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Heartrepreneur® RadioPodcastsHeartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 90 | The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter Caroline Stokes

31st May 20182


HPR 90 | Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter

Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that people will wake up in eight years’ time and go, “Things have changed so much.” Ever heard of the story where the boiling frog sits in a tub, the heater is turned on, and the frog does not realize that it’s up to boiling point until it’s too late? For many, that’s going to be the situation. Caroline Stokes, host of the Intelligent Recruiter Podcast, notes the fear factor in which individuals are saying, “AI is going to take our jobs.” Yes, 50% to 60% of our jobs that need to be automated will be taken by Artificial Intelligence, which means that we have to evolve in our human-to-human, connected relationship way of communicating. They’re going to think AI is the buzzword. Artificial is a buzzword. Deep learning is a buzzword. Deep data analytics is going to be something that isn’t going to be connected to them. The reality is so much is going to be automated, which means that emotional intelligence and our way of evolving needs to improve.


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The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter Caroline Stokes

We have a special guest with me. Her name is Caroline Stokes. She is unusual. She wants to help the entire human capital development chain with headhunting and coaching for innovation leaders plus she wants to help recruiters evolve in the artificial intelligence age. She does this by The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter podcast and training platform. Originally from marketing at Sony, Virgin, and Nokia, Caroline focuses on moving everyone forward. I am so excited to have you here at Heartrepreneur Radio. Welcome.

Thank you very much, Terri.

How did you leave this corporate path of Sony, Virgin, Nokia? What happened?

I got to a point where when you’re working in corporate, it’s hard to do what you want to do with regards to your career. People will pigeonhole you in a particular area, especially in the ‘90s and in the early 2000s. Six or seven years after launching PlayStation as a PR manager, people would still associate me as being the PR manager. I’m like, “No. I am an evolving person. I have evolved and I’ve now been doing this. The fact that you still see me as doing that, that’s not right. That’s not what I do anymore.” It took a really long time to change how others saw me. Also, I had to change my own narrative because I was very passionate. Even when I was at college, I had a split personality which I think is quite rare. One half of me was very HR focused, but at that time it was all paperwork driven and creating a job description and stuff like that, that I wasn’t necessarily interested in. I was more interested in the human aspect.

Then the other aspect that I was particularly interested in was marketing, advertising, public relations, and brand development. I was very privileged through my time working in all of those organizations to see how people grew up, how they showed up, how they worked on a day to day basis, how they worked well and how they may not have worked particularly well. I was really fascinated in that. I was always fascinated about how an organization would hire somebody for the wrong reasons because they thought it’s just like when they were looking at me, “That person can do that. They can do that for us.” People forget or don’t realize, especially then, they realize it a lot more now, that as people evolve, they have different motivations. They have different desires. They want to evolve. We’re now used to four or five careers in our lifetime. I got to that point where it’s like launching a digital product and changing the industry didn’t satisfy me when I went to bed at night or to wake up in the morning.

[Tweet “If you just focus on one particular area, you’re missing so much for the individual, and it can be really challenging.”]

I wanted to do something that was human-oriented so they would be able to launch their products to go through the culture change that they need to be able to do, to bring the right people in, to help recruiters evolve in the fourth industrial revolution which we’re right by in the center and in the middle of, and to coach leaders and to coach innovation leaders and to also do head hunting for those innovation leaders as well. There is a lot going on. Somebody said, “Caroline, you remind me of Elon Musk. You’ve got so much going on.” I said, “I can tell you right now, I’m nowhere near as successful as Elon Musk.” Elon musk is like this giant sphere of success and I am just a little molecule in comparison. I just like to do lots of different things. For the untrained eye, I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, but luckily they can’t connect all of those dots. How I look at it is that when you are able to squint your eyes, look into it, they are all connected.

You said so many important things and I relate because when I was working in corporate America for quite a while, I was always noticing something that you said, what worked well and what didn’t. It made it fascinating for me. I had the same little thing. I was going to bed at night going, “I feel like there’s more that I can do, not only to satisfy myself, but to add to other people on the planet.” One of my books, Stop Managing, Start Coaching, that I wrote a long time ago, had to do with this.

