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BlogHow To Make Seven Figures With Group Coaching

July 23, 2018

Group Coaching Explained

My Post 4 300x300 - How To Make Seven Figures With Group CoachingOver the past few decades, I have been called one of the most successful coaches on the planet by many people in the coaching industry and was named top female coach and one of the top ten coaches by  I am not saying this to be braggadocious. I am saying that I am a coach who is a real expert so you might want to pay close attention to the information that I am giving you to help you walk in my shoes and imitate my success. I will begin by telling you my mistakes so that you can learn from them and more importantly earn from them and then I will show you how to make six, seven and even eight figures with group coaching.

My Mistakes

My Post 5 300x300 - How To Make Seven Figures With Group CoachingWhen I first began as a coach, most people were not at all familiar with this profession. When I told people I was a coach they would often ask me, “What sport?” or, “What team?”. Coaches were all providing their services by one-on-one coaching of individual coaching clients.  They left everything in the client’s hands and had no coaching program or coaching process to take people through. A client would hire the coach for sessions and the coach would coach them with no agenda and without any formal coaching process.

Clients would often leave the coach because they did not reach their goals and the client would become frustrated and not continue long-term with their coaching. The coach would also be frustrated because they were constantly looking for new clients and feeling desperate to find clients and to retain them. Their incomes were very low and they weren’t feeling successful.

I was able to acquire thirty clients in the first thirty days of my coaching business because I know how to build a business and had already done this in many different industries. However, I quickly realized that for me to make six figures working only with individuals doing life coaching or business coaching I was going to have to work more than forty hours a week doing session after session. After a few months, I also realized I would often share the same coaching lesson over and over again with many clients all day long and was I repeating the same information to each individual I was coaching.  It became very clear, very fast, this was not the way to build a successful coaching practice.  I had to make a shift for the sake of my client family members as well as to have a coaching company that was profitable and sustainable.

The Shift

My Post 6 300x300 - How To Make Seven Figures With Group CoachingAt the end of my first year in the coaching business, I earned a little under $500,000. That seemed like a great start.  To make that income you need to know that I was working non-stop and my clients weren’t having lasting results. Also, I was constantly bringing in clients as some would not stay long-term. I decided the way I was running my business had to change and there were not a lot of coaches doing anything but individual sessions so there was no model for me to follow at that time. I looked around and saw primarily unsuccessful coaches listening to fake experts who also weren’t making money or who were also working non-stop and who had clients with little results.  I decided I had to find my own way to create a coaching company and to make a seven-figure income while having the high-quality life I had designed.

I decided to shift my business with a focus on small group coaching. I created a coaching program that had a specific program, with the goals my client family members wanted to obtain. I made certain the results were being achieved by all my group members.  I did this with my life coaching clients at first and not with my executive, corporate or business coaching clients.  I wanted to test the model and make certain my client family members were having lasting results and success before I rolled this out to my other client family members.

I quickly saw my client family members achieving their goals and wanting to reach another goal and then another goal. I watched them show up for group session after group session really excited about the success they were having with my coaching program.  At the same time, I noticed I was working less than half the hours I had worked the year before and my income had doubled!  I realized I now had the magic formula.  I could now truly make a huge difference to client family members while having more free time for my family, friends, vacations, hobbies and my life. I decided this was the right way to run a coaching business vs. a coaching hobby or practice as most coaches had.

At the end of a full year of highly successful group coaching, I began to wonder if I could apply the group coaching idea to the business, executive and corporate clients I was serving. I believed this could work so I shifted a few of my clients to team coaching. The team coaching I engaged in was group coaching for leadership development based on my best selling book Stop Managing, Start Coaching. I saw that my coaching skills transferred easily to group and team and also to business owners.  The group setting worked for all team members with the participants thanking me for providing their coaching in the group setting.

