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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 83 | Breaking Through Clarity To Grow Your Business with Jodee Mittlestadt

10th May 20180

HPR 083 | Breaking Through Clarity

Most companies are good at branding and can create a website, but they don’t have an understanding of authentic messaging nor do they have a lot of heart services. Elevate5’s main objective is breaking through clarity, and that is why it resonates with so many audiences. Elevate5 is the brainchild of Jodee Mittlestadt and her sister, Cara Christenson. It is a website orienting and authentic messaging company that serves and lifts the small business owners seeking clarity to grow their own businesses. Jodi talks about the process that she goes through with her clients, as well as other services they offer such as professional branding and website creation.

I’m excited to have with me JoDee Mittlestadt and she owns Elevate5, which is a website branding and authentic messaging company that she operates with her sister and her business partner, Cara Christenson. I have the joy and pleasure of meeting the two of them and got excited about what they do because they do it as heartrepreneurs. In fact, they have grown Elevate5 with a heart to serve and lift the small business owner who was seeking clarity to grow their own businesses. Through insight and interview, JoDee aides her clients in breaking through to the clarity and then pairs that with a strategic plan that aligns with the client’s gifts and skills.

That’s an unusual approach and that’s what I love about it. It’s topped off with professional branding and website creation so that this new found clarity is put into instant action, attracting new, highly aligned business growth. JoDee and her sister are equally passionate about serving entrepreneurs and they love helping them find their joy and center with the clarity gained in their own business breakthrough. I have JoDee with me. We’re going to discuss business breakthroughs, how to know when you are in the process of cracking into the next level of your business, which is going to be exciting.

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Breaking Through Clarity To Grow Your Business with Jodee Mittlestadt


JoDee, thanks for joining me in Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you, Terri. I’m honored to be here. I love what you do and we do. We’re aligned with a heartrepreneur message and so when we saw this opportunity, “Let’s chat about authenticity and heartrepreneurs.”

I’m excited about it because I have websites up for I guess 21 years now and I’ve owned 60 or 70 websites and I can tell you that most of the companies that I’ve worked with along the line, they could do branding and they could create a website, but they weren’t heartrepreneurs. They didn’t have an understanding of authentic messaging and I’m not sure that they had a lot of heart in service. When I discovered you and Cara, I resonate so much. First, I’m curious, how did you get into this business? You could be doing anything.

I was one of those in the past in reverse, that’s completely clear, but in the moment, you don’t know where you’re ending up. All the perfect experiences, a little bit of creative direction, a whole lot of website creation, graphic design, Cara had her own business that she was running solo and we had been sharing notes. “Can you imagine if we work together?” Cara is my sister. It makes this extra special business connection that we get to have. She has that coding history background. We both bring the design, love of these entrepreneurs and then I have that marketing and strategy piece as well as that design piece. We felt like, “We could package this all up and serve these people in a great way.” As that took shape, it grew more and more exciting. When we say equally passionate, we mean it. We get a little too excited about websites maybe.

HPR 083 | Breaking Through Clarity
Breaking Through Clarity: At the end of the falling away, you do reach that truth.

I could feel your passion and that’s where a lot of the resonance was coming from. I appreciate that. You talked about business breakthroughs and you talked about how to know when you’re in the process of cracking into the next level. What do you mean first of all by a business breakthrough since everyone defines that differently?

There are the different ways that we look at it but that knowing of where you are on that map, that you are here in the business breakthrough, is everything feels unclear and very muddy. That means you have a place on the map. You’re creating breakthrough and for me that’s always reassuring point. That mud point, all entrepreneurs, I feel like no matter the size or scope, we’ve all been there. There’s a decision-making point where you’re going, “I’m not quite sure how to step forward,” and that mud is the first step and that’s fabulous to me like, “I’m there. I see where I am.”

That next piece becomes a little bit of stillness, going to that space of awe. “I’m all right. This is going to work. Here’s what I’m going to offer our folks and the value I’m going to bring to the table.” You start to set and simmer in that a little bit and that piece there leads to that revelation and you see, “I can do this and I can do this.” That revelation in my experience comes with a different perspective. You start viewing things. Instead of viewing rules and laws and, “I can’t do this and I can’t do that and that won’t work,” you view it from that new perspective and see, “There are all these opportunities from up here viewing it from this space.” Then you feel like, “I’ve made it,” and then typically everything falls apart. Things start to fall away and I don’t understand what’s happening.

