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24th October 20170
I know that as business owners we are really attached to our story and our brand. We LOVE our logo.
We spend months on our website making it look pretty. We listen to the infinite amount of jingles before we pick the right one that is just “so us” for our podcast.
We tell the world we just launched a new product, a new training, a new {fill in the blanks}…and we do it with fancy images that we bought online (so we’re legit and all).
But the truth is – nobody but us really cares.
Let me ask you, Do you care whether the Apple logo is silky silver or all the colors of the rainbow?
No, you don’t.
You couldn’t care less.
All you care about is how is the new iPhone going to help you look amazing on Facebook with the badass pictures you’re going to share there, with that new iPhone camera.
It’s all about you. Never about Apple.
And it’s the same for your clients. It’s all about them, never about you.
That’s why it’s SO hard to get paying clients when all your communication is about what’s going on with you – how great your courses are, how amazing your office is…
If you want to get paying clients, and especially HIGH-PAYING clients, then you need to know how to communicate the VALUE of what you offer and tell a different story then you’ve been telling.
You want to tell a story that makes people WANT to buy (just like Apple’s fans camp for hours in line just to be the first to shell out an obscene amount of money on a new phone).
On day 6 of my free training, I show you how to communicate what you do so that people want to buy. I can send you the training to your inbox.
Or I can send it to your Facebook Messenger right now.
Get started now and by the end of this week, you’ll know what to charge, how to communicate what you do and best of all – how to find people happy to pay without spending any money on ads.

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