As the business owner becomes more aware and conscious of themselves and their actions and embraces continuous learning to improve themselves and their business, they become more innovative and flexible and their company typically performs better.  When they are clear on their values and hold those values as their business standards and are alert and aware of when their core values are aligned and when they are not, the business owners I consult with transform their companies to high performing machines.

An organization that has a conscious leader who is self-aware and knows their core values, will create a more conscious organization that learns fast and moves with the marketplace.

As you look at your own state of consciousness, it might be interesting to know the conscious capitalism definition. Whole Foods’ John Mackey and his research partner Raj Sisodia, provided their definition. I find most people who ask, “What is conscious capitalism?” use their definition which is ‘businesses that serve the interests of all major stakeholders—customers, employees, investors, communities, suppliers, and the environment’.

If this topic interests you, and I hope it does, I recommend you read Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values by Fred Kofman.  This book won the 2009 Nautilus Gold Award and will help you really understand that your organizational greatness lies within consciousness.  The author helps you get clear on your passion and why expressing your essential values through your work is a priority.

One of my best selling books, Work Yourself Happy will help you determine your values.

Also, I suggest you read the Heart-repreneur® Code of Values as a sample of how a company does business consciously.