving daily updates. I haven’t started yet but I’m meeting people. I met the town manager, I met the mayor, I met the economic development group. I’m feeling my feelers out there and trying to figure out which direction. I have no idea how I’m going to do it, I have no idea what’s going to hit me, how it’s going to end up, but we’re starting literally with zero.

[Tweet “We’re going to try to go to an intersection and then just start working our way there.”]

Thank you so much. Go get the book and make sure you don’t miss it. It’s, Six Figures in Six Months. You can also stay connected on the Facebook Mastermind that he has. Ron, thank you so much for being a guest here on Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you so much for having me.

For the audience, make sure that you do subscribe to the show. Otherwise, you’ve missed an interview like this with Ron Douglas that’s been really valuable. We also want to thank you for the reviews that you give the show and for sharing the show on social media and letting other people know about it. That is passing it forward as Heartrepreneurs. Enjoy the gift that I’m giving you as a listener over at Thanks for tuning in on Heartrepreneur Radio.

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Ron Douglas 300x200 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 78 | Creating Businesses And Earning Six Figures in Six Months with Ron DouglasAfter building several companies which each reached over a $1 Million in sales in 12 months, Ron has proven he has the know-how and skills – – and he’s now offering his expertise to company leaders & entrepreneurs who want help taking their businesses from zero to six figures in six months or less.

Whether you are building a new online start-up, or working to build a brick & mortar business, Ron Douglas has been in your shoes.

Now, in personal coaching circles, Ron shows participants how to double, triple, or even quadruple their revenue in12 months.

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