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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 8 | We Are Perfect With Our Imperfections with Jason Freeman

6th December 20160

HPR 8 | Perfect With Our Imperfections


There are times where we feel that we’re not enough. We find so many mistakes within ourselves that it keeps us from making the best out of our personal and professional lives. Bravery coach and inspirational speaker Jason Freeman believes that we are enough and that we are perfect with our imperfections. He imparts the value of seeing ourselves as capable while he helps open us to a path where change is possible. Jason says nothing is permanent and there is always room to grow. Take steps no matter how small and watch the opportunities unfold before you.

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We Are Perfect With Our Imperfections with Jason Freeman

I am so excited to introduce my next guest. I got introduced to him and yet it feels like I’ve known him for a very long time. Instantly, I could feel his light. He just radiated. I could feel how much he was willing to give, share, help, and contribute to others. I literally was so attracted to his being and I’m excited that he’s agreed to be my guest. My special guest is Jason Freeman. He equips people to do their imperfect best in their professional and their personal lives. He is a bravery coach and an inspirational speaker who inspires thousands to get off the sidelines of their lives and do their imperfect best. One of the expressions I say all the time is, ͞”We’re all perfect with our imperfections.” It’s beautiful to have a guest who gets that philosophy. Jason, welcome. I’m so excited to have you.

Thanks for having me, Terri.

You are so special, and I thought we’d begin with a tiny bit about who you are and your story and then your why as to what you’re doing.

When I was born, I lost a little oxygen and developed a speech impediment and some coordination issues. For years, I was down about them and didn’t want them to be, but then in the last years, I realized that all I had to do was my imperfect best to move forward. My outlook on life has transformed. Now, I want to share that with other people that whatever the problem is, big or small, that is not insurmountable. Change can happen.

It seems to me like as you shifted and as you accepted that imperfection is perfect, you were able to not only amp up your life and the quality of your life but now you’re able to make an impact on others. When you speak and when you’re out there as a bravery coach, who do you like to speak to and what’s the big message?

I love to speak to people who, in a way, make a change in their lives. The big message is not to sit on the sidelines and to keep planning to act one day and to take small imperfect steps each day to gain momentum in the direction they want to go.

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You’re a bravery coach. I’ve trained over 5,000 coaches in my coach training school. I certainly run across coaches all over. I’ve got an email list with 25,000 coaches. I have never had anyone who has come across my path and said they were bravery coach. How did you come up with that terminology?

I came up with it because I realized that bravery is what people most need to elicit in themselves. We can make a million excuses why our dreams won’t work and why things are impossible. It takes true bravery to cut through those excuses day after day and take those small steps forward.

Somebody said to me, ͞”I always say yes even if I’m scared, even if I don’t know how, and even if I think I’m going to fumble it and mess it up, I always go ahead and say yes.” It made me think of you. Can you relate to that?

It’s important to say yes to the things we want to do in life. By the same token, I firmly believe we need to be clear on what we do not want to do in life and saying no to going down those paths.

It is so important to say yes to the stuff that is juicy and exciting, that may challenge us a little and we have to step in and be brave and then also have your clear boundaries on, ͞”That’s a no, that doesn’t feel good. That’s not right.” If someone’s reading this and they’re maybe not so happy with their business or their life, what’s the best piece of advice that you can give them at this moment?

HPR 8 | Perfect With Our Imperfections
Perfect With Our Imperfections: It’s important to say yes to the things we want to do in life. By the same token, it is also important to be clear on what we don’t want to do in life and saying no.


If they’re not so happy, to realize that life is about change and that change is possible. Unhappiness isn’t permanent and the frustrating circumstances aren’t permanent. They just need to do the very next thing that’s in front of them. So often, when you look at the five-year picture or whatever, we get overwhelmed. When we’re in places of unhappiness, just doing the very next few things can help change the mindset and change the result.

It’s been my experience too. Something could seem going wrong or overwhelming or whatever it might be and that shift in my mindset, sometimes it’s just forcing a smile on my face and all of the sudden it changes. Did you ever notice that with just smiling you’re changing your physical state?

Yes, definitely. Taking a deep breath sometimes and breathing can be so powerful for changing.

One of the things that I could tell when I first met you, you have a sparkle in your eyes and a huge smile on your face, it was so inviting and so welcoming. Do you intentionally put out there, ͞”I’m going to smile and welcome people,” or is it part of who you are? How does that come to be?

I realized increasingly that I’m profoundly interested in people. I understand the variations in their human stories. I just want to meet people and be with them and absorb their energy. I guess that makes me naturally welcoming.

Keep planning to act and take small imperfect steps each day in the direction you want to go. Click To Tweet

I believe that is key. We can teach people a lot of skills and we can tell people what to say and all kinds of things. The ability of people to be naturally welcoming brings people into our life and experience. I’m grateful you came into my life and my experience. I know that the audience is going to want to connect with you. The only bravery coach I’ve ever met, truly an inspiration and understands that imperfection is absolutely perfect. How can people connect with you, Jason?

The easiest way is through my website,

Thank you so much for being my guest and I hope you feel a giant hug coming from me. I encourage the audience to reach out to Jason. He is truly one of the most extraordinary human beings that I have had the honor of meeting. Thank you again, Jason.

This was a pleasure, Terri. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome.

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About Jason Freeman
HPR 8 | Perfect With Our ImperfectionsJason Freeman is a professional speaker, author, and bravery coach who travels the country sharing his inspirational and transformative journey with captivated audiences . . . and he does it all with a pronounced speech impediment.
From the dream affirming standing ovation following his TEDx talk in Sugarland, TX to his earliest moments in front of an attentive crowd, Jason has learned to trust his seemingly contradictory calling to speak in front of live audiences.  He has shared the stage with well-known speakers in the transformational, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and business worlds and has charmed audiences at The California Teacher’s Summit, Kyle Cease’s Evolving Out Loud, The Habitude Warrior Conference, The People First Conference in San Diego, and San Diego State University, amongst others.

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