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June 12, 2018

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Success in big organizations is all about interaction with people and managing expectations. It isn’t the talent of the teams, it is the mindset – that “can-do” attitude. Tim Fives has refined that so business leaders cancapture that essence of how we choose to view the world. Maybe you’re tired of constantly procrastinating at work. Maybe you need some help with your abundance mindset. Tim shares how just one action can break this vicious cycle. It is that decision to quit saying, “I see this out of scarcity and fear and all of the things that go with that,” like being the victim, blaming other people. All of that kind of nastiness versus, “This is out of abundance,” where there’s optimism and there is gratitude and you’re at peace.

When you lay the abundance mindset out, moving and shifting people into that way of thinking, that’s when the businesses take off. Tim Fives can give a bunch of tactics and a bunch of different things to do, but the difference between a modicum of success and exponential success is that one mindset. Which one will it be?


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Achieving Prosperity Through The Abundance Mindset With Tim Fives

I have with me Tim Fives and he is an expert business consultant who’s passionate about growing service-based businesses to reach the next level. Tim is an international speaker and he spent years developing his proprietary method, The Fives Method. This method, when applied, gets the most out of organizations and individuals. At the heart of this method is shifting people from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. When the thinking shifts and stays in the abundance mindset, prosperity follows. Tim is also on the Board Chair for Bridge of Hope, which is in York, Pennsylvania. That’s a nonprofit that breaks the cycle for homeless moms and their children. Tim, welcome to Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you very much. It’s great being on the show.

How did you get into consulting? What led you down that path?

I started early in my career consulting for Arthur Andersen doing technology consulting. Throughout my career, I’ve always come back to that. EMC did and ran their strategic business team globally and that’s where I cut my teeth on being able to take my skills and talents and see the big picture for organizations and then knack off strategies for them. Aside from being gone most weeks, it was a fantastic job.

Unless you have been a consultant, people don’t understand, it’s a very much on the road thing. This is a much better business model. You have your proprietary model, The Fives Method. Can you give us a little bit about that?

I’ve matured through my career and I’ve had coaches and mentors. One of the things that I’ve been blessed with is the ability to go back and look at when we had success. When I’ve had success in big organizations, it’s all been about the people and the interaction with people and managing expectations. Then that broke down even further into the types of people and the mindsets that they were in when we had hyper success. What was it about it? It wasn’t the talent of the teams, it was the mindset. It’s also the can-do attitude. We’ve refined that for business leaders how to capture that essence and it’s really the delineation of how we choose to view the world. It is that decision to say, “I see this out of scarcity and fear and all of the things that go with that,” like being the victim, blaming other people. All of that nastiness versus, “This is out of abundance,” where there’s optimism and there is gratitude and you’re at peace. When you lay that out and you move and shift people into that, what we found is that that’s when the businesses take off. I can give a bunch of tactics and a bunch of different things to do, and the difference between a modicum of success and exponential success is that mindset piece.

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Abundance Mindset: The difference between a modicum of success and exponential success is that mindset piece.

If the business owner has a scarcity mindset, are they always aware of that? Do they know they’re thinking that way?

No, they don’t. That’s the first step is that there’s a level of self-awareness. It can be as simple as looking at the language you’re using because language represents our thoughts. The becauses and the maybes, the somedays and I’ll try and all of those trigger words really start to look at what the genesis of their affinity is.

The shift from scarcity to abundance, do you have any case studies or samples of what’s happened as you’ve taken a client through The Fives Method?

I got two that come to mind and the first one is a lady that I’m working with and she does the dementia training for a hospice care. What’s interesting about Laurie’s is that she came in a really great mental state. We focused on moving her to abundance as we can and again, I look at this as a journey. Her review was that she’s made more money in three months working with me then she did all of last year. We went through the entire method and it works. It was her ability to come up with new ideas. When you’re in scarcity, you’re about worry and fear, and when you’re in abundance, you’re about ideas and execution. That’s one of the big differences in her case, that we were able to get the ideas and then put her through the rest of the execution where she was able to supersize her business.

Do you have a tip for someone who might know that they get into the scarcity mode, the buts and the becauses, as you said? Any tips on how someone can move out of scarcity? Stop scarcity?

The first thing we need to be aware of is take action. Procrastination lets you know that you’re in scarcity. If you start taking action, just take one action and then another and another, that starts to break the cycle. That’s one thing. You lay out a plan and say, “I’m going to do this.” I like to say, just make a small promise to yourself and then keep that promise. What you want to do is you want to develop this positive feedback loop. I used to do this when I work from home. “I should go do the dishes.” I promised myself I’m going to go do the dishes and I do the dishes, and then all of a sudden your mind is like, “I can do this,” and you start building a positive momentum.

