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PodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 86 | Preserving Community In The Age Of Isolation With Vladimir Hristov

27th May 20180

HPR 86 | Preserving Community

You have to give in order to receive: this is the most basic concept of the universe, and we cannot change it no matter how intelligent we are. The biggest wealth in this planet is not wealth or money, but connection. Vladimir Hristov is the author of “Preserve My Community” and an expert in guiding any person who wants to live in a community in British Columbia, Canada. His incredible philosophy of love and mutual respect is a reminder for humanity that we all have the same soul, the same spirit. We need to share our joys and our sorrows with one another. It’s the only way to ease the pain.

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Preserving Community In The Age Of Isolation With Vladimir Hristov

This is an exciting episode. I have someone that I met and instantly found him incredibly likable, incredibly honest, and had an incredibly big heart. I’m proud to call him a friend. His name is Vladimir Hristov. He is an author, a speaker, a mentor and he lives in British Columbia, Canada. Eight years ago, he came to start a new journey in his life together with his family and they were looking for a better opportunity for development. It might sound familiar to you as you listen to his story. He established Preserve My Community, which is an attempt and a process to look into our souls and dreams to find and locate or dream community where we will feel very secure, safe, and happy. Vladimir says, “When we divide ourselves from the rest of the people, then we suffer more if those people aren’t willing to help, nurture, and be part of our journey. Vladimir’s goal is to create new communities in North America where people will trust, help, and nurture each other, where poverty and hatred is obsolete, and prosperity and mutual agreement is an everyday option. Vladimir, welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio. I’m so glad to have you.

Thank you, Terri. Thank you for the opportunity. I believe that without community, we don’t have life in this planet and that’s my goal. We forgot the number one thing, that we are all one. We got a small planet, so fragile who are here to protect us. It’s a very simple exercise that I’m presenting. As we say, we breathe in, breathing we stop. Why we stop and why we cannot take all the air because we are designed to share our air and the same thing is to care for our community. Without the community, we cannot find the solutions to our problems. We think that alone, we are good enough and we can find everything we want. When we go to a community of like-minded people, then we can destroy our depression and we can destroy all the distortions about us. That’s why I believe that education is very, very important and that’s why we need a mentor or somebody to show us. I have an experience with difference regimes. Different things happen to the country where I’m coming from. Coming here, it is the goal. My experience with meeting thousands of people on five continents helps me understand one thing and that’s the necessity of community of like-minded people. We neglect that to the end of our life that we don’t understand that is so crucially important in order for us to revive, in order to flourish what we are indeed.

The first thing is to check all the details. Before we go to the community, we’ve got to check all the details. We rush out, we but our home but we don’t consider other issues like where is the school, where is the security exits, everything that is around this community. We’re going to go there, especially with residential complexes in Canada and we don’t know nothing about this community. We didn’t speak with no one then we met with very, very big challenges. That’s very, very important for us. Rather than jumping to the water and then condescending if it’s very warm or very cold, we got to test the water and see whether you’re going to fit in this community or this neighborhood. Second, we have to change the odds to our favor and that’s also important there because we think that’s something that’s negative but it’s not. We have to look around for instance to be guided and see where the mentorship is coming. I’d like to transfer my knowledge to people like you who understand, who wants to be teachable, who wants to be coachable, who wants to lead amongst the other people. There’s nothing if you want to buy a house and be obsolete somewhere. There are such people like Picasso, like Mozart, they don’t want to be around people. No problem with that. The majority of us, we need somebody to guide us, to show us the light in the darkness.

HPR 86 | Preserving Community
Preserving Community: The majority of us, we need somebody to guide us, to show us the light in the darkness.

You said something that gave me goosebumps which was, “Share our air.” It’s so true, we all breathe the same air. We’re all made of the same DNA. We all have the same dust and flaking of our skin. I do so much agree with you that community is the way to solve our problems. Hanging with like-minded people. You were talking about having a mentor to help you and to transfer knowledge. To me, when people ask me, “Why have you been so successful in all of your businesses?” I did what you said. I changed the odds in my favor. I really did that. I’ve always had mentors. I believe mentors have mentors and they have guided me and they have helped me in my decision-making and they have provided community.

After we change the odds to our favor and moving forward, then we go to celebrate our life. We cannot live only in the problems only, in the negativity. That’s why the people at Community Council, there’s a song which is you saying if you share your sorrow, it’s a double less sorrow. If you keep it to yourself only, then it case you’re ill and got to the hospital because we need this kind of connection where we can understand that our problems can be manageable and other people also they make through these problems and they might help us. We’ve got to be open-minded. We have to think that we are not alone. We have to respect other people. We have to give them space to live and not knock them down. That’s why here, it’s crucially important to understand that living in a community, you have to contribute, you have to give in order to receive. As long as you give, then you’ll receive. That’s the principle of the reciprocity universe and we cannot change it no matter how intelligent we are. It’s not intelligence here, it’s about feeling. It’s about understanding, grasping the situation because it’s really crucially important to move on in our life.

