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BlogHonesty:  A Heart-repreneur® Principle

November 20, 2017

honesty - Honesty:  A Heart-repreneur® PrincipleHeart-repreneur® Principle number one: load your company with heartfelt honesty. Values, values, get your core values here! Dime a dozen. Sometimes it seems that though companies spend lots of time, energy and money on developing their core values while setting up shop, after that effort, values are all but forgotten. Mere words on a plaque or worse, relegated to a folder on someone’s shelf.

Here’s where the differentiation and magic happen as a Heart-repreneur®. Values are at the heart and foundation of building your business entity. Values describe your business’s core essence. What is important to you in all matters of business: in relation to your clients, employees, partners, vendors, and even in the general population at large? Values help determine what choices you make daily in building your brand.

Today I would like to focus specifically on a foundational core value-honesty. The word honesty has been used so frivolously that the power of the word is negated as it has become an almost pathetic platitude.  “In all honesty…” is a catchphrase and the general population has been trained to ignore anything that follows with abject mistrust.

When I was a young girl my mother impressed upon me the importance of being honest in all areas and punishment was doled out for any transgression, but much more harshly if you broke the Helm Code of Honesty and lied or withheld details about your error in judgment; and I have carried that over into my businesses.

Here’s the good news, as Heartrepreneurs we are at the forefront of a movement to bring honesty and integrity into the expectations of doing business and are integrating honesty into every aspect of a business.

First let’s explore what honesty means and not just the fluff such as, I will not tell a lie. Let’s dig deeper.  Honesty is truthful, trustworthy, candor, integrity, and straightforward and it is about keeping our word. How? Connecting on a level deeper than the average superficial transaction, meeting a person heart to heart and listening to respond with respect.

Something that I find very important is doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. Moving from telling me what you think I want to hear, to addressing the real. Let’s face it, everyone makes mistakes. That is not the end of the world. It may lead you to believe that you have a difficult situation to manage, but I guarantee that it will be smoother and you will gain enormous respect if you address it quickly and honestly.

What difference will it make? In a world ripe for positive change and connection, honesty is the basis for relationships and that my friend is important in every business! It makes you stand out from the crowd.

What now? Here’s an exercise you can perform today to build your honesty muscle: Consider an interaction that you recently had that felt a little uncomfortable because you knew that you were withholding a piece of information: such as- every time we get together you are looking at your phone every 5 seconds and I tell myself that you think I am not important. Be aware of what you are telling yourself, then at the next available opportunity when you are with the distracted phone user, fess up: “I’m wondering if you would mind leaving your phone in your pocket/purse until we are finished meeting?

Ah, don’t you feel better already? Just as one of my favorite singers crooned: “Honesty is such as lonely word, and mostly need from you” Billy Joel 1978

headshot of Robin 1 269x300 - Honesty:  A Heart-repreneur® PrincipleRobin Helm
Co-Founder of The SheEO
Advancing Women in Leadership and Business

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