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"Most coaches and other entrepreneurs aren’t earning what they are worth. I say hog wash and want to teach you to make six figures fast!"
~ Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching ®

Master Coach and bestselling author Terri Levine is one of the top professional coaches in the industry. She is the founder of two international coach training programs, Comprehensive Coaching U.Com, Coach Institite.Com and the creator of the world renowned home study coaching kits. Terri specializes in teaching people to learn coaching and to be expert coaches fast, then teaches them easy, effortless, fun ways to create extraordinary business and financial success to thrive and prosper in their coaching businesses!

This audio program is perfect for any Coach, Consultant or Entrepreneur who needs or wants to get new clients now and keep them.

This program is also suitable for any other small business owner who wants to attract new clients ASAP.

Description: Learn techniques, including the marketing process that Terri Levine herself, uses with great success. Find out what you are doing and not doing that is sabotaging you from getting clients now.

Begin your blueprint for getting clients now that really fits you. Create a FUN strategic plan to get clients now that works.

Terri Levine used this process to get 30 clients in one month. Learn how you can use these techniques right now to enroll people in your coaching services fast.

5 things you will learn from this audio:

  1. Specific activities that yield the fastest results to get new clients… NOW.
  2. See how to customize these strategies for your specific business.
  3. How to build a self-sustaining referral based business
  4. When and where not to waste your advertising/marketing dollar.
  5. How others have used this information, and more.

How To Become Highly Paid by Running Your Own Business [US Delivery] $10 plus $7.50 S&H

How To Become Highly Paid by Running Your Own Business [non-US Delivery] $10 plus $15 S&H

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