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August 13, 2018

My Secret Webinar System Revealed

My Post 1 1 300x300 - How To Create A Webinar That WorksI have been using an automated webinar for a few years now and that webinar has brought in over a million dollars of revenue per year. That’s right. I figured out the right way to do a webinar and to automate the webinar so it works while I sleep and people enroll in my services.  I have never fully revealed my secret system for my webinar and I am going to do so in this article. Why? Because I see people teaching people to do webinars that don’t have successful webinars working for themselves. So they are just teaching others to use their broken webinar and coaches and consultants aren’t getting results from these webinars.

If you want to have one marketing tool that works for you and that is transformational and allows your ideal prospective client family members to actually see if they resonate with you and then if they do they can make an informed decision to buy from you or not, then this article will be the answer you have been seeking.  I encourage you to share with other coaches and consultants online and offline.  I am writing this to help others and to give away industry secrets that actually do work.  No more false experts telling people how to do webinars who aren’t successful themselves.

Why The Webinar System Works

Let us first look at why using a webinar actually works and then we will get into the system. First, think of a webinar as a presentation that has educational content to deliver to an audience. People can watch the webinar any time they desire from any location they desire and as many times as they want to watch it. Whenever and wherever they can attend and get value and learn from you. They can try you on and see if they resonate with you and if what you are teaching makes sense for them and is of value to them. A successful webinar will do just that. It will give high value and content and let prospective client family members try you on to discover if they like you and want to get the results you are offering.  The biggest advantage is there is no cost involved in marketing and selling the webinar and you no longer need to be concerned about doing a sales pitch or overcoming objections. The webinar does all the work.

Terri Levine’s Webinar System

Let me tell you how I created the webinar system that actually works. I first hired a ton of “experts” who told me how they did webinars and how well their webinars worked. I noticed all of them were spending huge amounts of money on Facebook ads. I don’t like to spend money – I like to make money and then to keep it. I decided I would figure out how to get my webinar out to the world without giving my money away to Facebook.

I first created a live webinar and invited my client family members, and all my email and social media contacts to attend. I told everyone I could think of about this live event.  I made certain on the live webinar that all the attendees received tons of value and left with transformation and not information. I enjoyed the giving the webinar and realized at the conclusion I had no idea where to send the viewers or what offer to make to them.  Here I was on this live event with a ton of participants and didn’t feel right making an offer to them. In fact, I let the audience members leave with no offer of any product or service.

Why? Because I live by three words: transparency, authenticity, and integrity. And I didn’t feel good about making an offer to the audience because I wasn’t aligned with what their top needs were and I didn’t know the results they really wanted. What I did know are the results I wanted to deliver and that wasn’t the same as the results the live audience wanted.

I had a lot of people on the webinar who were my ideal target market for prospective client family members and I would not make an offer to them because my sense of what they wanted and I what I had believed they wanted did not match.  At the conclusion of the webinar, they had no idea what to do next because I had not pitched them anything to do.

What happened was shocking!  I believe most people are used to being sold on a webinar.  I really didn’t feel like making any offer since when I listened to the questions they asked at the conclusion of the webinar it was clear to me they wanted a different outcome than I was providing at that time.  I told them how to connect with me if they wanted anything further and I concluded the webinar.

Four people sent me messages that day on Facebook asking for help. Two people sent me emails over the next few days and dozens of people joined my Facebook group to connect with me.  Within two weeks I had seven new client family members and I was able to create the right program offering to meet their needs and give them the result they wanted.

I created my webinar system based on what I learned from giving this live webinar and making no pitch.

Step 1

My Post 2 1 300x300 - How To Create A Webinar That WorksBefore you create a webinar survey your client family members and prospective client family members and ask them if they were going to hire you to get one result what would that one result be. Listen to their answers without any pre-conceived notion of what you want to offer them.

Once you have at least 15 responses, you can sketch out a webinar.

Step 2

Open PowerPoint or Keynote or Google Slides and begin creating slides that are mostly images. Each image should tell a story or make a point that will help your viewers actually learn and transform to achieve more of what they do want.