You said something else that I want the audience to bring in. You talked about being a tiny little molecule, and I don’t see you at that by the way. However, if we take all of us, those tiny little molecules, that’s how we make big transformation on the planet. I want to applaud you for the work you’re doing. I can tell that you very much went into your heart and felt the work that was needed. It’s probably why you move in so many directions.

HPR 90 | Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter
Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter: Stop Managing, Start Coaching

It’s very hard to be able to pinpoint and focus on one particular area because they’re all connected like a jigsaw puzzle. You need to have all of these little pieces together. If you just focus on one particular area, you’re missing so much for the individual, and it can be really challenging. I’ll give you an example, I might be speaking to somebody who probably needs a grief counselor or a grief therapist because he lost his partner. He wants help with his career. The good news is that I’m able to work on all of those different areas because life isn’t just one-dimensional. There’s all these other aspects associated with it, and that is the most important thing

I thank you for that too. That’s a great piece that I want to make sure I reinforce and listeners heard that. It’s a writer-downer as I call it. Something to remember, life is not one-dimensional. I remember when I was doing some corporate work with a very large Fortune 100 company. I told them that one of their executives had a lot of personal issues and needed some personal issues work. They said, “What do we do about that?” I said, “I can help with that because as a business consultant, a business strategist, I’m still here with human beings and so I can still assist with that.”

You’re able to work with that individual because they do have all of those different dimensions. Sometimes it helps for the individual to know that they are moving in the right direction to understand all of the different areas in which they can develop themselves so they can be more successful, be more productive, be more collaborative, and more innovative, etc. When you hear of HR teams or leaders say, “We don’t know what to do with this person,” it’s because they’ve got the burden of the organization and what they need to do. Sometimes, they need to go through that leadership development as well so they can be a little bit more empathic and they’re able to then say, “We actually know what we need to do here. We’ll get an external coach, but perhaps we can all get coaching to manage that and work forward there too.”

I love how you language things. It’s very clear. It’s very concise. That’s phenomenal. I’m going to share something silly with the listeners because I’m very transparent. I recently wrote this article about what’s coming down the pike with artificial intelligence. I also write some articles on emotional intelligence. I’m used to the EI, for emotional intelligence, and I said to you, “What’s AI?” You said, “Artificial intelligence.” I sat here and I laughed myself out loud going “Terri, you just wrote an article on this.” They never abbreviated it.” What do you see coming down the pike with AI?

We’re already in the zone where technology is evolving. You just have to go on Facebook. Facebook is a good example whereby certain aspects such as advertising or articles will appear in front of you maybe because of how you interact with your Facebook feed or anything like that. That’s just from a social media perspective, but organizations are investing huge colossal amount of money, especially the big five companies.

There’s lots of VC funding going into organizations to try and find solutions in the human resources environment, which means that organizations are able to identify what kind of talent they need to have to move their company forward. There are a few things I’m also proud here. Number one, you’ve got the fear factor, which is that individuals are saying, “AI is going to take our jobs.” Yes, 50% to 60% of our job or our work or the stuff that needs to be automated or can be handled will be taken by that, which means that we need to evolve in our human to human connected relationship way of communicating.

One of the key things here is that with the technology that is evolving at a rapid pace, people will wake up in three, four, five, six, seven, eight years’ time and go, “Things have changed so much.” It’s a bit like the boiling frog where the boiling frog sits in a tub, the heater is turned on, and the frog does not realize that it’s up to boiling point until it’s too late. For many, that’s going to be the situation. They’re going to think AI is the buzzword. Artificial is a buzzword. Deep learning is a buzzword. Deep data analytics is going to be something that isn’t going to be connected to them. The reality is so much is going to be automated, which means that emotional intelligence and our way of evolving needs to improve.

[Tweet “So much is going to be automated, which means that emotional intelligence and our way of evolving needs to improve.”]

