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BlogBusinessHow Effective Is Golf With Business Deals?

July 27, 2020

Rather than conference rooms and meeting places, the background of a golf course is seen as a perfect setting for conducting business. The golf course was selected for a specific purpose – making deals while on the links during a friendly game.


While playing a round of golf you have a unique means to judge your opponent. How? Primarily based on how a player behaves during the game. It’s likely they will handle business situations in a similar way. Furthermore, it’s a great way to create a bond with your clients or colleagues. Why? The undercurrents that are often discussed on the course are cleansed without issues.


While not all golfers are business executives, many executives do play the game. Many of those are decision-makers. The game takes your mind away from the dreary office setting. Wearing a golf shirt in lieu of a suit and tie can trigger new thoughts, creating a favorable environment to make business deals.

Golf And Business 

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Not typically organized, golf games are usually somewhat relaxed and informal. This gives executives the opportunity to enjoy shared interests. Also, this makes it much easier to find a common ground.

Having a strategy is key in both golf and business. Most golfers know that you don’t aim for the hole on every shot.  Each hole has its own unique strategy to reach the green. Planning your attack to avoid hazards. Likewise, business plans require plenty of strategies. Closing the deal will be much easier after collecting as much information as possible about the client, and their situation as possible. When implementing new software, or starting a new marketing campaign you need to plan.


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When working a deal on the course it’s important to keep up with everyone you’re playing with. New players playing with more experienced players should make everyone in the group aware. Try not to stall the game. Whether they are out to make a deal or not, they came to the course that day to have a good time. Waiting for a player that is struggling can take from the enjoyment of the game quickly. Worry less about the score. Try to keep up with better-skilled players, and just keep things moving. If you’re worried about it, take a few lessons to improve your game so you can at least stay with the crowd.

Regardless of your skill level, showing respect for the game and its rules is essential. The idea of working out a business deal on the course with someone who doesn’t follow the rules of the game, or conduct themselves with proper etiquette will be an immediate drawback. However, on the flip side of that coin, by conducting yourself in a proper manner during a round can help to facilitate the deal. While also demonstrating to your colleagues that you’re a person of character.

Get Ready For New Deals

To help bring in new deals, golf affords a plethora of promotional opportunities. Businesses typically develop by word of mouth, and advertising and promoting your business among other golfers is a tremendous way to get your business in front of countless prospective clients and associates. Personalized golf gear with your business’ name, golf balls, tees, towels, or ball markers can make a much stronger impact than simply handing out your business card.


A subtle exchange during a game can be retained by the recipient, leaving the contact details with them for a long time, and typically become used again and again. The concept is very cost-effective and is far more valuable than any print advertising, as golf balls with your logo imprinted on them can be lost, found, lost, and found over and over again.


Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer and businessman. He loves playing golf as well as conducting business meetings in the golf course. Aside from that, Jordan also owns a golf publication site,, where he shares a lot of tips and tricks on how to improve the game and some gear reviews too.


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