December 16

Episode 13: Mapping Out A High-Ticket Offer That Sells


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Today we’re going to be talking about mapping out your high-ticket offer.

High-ticket could be anything. It could be a $3,000 offer, a $5,000 package, or even a $10,000 program.

That may sound a little lofty to you right now. It may seem like too big of a goal, right?

This simply isn’t the case!

You are perfectly capable of creating this for yourself and it is 100% doable.

But how?

That is precisely what we will be going over in this post.

What it comes down to is understanding your target audience and then planning before you go map this all out.

If you want to get high-end clients, you need to research, you need to plan, and you need to give them the transformation that they really want.

Give them what they expect and make sure that you leave no stone unturned.

In fact, this is where the fun begins.

This is where you get to ramp up your creativity and build a package that YOU are really excited about.

A package that you feel confident and happy promoting.

A package that your clients are elated to be able to purchase.

Don't Start With A High-Ticket Offer

mapping out high ticket offer

Let me start off by saying you shouldn’t create a high-ticket offer too soon.

Instead of starting off high-ticket, you want to begin with a low-end offer where people can get to know, like, and trust you.

This is where creativity comes in.

Don't start a high-ticket program without spending some time on research because you do not want to look like everyone else out there.

You want yours to be premium and you want yours to be distinct.

You want yours to stand out so that prospective clients think “Yes, I REALLY want that.”

On top of this, you must be confident in your own expertise to be able to deliver the transformation.

You do not want to be another one of these “coaches” or “experts” that give advice that doesn’t actually make a difference in people’s lives.

People are tired of getting the same information from every coach in the business.

Confidence Is Essential For Creating A High-Ticket Offercreate high ticket offer

Can I be honest for a moment?

High-ticket offers are great for your income and they are great for your coaching calendar.

However, you can afford to take on fewer high-ticket clients—in exchange, you will receive more freedom in your life.

So instead of spending your time creating ebooks, courses, and materials, I want you to enjoy your life by creating a signature program that really does make a difference for people.

Your high-ticket package truly puts your client in the driver's seat.

It can be called premier or it can be called high-ticket only if you really transform people’s lives with what they want and what they need.

So, if you’re confident that you have the skills and ability to do that, then let’s get started.

Believe You Can Sell High-Ticket

craft a high-ticket offer

One of my client family members, Karl, came to me when he had a high-ticket offer that wasn’t getting any traction.

This was because he was offering it way too soon.

He didn’t have many clients to begin with, and he looked like all the other coaches out there.

So we took a step back and reversed it.

We started lower, worked our way up to a mid-level offer, and eventually, he got some leverage. He started a Facebook group and people got to know him, like him, and trust him.

Another thing we had to work on with Karl (and maybe you need to work on this too) was his inner game. He had to believe that he could sell high-ticket.

What happened next?

He offered a $10,000 premier program. He enrolled two people in his first month, which is $20,000. Then, over the next few months, he enrolled four more people.

So, here is what I want you to do: jump into the Facebook group and tell me about your high-ticket offer.

Allow me to tweak it if it needs any tweaks.

Also, grab a copy of The Conversion Equation because it gives a lot of examples on how to put your high-end programs together and keep your creativity going.

I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group soon!

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