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December 15, 2020

How To Create Multi-Million Dollar Integrative Medical Practice

As a marketing consultant, over the past decades, I’ve helped thousands of professionals market their services and make a lot of higher profit.  It was clear to me that most of the integrative medicine doctors I worked with were outstanding at being doctors. They were not hitting their million-dollar practice goals. Many could never imagine a multi-million dollar practice. These doctors were focused on being stellar integrative medicine doctors. Their financial success was lacking. Yet, in many cases, their competitors were not nearly as skilled at integrative medicine. Yet, they had built million-dollar practices.

But those who spent their time being great integrative medicine doctors lacked in income and free time. Yet the doctors with the million-dollar practices had plenty of money and above all had more free time.

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So what was different?

One thing… the knowledge and implementation of valid marketing.

Let’s face it … certainly, if you can’t get and keep a steady income of patients coming to your practice, you will never create the income and freedom you deserve.  I have seen integrative medicine doctors struggle for years and some go out of business. Why? They refused to learn and implement valid marketing. Valid marketing is marketing that is proven to work!

Yet, so many integrative medicine doctors I speak with don’t want to spend their time and resources learning and implementing valid marketing. They fear having to close their doors. However, they push against implementing valid marketing.

For many integrative medicine doctors, this is their worst possible nightmare. Being forced to become adept at marketing seems almost as painful as going out of business.

I think that integrative medicine doctors have spent years doing marketing that wasn’t valid. The marketing did not work. Now they are shying away from it. They don’t want to be in sales. They really don’t want to convince people to buy their medical services.

I only ask you one question: do the patients you serve get benefits from the services you provide?

If the answer is no, get into something you do well. Or hire an integrative medicine doctor to provide the services. You then can be just the business owner. My guess is, if you are like most of my clients, you said, “yes”.

In actuality, you aren’t selling anything. You are simply helping people who want and need your services to get your services.

So really the only thing you need to know about selling is…

You have to find more people who want what you have. you have to tell more people about what you have.

It really is that simple.

I have put together a course to show you exactly how to do this.

You can access it here, free, as my gift.



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