That’s a great tip and easy. I remember years and years ago, whenever I would find myself in that nation of procrastination, I would just do something, a physical action to move forward and I’d set a timer for ten minutes. It wasn’t like I could sit and think about the project. I had to physically do something. I had to organize something for the project or gather data or write something or write something or read something or watch something or call someone. After ten minutes of the physical action, the timer would go off and a lot of times I would just find I was in flow and I could keep moving forward. Sometimes I just stop it after ten minutes and then a few hours later I said, “Ten more minutes of physical action.” I think that really works well and I do think that people get into this mindset of procrastination because they have too many things. They don’t even know where to begin, and I like what you’re doing here. You’re getting people to begin.

One of the other things that you said, that’s a tactical thing. The other thing is to be in gratitude. Really to have that morning routine to start your day in gratitude. That’s another powerful thing that what we’re doing is we’re actually retraining the mind to think in gratitude and abundance or similar concepts so they feed on each other. If I’m grateful for something and I’m in service to other people and things, you’re building that positive feedback loop.

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I’m a big fan of a process that I call GID, which is gratitude, intentions and delegations. I do believe, like you just said, the gratitude and abundance are so closely aligned. Every single day, I start out with, G, what am I grateful for and then my intentions. How do I choose to experience? How do I intend to experience this day? Not even so much what am I getting done, but how do I choose to feel while I’m getting it done. Then delegations, which is anything I can’t figure the how of delegating to the universe and saying, “You’ve got to get this. I don’t know how to make this happen or how to get this done, or whatever it is.” I delegate it out to the universe and my brain and the universe subconsciously go to work on it. That’s GID. I love that you are working on mindset, retraining people’s minds, getting them in this abundant grateful mindset. How long does it take to actually shift somebody like this?

Generally, in my experience, it’s about three to five weeks where they’re constantly in it. It comes down to the individual where they’re starting from. If their language is really bad and then it may take a little bit longer. I had a client where he came in pretty close to it. We have two goals. One is to keep evil in the abundance mindset and then less than the amplitudes of the swings. What I mean by the swings is we generally all oscillate between the abundance and scarcity. We want to move people totally into abundance and we want to minimize the amplitude they’re not having wild swings. I was going to talk at a local college and I pointed it like this. You can reach to somebody via text and they respond and you’re in abundance. If you reach out to your next buddy and they don’t respond back, then you move back into scarcity. You start thinking about, “What did I do wrong. Why aren’t they getting back to me?” It’s a quick example, but that’s what we want to do is be like, “Maybe they’re busy. They’ll get to me when they can and that’s okay.

I liked that you used the text idea because that is true. I remember I texted a friend of mine, she responded back instantaneously and then I texted my nephew who’s always very fast and he didn’t respond for two days and so I was in the, “Did I do something wrong? Is he mad at me?” Not, “He’s working a double shift and had no time for me.”

I also find it interesting that in the absence of facts, your brain will make them up.

I just want to share with everyone, I was with Tim in our mastermind and I swear I’ve never seen anybody just sitting there and getting unsolicited testimonial after testimonial rolling in from his clients. This Five Methods is really something and it clearly works. I think it’s phenomenal. Who is the best client for you? If someone’s here and trying to decide should they connect with you? Who’s the best client?

The service space industry and what I mean by that are clients that have a level of service versus a brick and mortar. It could be a realtor, it could be somebody in the professional services, accounting, consulting, coaching, that space. It’s really about that they have massive value to add to their clients. The other part of it is somebody that wants to grow. That’s the mindset that I’m looking for in people above everything else is either they’re stuck or they are side wind a little and they’re just like, “How do I get out of this?” If they have the will to want to grow, then this works. If somebody wants a quick fix and they’re just, “Tell me what to do,” I’m not really that interested and the people that want to learn more be more than they are.

pexels photo 518244 - Heartrepreneur® Radio | Episode 97 | Achieving Prosperity Through The Abundance Mindset With Tim Fives
Abundance Mindset: If you’re grateful for something and in service to other people and things, you’re building that positive feedback loop.

How’s the best way for people to get in touch with you?

The best way is just to go the website, That has all of our stuff and contact information out there. That’s what I’d invite people to do. You can find us on LinkedIn and Facebook as well, @5sSquared.

Tim, thank you so much for joining me here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

Thank you so much for having me. It’s wonderful.

It’s been a pleasure. For everyone, I think you’ve got some valuable methods here and some ideas and some insight into Tim Fives and The Fives Method and I definitely recommend that you check him out. It’s very interesting for me to actually be able to sit in someone’s presence and say, “This is the real deal.” As testimonials we’re just rolling in and they’re unsolicited and it’s really clear the difference that he’s making for clients. If you want to connect with us on a deeper level, ask us any questions, join us over on our Facebook Group, which is #HeartrepreneursWithTerriLevine. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time here at Heartrepreneur Radio.

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They work with businessmen and women to help them move on from self-doubt, limited worldviews and self-destructive habits and behaviors. FivesSquared is a proficient partner and an aid to your professional career. We serve as a life mentor that adapts, develops, and grows with your specific needs.
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