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May 13, 2016

Marketing Strategy: The Shift To Engage Marketing

For many many years marketing was all about using mass messages without any targeting and reaching consumers without any segmentation of marketing message. Most big brands employ this strategy. They hit prospects without taking into account any personalization or individualization in their marketing message. They don’t take into consideration their potential customer’s attention, interest, desire or action.

Customer engagement marketing is the marketing model I prefer because it really enhances your brand – especially if you want to be a Heartrepreneur based business.  When you own a business that chooses to do business from a place of conscious and connected heart-based sales, marketing, operations and leadership you will want to create marketing engagement that is personal.  How can a Heartrepreneur® expect to do business any other way?

Heartrepreneurs Personalize Marketing

Heartrepreneurs market by personalizing their messages to specific buyers. They also create emotional responses driving prospects to take action. They understand what their prospects want and what their prospects need. Most of all they understand their market is looking for customer engagement marketing.  Therefore, it is essential as a business owner you have an engagement marketing platform.

Do you have an engagement marketing platform? A platform that is consistently serving up marketing content about your brand? Does your marketing platform give potential customers a place to interact with your brand? The engagement marketing definition basically means you operate integrated marketing using everything from email marketing engagement, direct marketing, social media marketing, and all other forms of marketing into one customer service strategy.  This marketing engagement strategy must be a consumer engagement marketing strategy.  This means you need to know the products, services and topics that your prospects are engaged with and talking about.  What is relevant to them?  How can you take what you know, as a Heartrepreneur, and speak in an engaging way with your content to the persona of your prospects?

Think about the experience you want a prospect to have as a Heartrpreneur. What engagement marketing strategy will show them you understand their issues?  What are your prospects real issues?  What messages will they resonate with? What call to action will grab their attention?

In my experience, when you create more engagement on social media and all marketing platforms and create a unified experience for prospects and create personal content and communications you make deeper and better connections. This is why the strategy of engagement marketing is clearly what a Heartrepreneur® does. We engage and connect with people as people everywhere they connect and we do this as people and we do this continuously. This is our market engagement strategy.

Two groups that qualify as Heartrepreneurs doing engagement marketing that I’ve run across on the Internet are:

Engage Marketing Group  and Envisage Engagement Marketing

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