Put your slides in order starting with the things they need to learn. Share three to five teaching points with a few case studies thrown in.

You only need 15 to 20 slides that consist mostly of pictures in your slide deck.

Step 3

Practice the webinar a few times so you can adjust the slides and put them in the right places and be super comfortable with how you will deliver the webinar. Once you have practiced the webinar and are pleased with it then you can record the webinar.

Step 4

You simply record the webinar and once it is recorded it will be turned into a video recording.  I upload that video to YouTube and list it as private.

Step 5

The YouTube video is your webinar. Now you need to set up a landing page so people can opt-in to view your webinar.  If you choose you can host your webinar on a webinar platform instead of recording it as a YouTube video.  Go To Meeting or Zoom or Webinar Jam or Stealth are some examples of webinar services.  I have even recorded some of my webinars with Google hangouts where I use the hangouts on air function and I host a webinar that is happening live and I record the webinar and then use that webinar as my automated webinar.

Step 6 

Once I have my webinar built and ready to go I usually have it connected to Lead Pages or Click Funnels so I can get my registrants signed up and then entered into my database so I can send them emails and other communications.

Now I want to bring people to my webinar without Facebook or other ads since my purpose is to make money and not to spend money. I recommend you do this with a blog post that has a link to your webinar. Be certain that post is high content and value that your ideal prospective client family members would want and then share that post with your email list and on social media. Be certain you have a link to your automated webinar in that post.

The blog should talk about the topic that matches your webinar content and that your potential customers want information on.

You also want to send an email to your list informing them about your webinar and telling them the details of the webinar registration and inviting them to join you as you host this value-added presentation you created for them.

Step 7

Now, you follow my Facebook Formula to drive traffic to you. I have people enroll in my webinar every day without selling or marketing to them or at them and without spending a lot of time or money online or offline networking or advertising.

Follow this simple plan:

1. Start a Facebook group for the exact client family members you want with the ONE result they want

2. Join 2 other Facebook groups where your ideal prospective client family members hang out

In your own group talk about the pain points your client family members have and give ideas and solutions to them. Always post a link to your webinar for them. Let them know it was recorded and they can watch it any time at their convenience.

In the groups you are a member of, go in every day and see who is looking for help or has questions and answer them with no promotional content. Message a few of them a day offering your free webinar to them.

I tell my own client family members to do one very short Facebook video a day, add value in groups and message a few people, and add four to five pieces of valuable content to their own group every day.

When you follow this simple plan consistently you will begin to make more connections and have more meaningful conversations on Facebook while adding more value to their lives. They will watch your webinar because you will resonate with them.

At the end of your webinar, you offer a high-ticket signature program that you create based on the one result they told you they want. 

What I Learned

Remember I didn’t offer a program or service when I first created my webinar? Well, once I did know what my client family members wanted as the one result I could deliver, I decided to offer a high-ticket signature program for them to get the results they really did want. I simply put together a program to give them the exact outcome they were asking for.

Instead of making the offer at the end of the webinar I decided I only wanted to work with client family members that I could achieve outcomes for and that I would also offer a guarantee. I accept perfect client family members who I know I can help and I guarantee they will make all their money back if they do all the actions in my six-week program or I will pay them their money back plus $1,000 if they fail. No one who takes the actions can fail.

Instead of having them enroll in a program or service, at the end of my webinar, they chat with someone on our team who can assess their needs and with certainty accept the person or deny the person into my program. So, everyday people watch my webinar. If they resonate with me, they ask to speak with my team and my team chats with them (not a sales pitch in disguise) to see if they are a fit for my programs and services and to answer any questions they might have after viewing the webinar.

Can I Help You?

I realized how many people don’t have the templates for the webinar, the emails for after the webinar, and don’t have the tools necessary to create a high-ticket signature program so I actually now teach this information.

In the past few years, I have helped over 80 people successfully create their own high-ticket signature coaching or consulting programs along with a successful automated webinar and taught them in depth my system of having qualified prospective client family members find their webinar each day and enroll in their programs and services.







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