October 21

Episode 5: Do You Know Your Ideal Client Avatar?


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I want to talk to you about the power of getting razor-sharp clarity on your ideal client avatar.

A lot of coaches jump right in and start building their programs and offers without truly understanding what their ideal clients want or need.

However, it’s important that you take the opportunity to focus on your ideal client while you’re developing, creating, and selling your offers.

By doing so, each of your offers will solve a different problem for each of your clients.

To be clear, your ideal client doesn’t change for your varying programs.

That client will still have the same characteristics, the same exact demographics.

That being said, that ideal client could be in many different places in their life or in their business.

They’re looking at your offers and figuring out where your offer fits into their journey.

They may take different routes or different paths, but they’ll all need access to certain information to solve their problem.

Certain information that you can provide them.

Your ideal client determines what they need, and then you give them the tools to succeed wherever they happen to be on their journey.

Understanding Your Ideal Client

finding your ideal client

Let me tell you a story.

Sandra, a new client of mine, really didn’t understand her avatar.

Most importantly, she couldn’t answer my questions regarding the problems her ideal clients were generally struggling with.

I had Sandra ask the one result question to find out from her ideal prospects what is on their mind and what is the “one result” that they are truly after.

Guess what?

When she did that, and finally understood where her ideal clients were, she was able to make an offering for them – and actually have people interested.

Solving Your Ideal Client's Problem

client avatar

I recently wanted to create a program that would teach other coaches how to create a high-ticket program that sells.

I was going to create this program specifically for high-paying clients.

However, when I surveyed my audience asking what they wanted to know, a lot of them responded asking for more information on “hot paying” clients.

I had never heard of this term before, but this is what my clients wanted. So, I bought the domain and created the course for “hot paying” clients.

I ended up enrolling over 1,100 people at $1500 per person.


Quite frankly, it’s because I gave them what they wanted.

I met my ideal client where they were.

Creating A Magic Wand For Your Ideal Client

ideal customer avatar

So, I want you to try this thought experiment.

If your client could have all of their problems solved with a magic wand, what would that look like?

How would that help your prospective client live their best life, meet their goals, and have all of their desires?

Now, unfortunately, we do not have magic wands for our clients. But we do have offers that provide substantial transformation, right?

Take this time to think about what they would need to solve their relationship problems, their health, their business—whatever it is that you do.

What is your ideal prospect doing, thinking, saying? Most importantly what is your ideal prospect feeling?

How have your offers helped your clients not only meet their goals, but also improve their life?

Really think about the ways that you can make a difference.

Pretend that you have that magic wand!

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