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November 14, 2016

Not Enough Business?  Then You Lack The Right Call To Action

Small business owners are struggling to have enough quality prospects.  Once they do find those, they next struggle with having those qualified prospects convert to paying customers.  When I begin with a client, I instantly look at their sales and marketing funnel and their pipeline and then I begin to see where they need my help.  A common theme is that my clients lack the right call to action to attract the exact prospects they desire and they also lack the right call to action that will have those prospects convert quickly and easily to paying customers.

My goal is to help you close more business by teaching you to get a lot more ideal prospects and then having those prospects convert themselves without you having to sell them on your services or products.  So, how do you actually get a lot more prospects that are ready to buy your services and products and excited to do so?

Action, Action… We Want Action!!!!!

Let’s begin with understanding the call to action definition. A call to action is a directive given in writing or verbally, to your target audience that tells them exactly what to do.  Here are some call to action examples: call now, click here, come into the store today, shop now, etc.  These calls to actions are designed to create an emotional response so that your prospects immediately respond by doing what you have commanded them to do.

In your ad copy, social media posts, newsletters, emails, and on your website you always want to tell your prospects one single action you want them to take right now.  Even when conversing with prospects you must include a call to action. I am stressing how urgent this is because many small business owners neglect this.  In fact, sometimes, they ask me, “What is a call to action?”.  In other words, they haven’t yet figured out the one thing they want a qualified prospect to do next.

Let’s think about this.  If you have a qualified prospect either on-line or off-line and you don’t tell them one thing you want them to do after hearing or seeing your services or product, they will most likely move on and do nothing. A call to action actually helps them to determine IF they are or are not qualified for the next step.

Here is an example from my business coaching and consulting business.  I offer prospects a 10-minute triage call to see IF I can help them and how I can help them.  When I provide the call, I am qualifying the prospect and honestly assessing if I am a match for them or if I know another resource for them.  My ONLY call to action is to tell them after the 10-minutes that they are to schedule a 45-minute profit strategy call with me so I can dig in further because we seem like a likely fit OR to tell them I am not a fit and part ways.  I give ONE directive. Schedule the profits strategy call.  One and only one.  I tell them what the next step is.

Once you understand how this works with prospects, let’s go into how this works to convert prospects to customers.

Continuing with my business example, when I deliver a highly valuable profit strategy session advising, coaching, consulting the prospect, at the end, if I still believe I can provide them with a coaching/consulting solution, I give them ONE program offer to engage with me for my services and tell them exactly how to do that.  Notice, only one.  Choices cause confusion.  I direct them to that ONE offer and tell them what to do next.

Understand that I am not marketing at people.  I am not selling at people.

This works in any business.  My clients range from retailers, spas, gyms, coaches, authors, trainers, speakers, consultants, dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths and others.  In each case, I help them establish their ONE call to action for prospects and then their ONE call to action for each prospect once that prospect has been qualified to make a purchase.

What are YOU using as your call to action for prospects?  What about to convert those prospects into buyers?

Let me see it here so I can evaluate it for you.

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