Celebration of life doesn’t mean only to get parties. It means that you if you meet a nice person, say good things. Share your sorrow and he shares his. Open yourself and then he or she will open. Then you’ll become a connection, the biggest wealth of this planet, the connection. It’s not the money, it’s not the authority, it’s the connection. If you’re wealthy, if you are better, we connect with other people. Understand no matter the college, the race or the sexes, we are the same, we have the same soul, the same spirit. We need the same things. No matter where we’re living, and I can’t guarantee because I’m coming from a different place. This is important that we have to love the place we are living. If we don’t love the place we are living, then change it, don’t stay, don’t procrastinate because it will reflect your health and also your family. If you are not alone, even when you have a pet, the pet feels you. I have a pet, it feels that something is wrong. You reflect to him or her. This is responsibility for our life. Community, respect to other people and respect for yourself. How you’re going to be treated is how you treat yourself. It’s basically things which are very important in the beginning before you locate your community, before you’d be happy in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor. It matters what people are surrounding.

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You were talking about celebrating and it’s one thing that people don’t do enough of. Celebrating themselves, celebrating others, celebrating their lives. When you started to talk about sharing your sorrow, I had real personal reflection on that. In 1996, my mom passed away. She was my best friend on the planet. I didn’t share my sorrow and I spent two years as deeply depressed. In year three, I began to talk to people. I began to share what I was going through when I found that once I did, I not only move through it faster, but I really did open up the connection. I love that. You also talked about how we treat ourselves is how we’re treated. That’s so true. I have been on a mission for the last several years to teach people self-love because you can’t go look for love anywhere or get love anywhere. If you’re loving yourself, others will love you.

I also love that you said biggest wealth is connection. You also were talking about giving and then receiving and I find every single day, in business and in life, people seem to be doing that backwards. Me, me, me, give me, give me, give me and I just want to honor you and celebrate you in this moment because you truly embody what I call the Heartrepreneur philosophy, of truly making a difference, helping others and being out for the greater good.

You are probably more than saying that the mentors get mentors and that we need to develop ourselves. We think that we read one book once, so once is enough. No, we have to work on ourselves in the sense of the community. We have to nurture the community relationship. Together, you’ve got to share, you’ve got to move on and there is no matter where you’re coming from and what language you speak. English is the basic language in today’s world that’s I why I focus myself. However, it’s important to condescend one thing, which I figured out many, many years that if your will is weaker than the surrounding world. What does it mean? It means that if you have a very nasty neighborhood, you’re going to become like them. It’s very difficult for your will, for your soul to resist and you’re going to be equal sooner or later. That’s why it’s very crucially important whom you are communicating, internet, offline, online because it will enrich you or it’s going to diminish you. This is the thing which I want to end up because we see that it’s not important. We close ourselves in our kitchens or whatever it is, watching TVs and we think, “We’re safe here. Nobody will touch me.” Technically, the development of our soul, spirit, communication and relationship going are to diminish our life at the end.

HPR 86 | Preserving Community
Preserving Community: The development of our soul, spirit, communication and relationship going are to diminish our life at the end.

I resonate with you and you reminding me of the things I resonate with. Vladimir, how do people connect with you? What is the best process for them to do that?

The evergreen stuff where they can find me is my email address because my website is still under construction. It’s

I’m going to recommend folks to reach out. I want to tell you when I have been on this journey getting to know Vladimir, I had to bring him to the radio show. He is the real deal. I’m sure you can hear that from what he has been talking about and what he has been saying. I’m going to go back and I’m going to re-listen to this because he gave us some key pointers that are going to help you find more self-love, that are going to help you engage better with others. That is going to help you in your business and in your life and to create more of these kinds of communities where we’re part of the journey and connected. Vladimir, any quick last word?

I would like to say that we have to really go deep in our souls and find out our place and do not procrastinate at this moment because it’s going to bite us back at the end. Really pick your people because it’s going to reflect you until the end of your life. Thank you, Terri.

You are beautiful. Thank you so much for being here. For, I always want to thank you for being a part of Heartrepreneur Radio. The reason I tell you to subscribe on iTunes is so you don’t miss the show. I feel if you missed what Vladimir Hristov said to us, you would be missing a lot. Please subscribe if you like the show. I love when you give us five-star reviews for the show on iTunes. I love when you share the show on social media and then as a thank you for being a valued listener of the show, for free, you can get some of my life’s work for free over at, my gift to you for being a listener. Thank you for tuning in here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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HPR 86 | Preserving CommunityThe author is a newcomer from the Old World who came to Canada to live a better life. He hopes that his book will be accepted and make people understand the philosophy of the strata communities in British Columbia, Canada.




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