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September 11, 2018

Build  A Lead Generation Machine For Your Business

My Post 3 300x300 - How To Build a Free Leads MachineIf you are a brand new start-up business or if you have been in business for many years you most likely need and want to have more high-quality business leads. Whenever I speak with a prospective client family member about what is not quite right yet in their business I hear that they lack the quality and number of leads they need and want. Without a consistent stream of leads, a business will not thrive.

In this article, I will share what I help my consulting clients with that allows them to get free business leads.  I will answer your question of how to get leads and I will share how I help my clients get leads online.

Before we begin, let me give you the great news. In my best selling book, Turbo Charge How To Transform Your Business As A Heart-repreneur®, I explained how now is the best time to be in business. It is easy and effortless to get leads of prospective client family members and to bring leads to your business using reverse marketing. I also showed how to build a lead generation machine that could bring your business lead for no cost.

I also give away a program that is valued at $5,000 showing you how to create your own high-ticket signature coaching or consulting program and how to bring leads to your program.  I will now share how you can easily create a lead generation system that is proven to work.  I will share how you can set up your own lead generation system step-by-step following my proven process that has already worked for hundreds of clients in hundreds of different businesses.  One of the best features of the system I will share with you is that acquiring leads can be put on autopilot. In my business, prospective family member leads come in every day after people watch my automated webinar. In this valuable and transformational webinar, I teach people how to set up a premium priced coaching or consulting program and how to get free leads from their own webinar to fill their program.  Every day people watch my webinar and if they want more information they simply ask to speak with one of the strategists on my team. We speak with people who are interested and do not do a sales pitch in disguise.

We truly listen to their business concerns to see if our programs can help them. If we can help, we share some tips, tools, and strategies and may invite them into one of our programs. If we can not help them, we tell them so and might give them another resource or tool to use anyway. Let’s now create your lead generation machine!

Simple, Proven Ways To Generate Leads

My Post 1 2 300x300 - How To Build a Free Leads MachineBefore we begin, you must know very specifically who your target audience is. Unless you know who you need and want to speak to and how your program or product or service creates value for them, you should not even think of generating prospects.

One of my client family members told me she works with women over 40 to build their confidence. I asked her why they wanted confidence. What was the exact result her program created for them?  I had her survey 15 women over 40 that she knew and told her to ask them what the ONE result they wanted from her was and not to use the word confidence. Instead to allow them to tell her what they wanted instead of her guessing.

Her findings? They wanted to find their passion in life and to do the work they loved that would bring more meaning to the world. That’s a long way from confidence!  Once we narrowed down her ideal target audience and knew very clearly the ONE result they wanted, I helped her to create a program offering for those women that would actually give them the specific result they wanted.

My advice to you?  Ask your target audience the ONE result they want. Then we can begin with the actions to bring prospective client family members to you.


Your Step-By-Step Action PlanMy Post 4 300x300 - How To Build a Free Leads Machine