At the end of the first decade of my coaching career, I had a many group programs running. Each best selling book would become a program.  To name a few, there were Create Your Ideal Body, Sell Without Selling, Sales Coach Training, Coach Training For Organizations, Transformational Leadership, Magnetize, Explode  Your Business And Income, Dream Racer, Zoom, and about 10 more. I ran some concurrently and others would organically come to be as client family members would request them.  I listened to my client family member, I surveyed prospective client family members and I provided the group coaching they were seeking with the outcomes they told me they wanted. They got results. They loved the programs and I fell in love with my coaching company and brought on other coaches worldwide to help fulfill the needs I was discovering.  I gave up all individual one-to-one coaching sessions and opted to build a coaching company and a cause that would make a real difference and to create a legacy.


My Post 8 300x300 - How To Make Seven Figures With Group Coaching My entire company is now modeled on only group coaching. We are in the group coaching business.  Why? I discovered I could help a lot more client family members and make a very big impact on their businesses and lives with group coaching. At the same time, I could easily make a very high six-figure income every single year. With a group coaching company, I also have a balanced life with a lot of free time with my family and friends, serving my community and spending time with the foundation I began and on had time to contribute to numerous boards as well.

My client family members were raving about their results and referring people to me so my business kept growing and I did not have to be hunting for new prospective client family members. When people get the results they hire you for, they are happy to tell others about their success and to recommend you to their friends, family, and colleagues. To this day I engage in very little marketing and we have prospective client family members find us through one webinar that is free and highly valuable.

I actually teach my own client family members to create a high-ticket signature group coaching program and help them make six and seven figures consistently while having lots of free time for their families and their vacations. I love sharing this model because it makes a huge difference to the income of every coach or consultant I advise and it helps their own client family member get real obtainable results.

Over the years I have especially listened to my client family member’s experience with the group coaching they have received from me. Over and over again it became apparent that what they loved the most was the group synergy. As an example, imagine yourself as one of my client family members and you are on a small group coaching webinar with me to learn how to create your own high-ticket signature group coaching program. While we are on the live coaching webinar we are focusing on energy on the small group call around just one coaching program item Let’s say the topic is how to get a ton of highly qualified leads to find you and then hire you. You are listening and watching the live webinar on camera with me and about ten other client family members who want to receive the same outcome you have come on for. One of the client family members asks a question. Another asks for some coaching. You are quietly sitting and listening and not having me coach you at that moment.   Vicariously you discover what I tell that one client family member is exactly what you needed to hear.  Or the learning I shared with that client family member or the skills I shared with them, would apply to you as well. You haven’t yet received any coaching or asked any questions directly of me on the session and yet you have grown so much more than if it was just the two of us on a coaching session.

Now What?  Next Actions!

Are you a coach or consultant? Have you ever thought about adding coaching or consulting to your current business?  If you answered yes to any of these questions here is your action plan to create a six and then seven figure business as a coach or consultant.

  1. Join our community for more help and advice
  2. Grab my bestselling book that will give you a step by step game plan
  3. Watch my free webinar that will guide you and jump start you
  4. At the conclusion of the webinar, have a chat with us (not a sales pitch in disguise) and let us see if we can help you
  5. Follow us on Facebook and learn from our pieces of training done there
  6. Post comments and questions on this blog and I will personally respond to them

Case Study

To conclude this article, here is an actual case study from my client Earla.

Earla hired me after being a coach for 3 years. She had not made more than $50,000 in any given year and found herself in the midst of a divorce with 2 children to support. She needed to make at least $100,000 per year. Her self-confidence was low since nothing she had tried in 3 years had worked and she had invested a lot of money on coaches who ended up struggling themselves.

She was doing life coaching and charging $100 per hour and working a lot of hours to make the little money she was making. She was spending a fortune in time and energy and money working in and on her business and her marketing was not working. Her clients had minimal results. She desperately wanted to spend more time with her children. She felt stressed and was procrastinating because she didn’t know which actions to take that would actually make her money.

She joined our Facebook community and engaged there.  She watched the webinar and spoke with Ray from our team after the webinar. She enrolled in a six week (guaranteed) program with me to learn how to attract ideal prospective client family members fast and to also create her own high ticket signature coaching program.  In week four she got her first $2500 group coaching client.  In week five she got two more $2500 clients. She held her first group coaching in week seven.

The second time she ran the group coaching program she had 9 members paying $2500 each. That’s almost $25,000 working 2 hours a WEEK!  She will easily reach 100k in just a few months.

Are YOU my next success story?


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