I’m glad that you also brought in the emotional intelligence. We have to make sure that we are keyed on that and this is really interesting. When I talk to people about what’s going to come down with artificial intelligence and I say, work is going to look different, I use the same numbers you used, 50% to 60% of work is going to be automated, I noticed that a lot of people just aren’t ready to wake up. They’re not ready to take that into their consciousness. They’re not ready to take an action on that.

Your conversation that I loved it was just right on point, was about that frog getting to the boiling point and going, “The water is boiling and I wasn’t aware of it.” I love that you’re helping people have this awareness. People need to wake up and they need to understand that we’ve got to look at, “How can I still be of value and useful in what is happening in the world?” I love this. I love you. I really do, it’s been a great conversation. How can people connect with you, find you, discover more about you? You do have so much to offer in a very unusual and rich perspective, Caroline.

The best way to get hold of me is You can go to one of my websites, or or

I would suggest that you make a connection. When you find someone who is very conscious and very aware and understands the changes that are coming, they can help you. They can guide you and they can help you move into what is coming. I appreciate you being here. You’ve just been a fantastic guest. I thank you so much for your time here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. For the listeners, I advocate that you subscribe to the show because if you missed an episode, for example, you could have missed this conversation here with Caroline Stokes and there was so much value and richness here. I encourage you to subscribe to the show. If you dig the show, we love your comments, we love your five-star rating. I’m inviting you if the whole Heartrepreneur concept, the cause, the movement of being heart-centered resonates with you, you can apply to join the movement. You can do that at Thank you again for tuning in here at Heartrepreneur Radio.


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About Caroline Stokes

HPR 90 | Emotionally Intelligent RecruiterCaroline Stokes is an executive headhunter, certified PCC executive coach and certified EQ2.0 trainer for global technology and entertainment innovation leaders. 

Caroline draws from her previous experiences as executive headhunter + partner of international search firm Natural Selection and from her time working in media relations and product strategy for PlayStation, Nokia and Virgin across North America, Europe and APAC.

During that time, Caroline was appalled to discover how the recruitment ecosystem was broken: from talent evolving their leadership and career journey, to recruiters needing to evolve their EQ to enhance critical relationships and delivery, through to companies poor first 100 days onboarding management, when their expensive unicorn arrived.

  • Caroline founded FORWARD, the first executive search + first quarter coaching firm to expedite the integration of all talent placements. Clients across VFX, SaaS, entertainment and games industries include Autodesk, SpinMaster, Behaviour Interactive, Electronic Arts, Disney and Realtime Networks.

  • The 5-star rated The Emotionally Intelligent Recruiter podcast series and education platform was launched to help recruiters evolve in the AI age. Find more at iTunes.

  • As a Professional Certified Executive Coach (Royal Roads University) Caroline provides executive coachines services to leaders at Amazon, Microsoft, EA, the BBC and Disney.

  • As a certified Emotional Intelligence EQ2.0 coach, the tool is incorporated into all executive coaching engagements and talent placements. This tool enables new hires and coachees to adapt – fast!

  • As a keynote speaker, Caroline has conducted talks at international conferences focusing on leadership, current talent technology trends and emotional intelligence for recruiters. Speaker list .

  • Caroline is a member of the International Coach Federation, joined the ICF Vancouver Chapter board of directors and is a Forbes Coaches Council Member.

Caroline Stokes has been quoted in ForbesFast CompanyTechRepublicBusiness News Daily, The Coaching Connector and Monster

Caroline occasionally contributes to Forbes , Venturebeat and Undercover RecruiterThrive Global and blogs on Huffington Post.  She’s written 70+ human capital articles for LinkedIn and Medium.

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    15th June 2018 at 6:14 pm

    Haha I love the frog analogy! Keep up the good work!


    • Chief Heartrepreneur®

      15th June 2018 at 6:32 pm

      I actually enjoyed that as well. Keep listening to the shows and read the blog and watch the free webinar you can access from our home page. Lots of value for you.


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