  1. Create one automated webinar that will be transformation and not just education. Now that you are aware of the one result your prospective client family members desire, you want to create a webinar that will assist them to actually begin to get the result they said they want.
  2. Create a headline for your webinar that talks about their pain and the result they want. For one of my client family members who works with couples who have lost their passion for one another, she created a webinar titled, “Couples Who Have Lost Their Passion Come And Get Fired Up”.  Notice how her title calls out exactly who her ideal target audience is and the pain they are experiencing and the result they told her they want.  You must be certain your headline mentions your ideal target audience as well as what they want to move away from and the result they told you they want to have more of.  I highly suggest you put a lot of time into your headline. I tell my own client family members to pick up a National Inquirer. Why? Because they have some of the best headline writers. Model their headlines. They work.
  3. The webinar should be 20-45 minutes in length and needs to cover 3-5 myths that you can bust that is keeping your prospective client family members from having what they do want. One of my client family members teaches women how to be sexy even if they work in male-dominated jobs. Her webinar talks about the 5 myths that have women believe they have to act male while in male roles and she shows them how to be more feminine while doing male jobs.  Her target audience watches her webinar and they get a great education. They quickly see her as the credible expert who understands their issues and who actually has solutions for them.
  4. Give value, value, value. Many times we go to teleseminars or watch videos or webinars or attend training or seminars that end up being nothing more than a person or people trying to pitch their products or services. We don’t learn a lot and certainly there is no transformation and sometimes not even helpful information is shared.  We leave feeling like we have been cheated of the learning we were promised and wanted to receive. Be certain you do not ignore this point. People come to your automated webinar hoping you will give them real value. You must deliver content that will be useful for them. You must help them get a result and you must give them the information your headline promised them.  Recently, one of my colleagues offered an automated webinar on a topic of interest to me. I attended. The headline told me I was going to be an expert at viral videos. At the end of the webinar, I knew a lot about my colleague and how great they said they were. I knew a lot about their business and their family. I had no training at all on making my videos go viral. I knew the same limited amount I knew when I showed up. And of the 45 minutes or so that the webinar lasted, 27 minutes were spent talking about a program I could buy that actually would give me the information that I was to get in the free webinar. I share this example as what not to do. This is a great way to turn off prospective client family members. I believe people are sick and tired of these kinds of training and webinars and don’t deserve this kind of treatment.  It is not respectful or in integrity, transparency or authenticity to promise one thing and deliver another. My saying to my client family members is, “Don’t promise and over deliver so that people say WOW!”.
  5. At the end of the webinar, once you have provided great content and high value, give people who would like to, an easy way to sign up for a demo, or a call. One of my clients who has a software application offers everyone who watches his automated webinar a chance to demo the software with one of his qualified team members. These product demos are not sales pitches in disguise, either. There is the high value given and because the prospective client family member has already watched the video, there is high interest in the software.  My client family member reports of the people who watch the automated webinar, 27% schedule free product demos. Of the 27%, they provide a free demo for 19% buys the product. Those numbers are crazy!  Why does this happen? People who watched the webinar are their exact target audience who have a need and desire for the software. The webinar is of huge value and people learn from the webinar and can see that this software can be valuable for them. They schedule the demo because there is no obligation and it is not a sales pitch. When they receive the demo it is clear to them how the software actually works and why this can be of value to them.
  6. After prospective client family members watch the webinar, connect with them if they don’t schedule a demo or call. This is the step so many people overlook. They assume that if they did not schedule a call or demo, they have no interest. That might not be true. What if someone watched the webinar and did not feel ready for a demo or call and then you gently remind them it is not a sales pitch?  Adding a short-series of emails (I give my client family members all my templates) can actually create great results. One of my client family members added my emails to her campaign and sent them to those who watched and had not scheduled a chat with her.  Sending out the emails was easy. We added this into her webinar system and we modified my emails and set them to go out on the same pace as the ones I use in my own business. She reported 50% of the people scheduled a call after receiving 2 of the 4 scheduled emails. If she did not do the follow-up emails she would never have had the opportunity to communicate with these prospective client family members and to help them. She and they would have missed an opportunity to work together.
  7. Don’t pitch. On a demo or a call ask questions and learn about your prospective client family. Find out why they watched your webinar and what they wanted to learn from it. Get curious about what is not quite right yet in their business or in their lives. Listen to see if your program, product or service can actually help them. You are not selling. You are listening. Let go of your agenda and any attachment to a sales outcome. Be in the moment with them. Fully connect with them and understand their needs. If your product, program or service can actually help them get the result or outcome they are seeking, ask their permission to share that. If you can not help, let them know and thank them and if you do know where or how they can get help, provide them with that information. If they allow you to share your own program, product or service be certain they understand the outcome and benefit they will get from working with you or your company.  Come from service and not from selling. Conclude the demo or call by simply asking them if they would like to receive the product, service or program.  I am often amazed at how many people don’t actually ask folks if they want to receive what they have. That would be like me having a solution for you and keeping it to myself instead of offering it to you. Make the offer once you have their permission to do so and if you believe your product or service or program will actually give them the result they are seeking.
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