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July 10, 2018

How To Be Successful As A Coach Or Consultant

Untitled 4 300x300 - How To Be Successful: For Coaches And ConsultantsWhy is it that so many coaches and consultants can’t seem to make a serious living consistently? Since I have been in this business for multiple decades and earn high seven figures with ease each year, I am often stunned when I meet a coach or consultant who is struggling.  Sadly, that is most of them.  They haven’t figured out how to make $5,000 a month and have no idea how to make $20K a month.

I have trained well over 5,000 coaches along with several hundred business consultants.  Many come to me after going through other people’s programs from Frank Kern, Taki Moore, Aaron Fletcher, Sam Ovens, Russ Ruffino, etc.  They are still struggling and don’t know the keys to success to be financially successful as a coach or consultant.

I am going to actually dive into the steps to success that will help every coach and consultant. That is my purpose in writing this article.  Not only will it guide you on how to be successful in business it will also show you how to be successful in life.  Here we go!  This is one you will want to share for sure.

The Ultimate Guide: Creating A Successful, Sustainable, And Profitable Coaching Or Consulting Business

Untitled 5 300x300 - How To Be Successful: For Coaches And ConsultantsLet’s clear all of your overwhelm and confusion. I am going to gift you with a very simple, easy, step-by-step process that has allowed me and thousands of other coaches and consultants to enjoy seven figure businesses and to make a real difference to the client family members we serve.

To get the most from this article you need to release all the information you have been told by “experts” who aren’t themselves making seven figures in your industry and/or haven’t helped others do the same with a duplicatable and proven process.  Sadly, that is most “experts”.

You must be willing to hear me and learn from my own expensive mistakes so you can stop struggling to find coaching or consulting client family members and start enjoying the work you do along with having the money flow in.  You will seriously be helping more people and businesses if you follow my guidance.

I already have over two decades of success in my own coaching and consulting company and have also helped thousands of client family members.  I have spent over $800,000 on coaches, consultants, mentors and at seminars.  What I share is proven and works.  You can learn from my mistakes and actually earn from my mistakes. Don’t waste time or money making your own, like I did.

The Biggest Problem

Untitled 6 300x300 - How To Be Successful: For Coaches And ConsultantsWhy do coaches and consultants struggle?  It is because they can’t find client family members and don’t have a constant stream of qualified prospects.  So, why can’t they find qualified prospective client family members when myself and others can?

It is because they lack a Core Unique Positioning Statement. They are a generic “look-alike”, “me too”, coach or consultant.  They will tell me things like, “I help people get free”, “I help a business have more profits”, “I can unblock any limiting belief people have”… you get the idea. This is the number one reason they can’t find enough prospective client family members to make six figures consistently.  This is also the main reason coaches and consultants go 0ut of business.

Try this on. I invite you over to my home.  I tell you I am going to make a salad for us to share for a meal.  I also ask YOU to select the ingredients for the salad.  I tell you to pick anything you want in your salad.  You tell me you would love a wedge with blue cheese and bacon.  I tell you I don’t have either of those ingredients.

I told you I was going to make a salad and was giving a broad brush-stroke to a salad. I thought the ingredients I had would appeal to most everyone, not realizing you would have highly specific tastes.

Here you are, expecting this blue cheese and bacon wedge salad which is what you desire and were ready for and I show up with a broad offering of my own definition of salad and we aren’t fitting or matching or in synch.

Now think about your own coaching or consulting offering.  There you are with this broad definition of what you offer.  Yet, your prospective client family members aren’t resonating with your offering and it isn’t a fit for them. It’s one of a hundred offers or more they have already learned about.  Why would you even begin to dream they will invest with you?

As a coach or consultant, you need to stop believing you can help everyone solve all their business or life issues.  Even if you can, this is a huge mistake in marketing your coaching or consulting business.