Then things start to go every which way bonkers and fall to the side, but then what you’re left with is this beautiful truth for your business and this also works on the personal and relationship side. It can be interesting. Typically, people are experiencing multiple points of this breakthrough process at once. Usually different things resonate like, “I feel the mud or I feel the storm that things are falling away. I’d already been through this and I’ve had that a-ha moment, that breakthrough moment,” of where you reached that truth and you go, “That’s what I need to do.”

It becomes very clear. Typically that truth and I’m sure you’ve experienced this a ton, Terri, in all of your businesses is sometimes it falls away and it becomes a non-issue. What you thought you were working against or what you thought you were creating becomes something else. Irregardless, it’s that moment of clarity and truth where you go, “That’s the answer or that’s the path or this is where I go now or this is who I serve.” It can be at so many different levels, but that little trajectory is you’re going to get grounded in it and feel comfort and a little bit of calm in the storm, which is a nice thing for all of us.

I love that you shared and I completely relate. I remember going down the path of twenty-something years ago starting my coaching and consulting business. When I quit my corporate job, I’ve been president of a national healthcare company, I told my husband, “I’m going to have this quiet little business,” and he said, “I doubt that.” I said, “No. I am.” I started my business and all of a sudden, I have 30 clients in 30 days. I have people going, “Train me to be a coach,” and I’m trying to send them to places and I finally realized, ” Instead of resisting what people are asking, what if I started a coach training school? What if I looked at what is the path in front of me and followed what people are asking for?”

[Tweet “Be authentically you.”]

That’s been repeated over and over again in several businesses that I’ve owned over the past years. I loved how you share this. I like the concept of falling away and I love that what ultimately happens, not just for me but for my clients, and you shared it also is that at the end of the falling away, you do reach that truth. That’s such a beautiful place to be. If anybody is in the falling away part, enjoy it. Enjoy the journey. It’s supposed to be like that whether it is personal or business. What do you see as maybe some top branding or website mistakes? I’d love to take a look at this with you.

People are confused at, “Why would a website company be talking about the art of the breakthrough, a-ha, revelation and truth? What does it have to do with anything?” It has to do with everything because that’s where the authentic piece comes in. What I feel the biggest mistake is when you’re superficial and you’re not being yourself online or you’re not being yourself when you’re speaking or engaging. I believe it’s so much better to be you. Be authentically you. That way when Terri, I meet you in person and I visit our website or you download something, the voice is the same, the heart is the same. We’re unapologetically us. The right people find you, but then also the people see how real you’re being, that connects. They say, “There’s truth there.” If they need that service, they are at least interested to have a conversation because they believe they get that vibe, then we’re going to show up real for them.

What’s so interesting, JoDee, when I first started, I wanted a coaching website. I looked at everybody’s coaching websites and thought, “They all look identical.” When I worked with dentist for many years, the first thing I would do when I signed on a new dentist, “What’s your website?” I’ll be like, “That looks like Dr. Ds and Dr. Bs.” Everybody looks the same. I so agree that you want to be who you are. You want to be that original. You want to be that differentiated brand and human being. You want your voice. You want your heart.

My three words are always, whether it’s a website, whether you’re speaking, doing a Facebook post, I don’t care, always authenticity, transparency, and integrity. The resonance for me is so high on that and I look at websites all the time and go, “It’s so templated.” The coach says, “They want to take you from point A to point B.” What does that even mean? It’s a jargon. I love that. What else do you see as some potential things that either we should look out for or we should make sure we’re incorporating in our branding or our websites?

Today especially, people expect a certain level of professionalism. There’s nothing that’s going to short string your potential clients from contacting you faster than you mentioned not standing out, but then also looking unprofessional. If they are contacting you for a professional service, whether that be coaching or websites or dentistry or concrete, it doesn’t matter. If you look like you pop that sucker up at 1:00 AM last night, they’re going to have some doubts in your abilities. It’s showing up professionally. That doesn’t mean you have to have a five-figure website. It means it has to be tastefully done, well-designed and the message needs to be clear. As the days passed, the bar raises. We all exist in an online space and there’s an expectation there.

