Here we are for another episode for Heartreprenuer radio.  I am having so much fun bringing you people that I have met who have interesting ideas, agendas and have a passion for doing what they love.  Recently, I met a woman that just resonated with me.  Her name is Anna Leutbecker and she works full time as a client relationship manager.  She plans, sponsors with their retirement plans.  She is also involved with a direct sales company called Kyani.  This is what resonated with me about Anna.  She has a passion.  She wants to help people achieve a healthier version of themselves.  She shares the triangle of health.  Her goal is to transition from the corporate world to direct sales full time.  She recently joined the Polka Dot Power House.  It’s a wonderful way to help people to grow and allow her to increase her circle of influence.  Anna also has a passion in mental health and is trying to figure out ways to get involved and to help people who are struggling with mental health.  Making sure they get the proper care and treatment.  I brought her here and would like to introduce her.

Welcome to the show Anna.

Terri:  I am excited about you for a lot of reasons but mostly because of your mission.  How did you get into what you are doing and what is your mission?

Anna:  I have done a lot of direct sales.  I was approached with Kyani a couple years ago.  I started taking the product but wasn’t sure about getting into the business.  I started taking the product and I used to get chronic headaches two to three times a week.  Every once in awhile they would be migraine like.  After about 6 or 7 months after starting to take the product the triangle of health, I look back and thought wow, I haven’t’ had a headache.  That was the only thing that changed.  I hadn’t taken ibuprofen or changed my diet, so this was a big win for me.  That is when I decided there is something here.  I decided to do something different with this company and this product.

Terri:  I know so many people who get migraines and to know there is something out there, that is awesome.  You mentioned something we first talked, triangle of health.  What does that mean?

Anna:   Kyani has created three unique products.  They are so unique in the health and wellness industry.  When we think about nutritional supplements, pills, taking this and that, and measure it, this product is unique because its food and plant based, a 100% natural.  They have broken it down to three products:  First one is Sunrise.  We take this in the morning.  We need a product with water and we need a product that will help absorb the nutrients.  The bio availability is 97 to 100%.  Which to me is fascinating because our body is 70% water, we have that product that is geared to the water soluble parts of our body. The next product is Sunset, the next is Nitro.

Terri:  That is really smart.  People sometimes forget, which is interesting that our bodies are water.  We are water.  Thanks for that reminder. What is your interests in the mental health area come from?

Anna:  Well, it’s something that is near and dear to my heart.  In 2012 I met my husband.  We got married in 2014 and he was diagnosed bipolar.  Marriage isn’t easy and it isn’t easy with a mental health component added to it.  For him, the disability and being the sole provider, it’s something I try to focus on is making sure he gets good care with the limited amount of resources provided by Medicare.   Making sure that he gets psychiatric help and counseling as well.

Terri:  I have recently had a client and a friend who people said that are acting weird or strange, or whatever and in both cases, it was nothing more than they were dealing with some depression.  Mental health issue in another case.  There is such a lack of understanding.  Do you agree with that?

Anna:  Even in his own family, the lack of compassion and empathy is boggling to me.  It’s something that I really work on and try to be compassionate and understanding.  Even when he goes down a path, I try to remind him that he may be making judgmental statements when he doesn’t’ like being judged.  He needs to keep himself even keeled.  He is not being judgmental.

Terri:  So what do you do for yourself?  If you are in a situation with someone who has health issues, how do you handle yourself, keep yourself up, and keep yourself moving forward, what do you do for Anna?

Anna:  That is something I have been working on a lot more.  For the first part of our marriage, it was all about him.  Recently, I have been seeing a counselor and going to networking events who I have made friends with.  Kudos to you for the Polka Dot Powerhouse.  I never thought I would be part of something of that caliber.  I love the positive upbeat environment.  I have that positive influence with the other people.

Terri:  It has really made a difference to me.  It’s amazing how much love and light there can be with a group of people who can lift each other up and help each other in their businesses.  Such a blessing.  I am really glad you are a part of that.  Ideally, we know you want to leave corporate and there are many who have not yet transitioned, what would help them/you to move forward and to do what I hear is really your passion, which is Kyani and helping people have great health.  Also, doing what you like to help educating and make the world understand mental illness and how to deal with it.  What will help you move forward?

Anna:  I have been focusing on personal growth and development.  I think a lot of people over look that and I have said to you before our call, right now I am completely out of my comfort zone and I am doing it and am grateful for it.  The other thing I am starting to work on, now that I have that personal growth, I am starting to get more comfortable and the monkey brain is starting to take action.  Taking action is the part that right now, I need to focus on.  That is something that a lot of us need to do.

Terri:  Slow and steady wins the race.  Just a reminder to everyone, baby step it forward it.  I just want to honor you.  I love when someone comes on the show and is vulnerable and transparent and says its out of their comfort zone.  And yet they step forward and do it anyway.  That is a sign that you will achieve your goal.  I also want to tell you that you knocked it out of the park.  It was awesome having you.  How can people connect with you?

Anna:  My website is   My phone is 919-749-1509 I am also on LinkedIn as Anna Leutbecker.  I also have a Facebook Anna Leutbecker.

Terri:  If anyone is dealing with mental illness and wants to have greater health.  If you have migraines, she is your go to gal.  She is generous and will share a sample with you.  I have shared it at events that she has sponsored, and there has been amazing feedback.  Every person I know has said, wow, this product has helped.  It’s a great product.  Thanks for being a guest today at Heartrepreneur radio.