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June 22, 2020

Key Concepts to Boost Sales, Increase Cash Flow, and Make Bigger Profits Right NOW!

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Would you like to turn your business into a marketing machine?  Certainly, with the concepts, I am going to reveal, you will soon be able to grow your business.

Every day people ask me, “Will small business survive the COVID recession?”. And every day I hear,  Will small business make it?”.

My answer is “YES” if they understand that everything in business is marketing.

Ok, with that in mind, let’s look at what it takes to succeed in business today.


Everything Is Marketing

Above all, to have a successful business you must have customers/clients/patients. And not just people who make one purchase. You need repeat business.

Without customers, you have no business enterprise

And certainly, without customers, you will be forced out of business.

Just because you own a store, have a website, say you are doing XYZ business, have a business license, etc does not mean you are IN business.

You must have a steady stream of customers and continuously attract prospective customers.

Customers are the greatest asset of any business. Customers mean revenues and profits. They are the lifeblood of every business.

Therefore your focus must be marketing to continuously build and nurture your customer list.

Don’t think of acquiring a customer as a one-off sale. Focus on keeping customers for life and creating relationships with them.

Satisfied customers are repeat buyers and also bring you word-of-mouth referrals.

How the heck do you attract more customers?  Marketing.

You need an effective, proven, dependable marketing system.

One that is low or no-cost.


What exactly is marketing?

Anything you do to get more customers is marketing. You might use ads, brochures, a website, direct mail, email, social media, salespeople, etc.

Everything you do, everything you write, everything you say is marketing.

Everything is marketing and marketing is everything!

If you want greater success you want to market in a cost-efficient and proven way. To do this, you need to have a marketing strategy.

To develop the marketing strategy you need to have a quality product or service, you need to know who your prospects are, and you must have a way to reach them and get the right message in front of them. All four of these elements are essential to your marketing success.

You must begin by identifying what your target audience wants and how your product/service meets those needs. After you do that you can work on creating a sales message that will resonate with this audience.  You will do this by creating a Core Unique Positioning Statement® which your audience will resonate with. This statement will make your business the only logical choice to do business with.


What is The Real Lifetime Value Of A Customer?

Your business success comes from continually attracting new customers and keeping existing customers.

You must always be marketing to your existing customers while you attract more first time buyers.

Marketing is not only gaining new customers, but it is also keeping customers who repeatedly purchase.

I call my clients, client family members for this exact reason. They become part of my family long-term.

One of my marketing mentors, Jay Abraham said there are only 3 ways to grow any business:

1. Increase the number of customers
2. Increase the unit value of each purchase transaction
3. Increase the number of purchases each customer makes

The easiest and lowest cost sale is to sell to those who are already client family members. They already trust you and are more likely to purchase again and again.

Repeat business is critical to your business success.

Customer acquisition has high costs. Your subsequent sales have a higher percentage of profit.

Whenever I consult with a business owner, I have them determine the lifetime value of a customer. This determines how much the client can spend on acquiring a new customer.

Keep your customers happy and develop lifetime relationships with them. Treat them like family. Care for them and about them.

Again, it is not just about getting more clients/customers/patients. Business relies on keeping customers.


Create Marketing Systems And Put Them On Autopilot

Your job as a business owner is to:

1. Generate high quality leads consistently and economically

2. Convert as many of those leads as possible into paying customers

3. “Wow” your customers so they’ll buy from you over and over again and will recommend you to others

These three steps, when systematized will continually attract new business and retain customers.

So how do you give your business a fast revenue increase?

You need a client acquisition system that brings you qualified prospects continuously. You want that system to be automated. In addition, the system must be proven to work.

I create these for my clients so they can spend more time with their family, on vacations, and enjoying life. My clients spend little to no money marketing and they increase their sales automatically.

Here is an example of such a system working in my business.

I send business owners a free video training series to bring them all the leads they can handle.

My system automatically creates value and connects my target audience to what I do. It is a very simple and yet very effective marketing system.

I call this type of system reverse marketing.

Why? Instead of hunting and chasing prospective client family members, people come to us!  They let us know they want our help.

The system runs on autopilot and I focus my time and energy on my paying client family members.

You must create a system in your business so you can consistently and affordably attract a steady stream of new customers.

Advertising That Works

You might be the best chiropractor, naturopath, coach, therapist, consultant, or any other professional but if no one knows then you won’t have enough business and income.

I am guessing you don’t have an advertising budget like Pepsi. Instead, you want to get the highest rate of sales at the lowest possible cost and without a big ad budget.

How can this be done?

You need to segment your market. Where are your potential prospects hanging out?  Once you know what they listen to, watch, read, and where they spend their time, you simply get your message in front of them.

Crafting the right message is essential. That message must interrupt them, grab their attention, be of interest to them, and hit their emotional hot buttons.

Finally, that message must compel them to take action.

The purpose of your ads will be to generate leads. Not to sell!

Remember my video series?  It is education and value only.

When I develop messages for my business or for my client family members we drive in loads of qualified prospects.

The ads are compelling and the offer is irresistible.

Produce Financial Growth Through Leverage

My Post 1 3 640x640 - How to Double Your Business In the Next 90 Days

One of my favorite words is leverage!

Leverage means I am using little time money or energy and getting a great yield on my investment.

Think about this.

If I record a video I can place that video on YouTube, and on Facebook, and I can transcribe the video into a blog post, a special report, and I can use parts of the transcription for my social media posts.

One video can work for me in many different ways.

Now, let’s sum up what your takeaways are!

Successful Marketing Is…

  1. Having a systematized, proven, automated lead generation system
  2. Reaching your exact audience for little to no cost
  3. Converting prospects into customers by reverse marketing
  4. Retaining happy customers for life
  5. Having happy customers refer others to you

Action Steps

What can you do right now to create more wealth in your business?

  1. Specialize. Pick a small niche to target.
  2. Be certain that niche already wants what you offer.
  3. Don’t do what others are doing – stand out in your market
  4. Create a Core Unique Positioning Statement®
  5. Take time to really understand your niche
  6. Create a marketing system that automatically brings prospects through reverse marketing
  7. Use Guerrilla Marketing for low and no-cost marketing vs. expensive ads
  8. Create a compelling offer for first-time buyers
  9. Provide more value than your competition so you become the logical choice to do business with
  10. Add an irresistible guarantee and stand behind it

Want Help?

Watch this educational webinar and then apply for a profit acceleration session. We will customize your business solutions.

Comment below and I will answer your questions as well.

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