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June 27, 2018

Can You Handle The Honest Truth?

Every day I see business owners who simply lack the knowledge of how to launch a website so that it actually does more than look pretty.  Pretty doesn’t sell.  Web designers are great at pretty.  You need a website that actually brings you leads that you can convert into sales. The only purpose of a website is to bring you leads and make you money.  So, if your website is not doing that every day, your website actually is useless.  I know, the truth stings.  I am not paid as a business strategist to be nice.  I am paid to help my client family members and make them a lot of money even if it means telling them their website is useless.

Untitled 4 300x300 - How to Launch a WebsiteI am going to speak to you as if you are one of my client family members and speak the truth in this article so that you actually learn how to launch a website that will make you money. Let’s begin by talking about creating a website that is actually effective at bringing you qualified prospective client family members and making you money.

The Key To Website Design

The key to designing and building effective websites is to focus on what your prospective client family members want your product or service to provide for them.  You have to know the problem or the solution that they are seeking and what the biggest concern or fear they have is and your website must show them how to will remove that concern from their business or their lives.  Before we discuss website launching we must first talk about the distinction between a website and landing pages as many business owners are confused between the two.

Untitled 5 300x300 - How to Launch a WebsiteA landing page is used to get a user to click on a link that talks about one product or one service and the benefit of that product or service only.  This is an example of a landing page. The only purpose it services it to talk about one specific product or service and nothing else.  On the other hand, a website tells a prospect who you are and what your entire business is about. For an example, you can see this website. You will notice that the website will have a home page as well as a menu of everything included with the site.

After reviewing hundreds of client family member websites I can tell you what is generally done wrong which is why most websites end up being a waste of money. If you are interested in web site launching or if you want your website to begin to make you money then I encourage you to read this.  Most websites have the following mistakes:

  1. The home page has too many options and is overwhelming
  2. The arriving prospective client family member sees too many links, offers, images, ads, and services and products so they take no action
  3. Instead of one marketing campaign on one landing page, all offers are made on one website which leads to confusion and the confused buyer takes no action

The better approach is to have specific landing pages for products and services.  Here is another example. You won’t find that product on any of my websites.  It is on a landing page all by itself and there is only one action which is to keep prospective client family members laser-focused on the one offer. In this example, you will notice we have a landing page, again not linked to our home page, just simply to provide one free specific service and to gain opt-in leads for only that service. The big takeaway here to have specific landing pages designed to let your prospective client family members know they have come to the right place for the information they are seeking. These landing pages work great as they have a specific call to action and I recommend them above a website.  A landing page can be used to have people register for an event, request a sale consult, subscribe to a webinar, download a report or a book, etc. Landing pages do not distract your prospective client family members and only offer them one action. They are simple with one clear call to action.  Ok, now let’s move on to launching websites.

The Perfect Website

Untitled 6 300x300 - How to Launch a WebsiteI have studied website creation for many years and discovered the formula that really works for me and for my clients.  I learned from about 15 different people over the years and also studied The Fletcher Method where he also teaches launching a website as part of his method.  From studying all of these people over the past twenty years or so, I was able to figure out the blend of what works.

  1. Hot buttons: What is the most important thing that someone needs to see when they hit your website? You have three seconds to convey a headline that will catch their attention and let them know you have the solution they are looking for.
  2. Persuasion marketing: You then need information about your service or product that will persuade the potential client family member to take one specific action on your website.

If you remember the website must get your prospective client family member’s attention and then give them a very low-risk offer, your website will bring you prospects. You simply get their attention with an attention-grabbing headline that talks about a major concern that they have and then you compel them to stay on your website a little bit longer for the answers they seek. For example, a business strategist could say this as the headline:

Is Your Small Business Struggling To Find Clients?

The subheadline could be:

If You Knew Just 3 Simple Moves You Could Have Prospects By Tomorrow

The body copy will then reinforce that you understand your prospective client family members problems and you finish the home page by making them a compelling offer to take action on which could be to call today for a consultation or something like that. It is just one simple offer that then ties them to an opt-in form where they enter their name and email.

Where most people go wrong is they pay a website designer who does not understand this clear marketing formula to build their website. The site looks great, it doesn’t get views and doesn’t turn into a lead generator and ends up being nothing but an expensive on-line brochure.  The true purpose of a website is to collect prospective client family member leads so you can keep in touch with them and potentially have them become client family members.

Website Bottlenecks

I reviewed about fifty websites in various niches over the past month or so and found a list of common problems. Check your own website and see if any of these might be your issues and why your website is not bringing you prospective client family members each day.

  1. No compelling headline
  2. No compelling subheadline
  3. Can’t tell that you can understand the prospective client family member problem/s
  4. Can’t tell that you have one solution for the prospect’s problem
  5. Too many choices
  6. Too many actions to take
  7. No opt-in page
  8. Opt-in not compelling enough for the prospect to enter their information
  9. Complicated website navigation
  10. Not appealing to your ideal target audience
  11. Navigation buttons are confusing
  12. No emotion (people buy and enter their names based on emotion)
  13. The website is trying to appeal to too many different types of audiences with many problems instead of one ideal target prospect with one problem

Don’t beat yourself up if you have these problems with your website.  I actually expect you will!

Action Plan

Just take these actions and you will get results.

  1. Set up several landing pages dealing with just one problem and one solution
  2. Once you have a few landing pages drive traffic there with social media and emails and even direct mail and pay per click or social media ads
  3. After your landing pages are working and bringing you traffic then set up a very simple website
  4. Create one compelling headline for your very specific niche and their problem
  5. Use one sub-head that shows you do, in fact, have the answer to their problem
  6. Then give them one opt-in form with a compelling offer they will really want that will help them solve their problem

That’s it!  No fancy graphics, web designing, logo, branding, or anything else is necessary. Really!  Instead of your website being an expense it should become a lead-generating machine that brings you prospects while you sleep.

Every day, in my company, people are watching this webinar or this webinar and we have about 19 leads flowing in per week from our exact target audience of prospective client family members who we can really help and get a result from.  Other than that, we really don’t do much marketing. We get our leads from our Facebook group where all we are doing is going in and providing free help, free advice, free tools and great content. We answer people’s questions and we serve them and simply share the landing pages.  That’s it!

Very simple and it works.

Take action and make it happen for you, now!

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