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25th April 20170

Why Am I Talking About Scott Hallman?

When I was with Joe Vitale to speak at one of his events he also had Scott Hallman as a speaker.  I had not heard of Scott up until that time.  Scott took the audience through an exercise showing them how much money they were leaving on the table in their business.

I was there with the director of operations from my coach training school and we saw hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and profits that were hidden to us before we heard Scott speak and go through the work he had us do.

I am a very decisive person.  I know when someone shows me something that I need to jump on it and take action and make something happen.

So, we went home from Texas and began implementing what Scott showed us that day.  Several months later I had 5 new programs launched with a few hundred students, hosted a few of my own events and created value for business owners in my community and created an educational resource library.

Once a year I review Scott’s talk and go through the exercises he taught us that day.  Why?  Every time I do I find money literally sitting in my business.

I now teach a variation of what Scott taught that day.  I know that inside every business there are profits sitting there.  When you consistently recall and reactivate past clients and look to see what other services or products customers may need and about a dozen other very simple ideas, money is found and profits are gained.

I will be speaking about some of this on May 3, 2017, then also speaking on May 4, (both in California), then in Philadelphia on May 8th and then wrapping up in Denver on May 19th.

Come join me!

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