HPR 083 | Breaking Through Clarity
Breaking Through Clarity: That website piece, if you have that up, it leads to more consistent messaging easier client acquisition and so on and so forth.

I don’t care what service or product we’re buying. We are looking for customer service. We’re looking for professionals. People are always going to check websites. It’s a sign of credibility. You don’t own a business without a website. I’m going to give you two scenarios. Let’s say someone’s a listener and they don’t yet have a site, what can they do and can they contact you in some way to even have a conversation about this?

They sure can. They’re more than welcome. They can go to Visit us there. You can certainly check things out or you can email me directly. You’re more than welcome to do that, We can certainly have a conversation. No pressure. I’m happy to answer some questions. Don’t think you’re coming in for the hard sell. I could give them some pointers on getting started and that would be really do, Terri, what you described. If you have some competitors who you’d like to emulate or surpass eventually, even if they’re outside your industry and you like how they are original, go check out their websites. See who did them. Put together a budget.

You want to invest in the site. I would make sure that the group that you’re investing with, the design team that you’re investing with has the skill sets that you need. It doesn’t have to be the one-stop shop. They’re not going to do your bookkeeping and your website and everything at once, but it’s nice if they can help you with your logo and seal and get your brand and get some of your message seen. You want that grouping of services so that everything is consistent and they hear your voice and it translates to all those pieces. That’s going to help especially that small business owner who’s wearing multiple hats. You have your go-to person that gets you, it’s going to be a faster process. It’s a nice way to work out.

That website piece, if you have that up, it leads to other thing which leads to more consistent messaging to your clients, which leads to easier client acquisition and so on and so forth. It becomes this fabulous piece. It grows and grows and grows with you as your business grows versus, “I put up something quick on a little website builder. I pay $300 a year, but it does nothing for me.” That’s not necessarily an investment that’s going to pay back. It’s a point of entry but it’s not necessarily a solution and that’s going to work well to acquire a business.

[Tweet “You want that grouping of services so that everything is consistent and they hear your voice.”]

I recommend that in doing websites, whether you’re getting a brand new one or you need an overhaul on one that you have, that you look at that as an investment because my websites that I have in the last five years have been revenue-generator. The websites I had in the past were not. If you can let people know how to contact you and I recommend that you do reach out. I haven’t brought anyone on the show that I’ve said, “I’m recommending these folks. They’re the website people that are the ones that are go-to.” I’m doing that with Elevate5 because they are the heartrepreneur builders for websites as far as I’m concerned.

It resonates with what you’re cooking up over there. This is so important. Let’s show up in our real and authentic way for our businesses, whether it’s websites for the services we’re putting out there and then they take on a life of its own because people resonate and they see it’s you. It’s so important. Please contact us, My email is Both of those are absolutely open and available. We’re happy to help any listener of Terri’s.

Thank you so much. JoDee, thank you for being here. I enjoyed our conversation.

Thank you. I look forward to connecting soon.

For everyone, thank you for tuning in to Heartrepreneur Radio. Please don’t forget, we recommend you do subscribe to the show on iTunes so you don’t miss any episodes. You might have missed Elevate5 and I believe they can help you with your website and that’s a very important aspect of your business. If you liked the show, give us a five-star rating, share the show. We are here literally to serve as many heartrepreneurs as possible. Thank you for tuning in at Heartrepreneur Radio.

About JoDee Mittlestadt

HPR 083 | Breaking Through ClarityCreative emerging media strategies paired with engaging content and visuals are the driving force in developing a successful online presence today.

My background includes communications, graphic design, social media marketing, analytics, website usability design, and leadership. These experiences make me uniquely qualified to insure marketing efforts are maximized with savvy, positive, and productive online campaigns. Along with these skills and an advanced degree, I also bring a positive attitude and solid work history packed with relevant experience in both industry and university settings.

These skills and work experiences also feed directly into the engaged classroom environments I strive to create in the courses I instruct as an adjunct faculty member at University of Wisconsin-Stout. It is my experience that students learn best when courses are infused with both real-life examples and the instructor’s passion for the topic.

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