You want to stand out.  You want to be the ONE and only coach or consultant who specializes in a wedge salad. You want to be the one who has been spending all your time and energy making that wedge and perfecting it.  In fact, you want to have raving client family members everywhere saying they would never eat nor order a wedge salad anywhere from anyone other than you.

Now you stand out.  Now you have a point of differentiation.

So, why don’t most coaches and consultants pick one niche?  I believe they are confused which niche to pick and also they may be scared if they focus on one niche they will lose other business.  My experience shows me nothing can be further from the truth.  When you focus on one result or one outcome or one goal that your client family members truly want then you will become the credible authority and expert in your niche.  Credible experts command high ticket prices and actually attract their ideal prospective client family members who are willing to invest in themselves or their business because results are everything to them. This also means they are committed to getting great results from your work together which means they will become a raving fan and refer others to you.

You can not afford to be generic!  It’s time to pick a certain type of client family member who will get a certain type of result.

Examples: Coaching For Divorced Women Over 50 Who Want Their Self-Esteem back or Consulting For Restaurants Who Want Their Tables Filled.  Notice how I have specifically mentioned the exact group I am targeting as well as the exact ONE result I am offering in these examples.

You MUST select an ideal client family member and ONE ideal result they really want (not need).  Otherwise, you will be marketing to everyone like the thousands of coaches and consultants on the planet.  And guess what?  You won’t have a lot of client family members – just like the other generic coaches and consultants do not.

What Else Are You Doing Wrong?

Untitled 7 300x300 - How To Be Successful: For Coaches And ConsultantsThe other mistakes coaches and consultants make is they have no idea how to find prospective client family members.  They don’t have a clue where to look for these folks. Right now you may feel you are putting out content (blogs, podcasts, special reports, websites, webinars, posting on social media, etc) and no one seems to pay attention and money is not flowing in.

Even though you might be a fantastic coach or consultant if no one is hiring you, you aren’t making a difference for anyone.  I understand the frustration coaches and consultants feel. They are spending a lot of time and money trying to get people to pay attention to them.  If they believe someone might have an interest they rush off to do free coaching and hoping after that someone will hopefully hire them.  Or they go off to do a diagnostic and again hope someone will hire them.

So why don’t they get hired enough to consistently make six or seven figures?  Because they have missed the “why” that their prospective client family members have. What do I mean?  I mean why do they want a certain result?  Why would they watch your webinar? Why bother to read your blog?  Why can you help them? Why bother to read an email you send them?

Unless you have first really found out the exact result, or outcome or goal you’re perspective client family wants then you will be offering services that they don’t resonate with.  Before you begin marketing your coaching or consulting business you absolutely must know the number one want that your niche is already looking for.  You need to then give them a reason to read your blog, or listen to your podcast or watch your webinar, etc.

You can’t keep offering to be everything to everyone.  You must commit to your Core Unique Position and stand alone with the results you offer one specific audience.  You only want to spend time talking to people who desire the outcome you provide.

Giving away free coaching or doing free consulting diagnostics is not the way. You are giving away value and asking nothing in return. This shows you have lots of free time and don’t believe you deserve to be paid for your information.  Instead, find out the outcome your narrow niche wants and then give away valuable content and not free coaching or free diagnostics.

Giving away free value makes sense.  Giving away your time does not.

Here is an example.  One of my prospective client family members joined our facebook family.  She then watched our automated webinar. After the webinar, she requested a chat with one of our business strategists.  After that she enrolled in my one year program to create her super successful coaching business – fully guaranteed.

Why No Free Coaching Or Diagnostics?

Your webinar, videos, emails, blogs, free reports, books, audios, podcasts, etc. begin to draw the right ideal prospective client family members to you and begin to endear them to you.  Then, if they have questions they are now warm enough and convinced enough that you have their solution and are prepared to invest in your programs or services.  As my best selling book, Turbo Charge How To Transform Your Business As A Heart-repreneur®teaches, get your prospective client family members to become indoctrinated with your valuable information and see the results they can get with you and also be willing to guarantee the results.

Think of it like this … you are sampling information and actual results.  You want those results.  You see who the expert is in your field.  You invest in that coach or consultant because you know they have your result and because they are willing to guarantee results.  And this happens with people who are committed to results and people who are committed to results are willing to invest in their results.

I want you to stop giving away any of your time for free. Why?  Your time is the only thing you can never get back.  Your time is super valuable and if you are going to sell me a high-ticket program I expect you are busy and are paid a lot per hour.  If you have time to give me any free time you show me you aren’t busy and your time isn’t worth investing serious money in.

So, first, you give a lot of content and value.  You will become an expert in your super small niche.  Then you offer the people you can really help your high-ticket signature coaching/consulting program.

Your Niche Will Make You Rich

When you have focused on one small niche of people who want the results you offer you also guarantee those results. That audience is already seeking those results and is hungry for them.

Now all you need to do is you set-up systems like webinars, ebooks, podcasts, etc. to give that one niche which is filled with transformational information and value. Then, your audience will come to you.  I call this reverse marketing. They will literally come to you as the expert in their niche and ask for your help.  You don’t have to run around selling them.

All you need to have is a high-ticket signature coaching or consulting program that gives your niche the one result they want and then offer that program in a group format and your six and seven-figure is built. It goes like this:

  1. Specific Niche
  2. Specific Result
  3. Guarantee
  4. Multiple free valuable content lead generators
  5. An offer of a high-ticket premium signature coaching/consulting program/service so you stop trading time for money

Value, Value, Value

Untitled 8 300x300 - How To Be Successful: For Coaches And ConsultantsWhat is the value you create for your client family members?  How can you serve them while enjoying more income and more freedom?  How can you help more client family members while actually working less time?

I have a system that you can follow to become the expert in your niche who has a proven process that brings your ideal prospective client family members who you create massive value for, right to you.  The ideal prospects will find you with reverse marketing where you are proving value, value, value.

When you follow the system and structure your business so it aligns with your purpose and then clearly share the value you create and the outcomes you deliver with the right prospective client family members you will have massive financial success as a coach or consultant.

Once you are crystal clear on your core Unique Positioning Statement and know who you are serving and the one result you are delivering you simply need a way for them to find you and experience your value.

How do you get prospective client family members them to find you and know your value? That is another missing link.

Most coaches and most consultants don’t have a process that actually allows ideal prospects to discover them. Marketing is about having the right message reaching the right person at the right time.

When you truly understand the one outcome your ideal client family members want you can engage them in a Facebook group you set up for that specific target audience with their specific goal in mind. Then you can engage them by asking members about their goal and any blocks to reaching their goal.

Engage your group members and let them know you have the answers to their problem. Warm them up so they get to know you and to like you and to trust you.  Then invite them to grab some value on a webinar where you solve some of their issues.  You don’t need more content just one automated webinar. That webinar will show our prospective client family members that you do actually understand them and that you do have the answer to their problem.

Instead of one to one coaching or consulting you will offer a high-ticket signature program with some automated content and some group coaching. This proprietary program of yours will be the only scalable way to build a six or even seven figure coaching/consulting business.

The beauty of the automated webinar is that it brings prospective client family members to you all the time.  It is a system that works.

You simply use your Facebook niched community group and add value to that group. Create value in the group showing your prospects you can help them and you that you solve their problems.  Then send them to your automated webinar.

This is how you do reverse marketing and bring people to you and grow relationships with them. These folks will be your warm market who are very likely to enroll in your signature program.  Your only job is to stop making offers all over the place and instead offer value.  Give up all convincing and selling and allow your prospective client family members to convince and sell themselves.  Be authentic, transparent and in integrity and understand your audience and their main problem and them solve it for them.

Leverage your time and increase your income with this process.

Want help? Just ask. We are here to help YOU!


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